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Urusei Yatsura
volume 2

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1978 Vol. 51, 1979 Vol. 15 - 19, 37, 43
Published in English as:
Urusei Yatsura Part 1 Number 5 - 7
Urusei Yatsura Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Chapter 10: お雪
Megane, Kakuragi, Perm and Chibi decide to pay a visit to the Moroboshi house and check up on Ataru, who's been feeling sick lately. When they realize Lum isn't there, they waste no time in pounding Ataru. He tells them that Lum has gone to visit her friend on Neptune Suddenly, an avalanche of snow erupts from Ataru's closet burying him deep below. Everyone begins digging, but when they find him, he is in the arms of a beautiful girl. Cherry tries to attack her, but the boys come to her aid and volunteer to escort her home. Once they follow her back through the closet, they find themselves face to face with Lum on Neptune. They soon learn that the girl they followed is Oyuki, the Princess of Neptune, and one of Lum's best friends. Oyuki tells them that she created a portal in order to get rid of excess snow from the planet. After Ataru sees Oyuki disrobe, he falls for her and sneaks away from Lum and Shinobu to have some fun with her. As he pins her down to her bed, a monster erupts from behind a wall and begins chasing Ataru. He jumps through a portal and goes back home, but the monster follows and wrecks havoc on Tokyo.

Chapter 11: 性
(One's Nature)
While being forced to cut the grass on the sport's field Ataru finds a strange egg and decides to keep it. Everyone at school is facinated by it, but after Megane shows Ataru his porno mag the egg seems to get bigger. In fact, everytime Ataru has a strong emotional reaction the egg grows. Soon the egg grows so large that it shatters and it's two tiny guardians appear to explain everything. The egg was feeding on Ataru's vices and it has now created a world populated by an Ataru-like oni, mountains in the shape of women, and grass that tries to pull up girl's skirts. Soon everyone is searching for a way out, only to learn the world will stay this way until Ataru changes his ways.

Chapter 12: 系図
(We Are the Children)
Ataru wakes up late for school, and his mother rushes him out the door. Lum watches from a distance and then calls out to Ataru that she can help get him to school faster. At first he refuses to have anything to do with her gadgets, but when she connects the device to one end of a large pipe he sees Tomobiki High on the other side and proceeds through. Once he arrives he sees Megane, Chibi, Perm and Kakugari in class, but they are all adults. He then notices that this is his class's 10th Year Reunion. Ataru storms off and berates Lum for sending him to the future, and then the two find a lost child. The little boy, Kokeru is a real pest and it soon becomes obvious that the lost child is actually Ataru's son. When Ataru returns the boy to school he is shocked when he discovers who the mother is.

Chapter 13: あやつり人形
Ayatasuri ningyou
(I'm Your Puppet)
As Ataru helps his mother clear the dinner table his body experiences some sort of spasm, and he drops all the plates. After his mother yells at him he heads upstairs to see Lum playing with a little doll that bears a striking resembalance to him. She tells him that these little dolls are all the rage on Planet Oni and allow her to control Ataru's body as she pleases. She gives a quick demo and then lets Ataru make one of his own. He decides to pay Cherry back, but Lum explains the doll won't work without a strand of the victim's hair. Ataru's revenge scheme gives Lum the idea to make a Shinobu doll, so she heads off retrieve a lock of her hair. Ataru desperately tries to stop Lum from harming the bathing Shinobu.

Chapter 14: いまだ浮上せず
Imada fujou sezu
(Not Yet Surfacing)
On a class fieldtrip Ataru manages to get Shinobu off alone and tries to get things hot and heavy. Shinobu refuses until they find the dried up remains of a kappa. Elsewhere Megane, Perm, Kakugari and Chibi are spying on a woman in the hot spring who winds up also being a kappa. She is overjoyed when she sees that Ataru has found the dried up kappa and quickly brings him back to life by submerging him in water. As thanks Ataru is taken to the Dragon Palace. He is very disappointed by everything he sees there, and demands to be sent home. The Kappa agree and give him a mermaid for his trouble. When he floats back to the surface hours later everyone assumed he was drowned by the kappa, but are enraged that he has picked up another woman.

Chapter 15: 幸せの黄色いリボン
Shiawase no kiiori ribon
(Tie a Yellow Ribbon)
While talking with Cherry one day, Ataru mentions that he wishes he could find a way to take away Lum's powers so she couldn't hurt him anymore. Later that day a letter from Cherry arrives with a yellow ribbon inside. If placed on Lum's head the ribbon will make her just like an ordinary human. Ataru proceeds to give the ribbon to an overjoyed Lum, who thinks Ataru is finally doing something nice for her. Megane and Chibi decide that the now powerless Lum will need help to keep Ataru from taking advantage of her during the dead of night. Unfortunately the thought of a powerless Lum seems to have the same effect on the two of them. Ataru finally realizes that Lum will never go back to her UFO without her powers and will never leave him alone, so he decides to remove the ribbons. Once Lum discovers what they were doing, she makes Ataru pay for his trickery.

Chapter 16: 女になって出直せよ
Onna ni natte denaose yo

(Just Like a Woman)
During a school camping trip, everyone is marvelled by the shooting stars streaking across the sky. One star actually winds up being an alien spacecraft. Out of the ship comes a small crow creature who Ataru revives by funneling alcohol down it's throat. The drunken creature believes Ataru to be the most handsome man he has ever seen and takes him back to the ship to be the bridegroom for his princess, Kurama. Ataru is repelled by the idea of mating with a little crow woman, but is overcome when he sees the beautiful sleeping beauty in her cryo-tube. Ataru wakes her with a kiss, but Kurama is not pleased. She ultimately decides to take on the challenge of making Ataru a man worthy of her conquest, but a botched feminization laserbeam winds up bringing out Ataru's feminine side.

Chapter 17: 思い過ごしも恋のうち
Omoi sugoshi mo koi no uchi
(Dream Lover)
As part of Kurama's plan to make Ataru a more suitable mate, she tries to tutor him in the ways of her people. Shinobu, Lum, and Cherry do their best to keep him away from her, and everyone at school is angry because he is blowing off his cleanup duties to go and see her. Kurama makes a dimensional door that makes Ataru's worst nightmares about women seem real. Suddenly no one remembers him and then the women in his life put him on trial and sentence him to die. Ataru emerges from the door a seemingly changed man, but once he realized none of it was real, he goes back to his old ways.

summaries by Harley Acres & Dylan Acres

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