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Urusei Yatsura
volume 1

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1978 Vol. 39 - 43, Shonen Sunday Extra 1978 November, Shonen Sunday 1979 Vol. 12 - 14
Published in English as:
Urusei Yatsura Part 1 Number 1-4
Urusei Yatsura Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Chapter 1: かけめぐる青春
Kake meguru seishun
(A Good Catch)
A young boy named Ataru Moroboshi is slapped in the face by his girlfriend Shinobu Miyake. A priest named Cherry warns him of his bad fortune, and when he goes home, he meets Lum, the beautiful oni princess. Ataru has been selected to play a game of tag with her and the world's fate hangs in the balance. Ataru defeats Lum, and proposes to Shinobu, but Lum believes he just asked her to marry him.

Chapter 2: やさしい悪魔
Yasashii akuma
(Poor Little Devil)
Cherry forcasts doom for Ataru once again, and that night a demon comes out of his mirror. The demon becomes trapped in our world, and begins to cause trouble. Finally Cherry banishes him, but a short time later dozens of other demons come out to visit the Moroboshi household.

Chapter 3: 悲しき雨音
Kanashiki amaoto
(Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head)
At school Megane forces Ataru to try and summon Lum's UFO. They all join hands and chant, and suddenly are pulled into a flying saucer. Ataru tells the alien driver he wants to go home, and before they know it they arrive at the Moroboshi household. The UFO turns out to be a space taxi, and when Ataru can not pay the fare the alien begins to take all of Earth's oil. Lum agrees to pay the fare in exchange for getting to live with the Moroboshis.

Chapter 4: あなたにあげる
Anata ni ageru
(All of Me)
Ataru has run away from home hoping to escape from Lum. His picture is broadcast all over TV, and when he tries to keep from being identified, he runs straight into the bosom of a sickly woman named Sakura. Ataru takes Sakura home, where she tries to purify Ataru, but in the process all the demons that have been making her sick leave her for Ataru.

Chapter 5: 絶体絶命
Zettai zetsumei
(Dire Straits)
Ataru angers Lum and she flies off to her UFO. Ataru decides to take advantage of Lum being away and goes to visit Shinobu. On his way over, he is struck by lightning, so he decides to disguise himself to prevent Lum from monitoring him from her ship. Lum spots him, and just as he reaches Shinobu, he winds up hugging Lum in all the confusion.

Chapter 6: 愛で殺したい
Ai de koroshitai
(The Things We Do For Love)
Cherry comes to bother Ataru some more, and outside a strange tiger-striped cow appears next to Shinobu. Suddenly the cow becomes a handsome boy named Rei. Rei is in love with Lum and seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach, so Ataru and he decide to have an eating contest. Ataru emerges the victor, and Rei seeks comfort in Mrs. Moroboshi's arms.

Chapter 7: 憎みきれないろくでなし
Nikumi kirenai roku de nashi

(The Way to a Man's Heart)
Rei has lunch with Ataru, Megane, Chibi and Kakugari but the conversation soon turns to Lum. Rei gets angry and Lum arrives which does not help matters. After the boys insult Rei's poor Japanese he flies into a rage and chases them throughout town. When they finally make it home, the townspeople arrive demanding payment for the damages and the women arrive to ask Rei out.

Chapter 8: いい日旅立ち
Ii hi tabidachi
(Take Me Home)
Cherry tells Ataru he will never see him again, which makes Ataru think Cherry is leaving. It turns out Ataru is the one leaving as Lum takes him to the annual competition of the Oni versus the Gods. Ataru meets Benten during the event but his girl-chasing causes the Oni to loose the match.

Chapter 9: 大勝負の巻
Dai shobu no maki
(The Big Game)
Ataru's parents leave for a short vacation and Lum tries to cook for Ataru. Suddenly tiny spaceships fly out and start causing havoc. Cherry and Sakura arrive to help, but their guardian spirts start arguing and cause more problems. Finally the aliens that were playing with the ships arrive and turn them off, but the damage has already been done.

summaries by Harley Acres

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