Story Premise


taken from Mochituski - A Japanese Custom

Mochitsuki is a Japanese custom fundamental to the Japanese character. Mochitsuki means making mochi ( sweet rice cakes.). Both secular and almost all Japanese ( religious groups - Buddhist, Shinto and even some christian) have a rice cake making event near the end of the year. Many Japanese schedule their mochitsuki events at the third day before the New Year. Mochitsuki is a community event, allowing young and old to socialize and have fun in a community project. Today, most people consider mochitsuki, an ethnic secular custom of the Japanese people without a religious meaning.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

Ran can frequently be seen making scheming with her foods, and at one point she tries to make Rei fall in love with her by feeding him special mochi. Also the kids of Tomobiki High have a mochi building contest where they must sculpt the Principal's likness out of mochi.

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