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Urusei Yatsura
volume 3

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1979 Vol. 48, 1979 Vol. 20 - 21, 1980 Vol. 5/6, 15 - 19
Published in English as:
Urusei Yatsura Part 1 Number 8 & Animerica Vol. 1 Number 1 - Vol. 2 Number 4
Return of Lum Vol. 1

Chapter 18: 父よあなたは強かった
Chichi yo anata wa tsuyokatta
(Father, You Were Strong)
Kurama decides that the best way to make Ataru into a good man is to show him an example of what an ideal man is really like. So she takes him back in time to the year 1173 where she introduces him to her father, the legendary Ushiwaka Maru one of Japan's most famous historical figures. Ataru finds him lacking in a lot of areas (such as his complete disinterest in women) and sets out to make him into a playboy. During this Lum hires Benkei, another character from the Ushiwaka Maru legend to castrate him ensuring he can never have Kurama. Ultimately the trip through time just makes Ataru focus on his vice-filled desires even more.

Chapter 19: ディスコ・インフェルノ
Disuko * inferuno
(Disco Inferno)
Ataru is shocked when Sakura invites him to go clubbing with her at a local disco. On their way a strange man in a black cloke jumps out and begins laughing maniacally. Sakura seems unimpressed and tells everyone that this man is her lover, Tsubame Ozuno, a magician who has studied in the West. Cherry is waiting at the disco and he and Tsubame soon reveal the true reason they have come. The excitement from the club supposedly helps to draw in spirits and they are going to have a spirit summoning battle to see if Tsubame deserves Sakura's hand in marriage. Sakura invited Ataru along due to his innate ability to have bad spirits around him almost constantly. She hopes his presense will help Tsubame best Cherry. The battle rages as Tsubame's Westren monsters taken on Cherry's monsters from the East. Ultimately Tsubame impresses Cherry enough to win Sakura's hand, and the two get engaged.

Chapter 20: さよならを言う気もない
Sayonara o iu ki mo nai
(Just the Two of Us)
Some candy of Lum's sets Ataru's mouth afire, and then when he eats an odd sweet of Cherry's (that just happened to have all of the world's bad luck baked inside) Ataru divides into two Atarus. One Ataru is lecherous, lazy, and rude, while the other is intelligent, caring, and hardworking. The two refuse to merge, and the Moroboshis worry about how they can afford the additional son. Soon the dissheveled Ataru decides to leave with Lum, while the other stays with Shinobu. Much to their sadness Cherry attempts to merge them again, which backfires and creates two normal Atarus.

Chapter 21: 勇気があれば
Yuki ga areba
(Ain't He Sweet)
Ataru, Megane, Chibi and Kakugari all go on a ski trip over New Years, and meet a beautiful ski instructor named Oniko Adachi. Cherry puts the idea into Ataru's head that she is actually a ogress out to eat him and his friends. Ataru, as usual, ignores Cherry and everyone gets caught in a blizzard and heads for Oniko's house. Meanwhile Princess Kurama is taking a break from her problems at a local hotsprings where an old lady (Oniko's mother) keeps pestering her. Ataru's imagination begins to play tricks on him and he flees Oniko's home with the other Tomobiki students.

Chapter 22: トラブルは舞い降りた!!
Taraburu wa mai orita!!
(Trouble Drops In)
Tomobiki gains a new student named Shutaro Mendo, the son of Japan's richest family. He makes a dashing entrance as he parachutes in from his family's helicopter and soon meets Ataru, who he deems a lazy, good for nothing idiot. Mendo decides to run for Class President, but his ideas of torturing his male classmates rubs many the wrong way. The boys of the class force Ataru to run against him and in a tie vote, Mendo elects to duel Ataru for the presidency. Ataru does his best to elude Mendo, and wins with a little help from Lum. Consequently Mendo wishes to commit suicide, but Onsen-Mark offers him the position of vice-president to change his mind.

Chapter 23: 星座はめぐる
Seiza wa meguru
Lum uses the computer on board her UFO to determine if Ataru really is her perfect match. The computer tells her that she is better suited to Mendo, Tomobiki High's newest student. Lum discovers that both Mendo and Ataru are Aries, and decides further tests must be conducted. She shrinks the two down and places them on her "Horoscope", a device showing all the astrological signs orbiting around hers, the Tiger-Striped Unicorn. Each astrological sign gives Lum their opinions which results in a tie. Ultimately Lum decides for herself that she likes Ataru more, and the class surmises that without his money and looks, Mendo is exactly like Ataru.

Chapter 24: 春のうららの落第教室
Haru no urara no rakudai kyoushitsu

(Spring Fever)
As Onsen-Mark drones on with another boring lecture the entire class with the exception of Ataru and Mendo have fallen asleep. Mendo is desperately trying not to be outdone by Ataru when he discovers Ataru is actually studying a porno mag to keep awake. Soon Onsen-Mark dozes off too, and Ataru explains that this happens every Spring. Lum drops in and they soon spot two little people who seem to be the cause of everyone's sleepiness. They explain that they are the cherry blossom spirits who's job is to make students fall asleep. Shunmin, the young spirit is taking a make-up exam from her master Manchinro. The duo try their best to make Ataru and Mendo fall asleep. Everything from mixing a sleeping potion into their sake to turning into a beautiful woman to entice them to drink more, but nothing works. The sleeping potion proves to be an energy drink that drives Mendo's passion wild and makes him kiss Lum. Just as the Principal and Superintendent walk in, they see Mendo grabbing Lum and Ataru trying to force himself on a waking Shinobu.

Chapter 25: ツノる思いが地獄をまねく
Tsunoru omoi ga jigoku o maneku
(On the Horns of Passion)
Ataru confronts Shinobu about her growing feelings for Mendo and finally convinces her that he truly cares. Just then Mendo lands on her as he parachutes to school, and she is overcome by him laying on top of her. Ataru realizes that he's lost his shot and storms off as Lum tries to comfort him. Ataru says she'd never understand what normal people deal with, so she decides to disguise herself as a normal Japanese girl and find out. When this "new girl" arrives at school, Ataru immediately falls for her. He even tells Mendo that he can have Lum in exchange for this beauty. Lum gets angry and makes him admit his love for this new girl, and then reveals herself.

Chapter 26: 君まてども
Kimi mate domo...
(Even Though I Wait For You)
The class holds a vote for the most beautiful girl in their homeroom. The boys are all upset by the fact that all the hottest girls love Mendo, so they decide to invent a girl and have her fall for Ataru in an attempt to make Mendo jealous. Mendo doesn't seem bothered, but Ataru's interest upsets Lum a great deal. She threatens to leave him for Mendo, and Ataru calls her bluff and gives her his blessing. Ataru stakes his class presidency on the fact that this imaginary girl will come to meet him, and when she never does Lum begins to feel sorry for Ataru. She disguises herself and goes to the cafe where everyone is waiting. Ataru is mad that he owes Lum for helping him, but then notices how nice she looks and the two walk home hand in hand.

summaries by Harley Acres

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