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Urusei Yatsura
volume 4

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday Extra December 1978, Shonen Sunday 1980 Vol. 20 - 26, 29, 31
Published in English as:
Animerica Vol. 3 Number 9, Vol. 2 Number 5 - 11 & Return of Lum Part 1 Number 1
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 1 - 2

Chapter 27: 酒と泪と男と女
Sake to namida to otoko to onna
(Eat, Drink, Man, Alien)
Megane, Perm, Chibi and Kakugari drop by Ataru's house on the pretense of having a study session, but they are actually there to see Lum. Lum is in outer space getting some work done on her UFO, and accidently brings back a drunken alien who crashes his tiny ship into hers. On Earth the fox-alien possesses Ataru after he recieves a near-lethal electric shock. The alien is extremely drunk, and very rude but no one else realizes why Ataru's personality has changed so much after he awakens. Soon the alien's wife arrives and starts possessing women in town so she can try to get her husband to come home with her. She possesses little girls which makes everyone think Ataru's some sort of pedophile, then she possess a woman on the street, which makes everyone believe Ataru has children with an a grown-woman. Soon it seems he's cheating with a girl who was about to get engaged, and then he's making out with Lum just to stick it to her devoted followers like Megane. Another jolt sends the aliens out of Ataru and Lum's bodies, but the whole town is angry over his seemingly callous and in some cases illegal affairs with women.

Chapter 28: 涙の日記
Namida no nikki
(Diary of Tears)
Another day at Tomobiki High gets off to its usual start when Lum makes a shocking prediction. She says she knew Ataru would fall down because she read it in his diary entry. When he asks how that is possible she tells him that she travelled forward in time and brought back his journal from the next day. That way she can read everything that happens before it actually does. Ataru swipes the journal but finds his entry to be vague and cryptic. Ataru goes through his day misinterpreting his entry, as Mendo makes fun of him for keeping a journal in the first place.

Chapter 29: この子はだあれ?
Kono ko wa dare?
(What Child is This?)
The class is all a titter after hearing Matsui, one of their classmates, was expelled for getting a girl pregnant. Mendo says that he got what he deserved and most of the boys don't care for Mendo's attitude on the subject. Before chemisty class Mendo finds a strange alien baby in his locker. He fears people will believe he himself has fathered a child and does his best to keep the mystery baby a secret. Soon all of his classmates discover the child, but not before Mendo can shove the alien-baby into a vending machine (actually it's spaceship) and send it packing.

Chapter 30: 迷路でメロメロ
Meiro de meromero
The gang goes on a school field trip and Mendo suggests that they go check out a nearby cave. Ataru agrees and the two boys plot to get some alone time with Lum and Shinobu. When they try to switch off, Ataru winds up with Lum and Mendo with Shinobu, much to their dismay. Ataru and Mendo wind up getting separated from the girls and Mendo reveals one of his deepest secrets to Ataru... that he is extremely claustrophobic and afraid of the dark when women are not watching him. Eventually everyone reunites and finds a trail of cans that leads to an alien spacecraft. Afraid of starving they eat the contents of the can, causing their stomachs to swell so large that they can not escape through the ventalation shaft that leads outside.

Chapter 31: 目覚めたら悪夢
Mezametara akumu
(Waking to a Nightmare)
Ataru falls asleep during a student government meeting and has a horrible dream about Mendo stealing his wife, Shinobu, from him, fighting off a tiger, wolf, and robot who wanted to play mah-jong with him, and then he meets Mujaki, who feeds bad dreams to his tapir. Ataru demands a good dream in exchange for the bad one he fed to the tapir. Mujaki grants him a dream where he has a harem and Mendo is his loyal servant. In the real world Ataru begins to mumble things about Mendo serving him while he is sleeping, which enrages Mendo. Mendo disappears to his locker and, for the first time in the series, reappears with his katana. Ataru is awakened and Mujaki and the tapir leap from his eye into reality.

Chapter 32: 四次元カメラ
Yo-jigen kamera
(Shooting the Fourth Dimension)
Mendo brings his antique camera to school and tries to take a picture of Lum. Ataru refuses to get out of the shot, and winds up disappearing once Mendo photographs him. Lum can faintly hear his voice, and Kosuke suggests they develop the film for a clue as to Ataru's whereabouts. Once developed a photo of Ataru lost in a desert is among them. Lum shatters the window that Ataru was standing in front of revealing sand as far as the eye can see. Just then Ataru and a desert princess ride up. Ataru thanks her and ask for another picture to be taken to commemorate her saving him. One of the students snaps the shot casting him far out to sea.

Chapter 33: 美しい旅立ち
Utsukushii tabidachi

(A Flying Start)
Kosuke shows Ataru the terrarium where they are keeping the caterpillers they hope to sell once they become butterflies. One caterpiller in particular was given the name "Ataru" because it hogged the food from the others and was quite ugly. Ataru feels sorry for this unappreciated caterpiller and takes it for himself. The creature eats all his classmates lunches and Mendo begins to chase the worm with insecticide. Ataru and Lum rescue the creature and keep it from Mendo long enough for it to get to the rooftop where other butterflies await. Just then it emerges from it's cocoon and reveals itself to be a beautiful fairy. It tells Ataru that it was only able to transform because he truly believed she would be beautiful.

Chapter 34: 君去りし後
Kimi sarishi nochi
(Since You Went Away)
One day at school Lum is knitting for Ataru, but he is too busy flipping up skirts with his yo-yo to care. He tells her he wishes she would go away, but Lum just cheerfully tells him "bye-bye" as she heads out before school begins. When Ataru gets home he finds a small doll that resembles her, but no no one has seen Lum. Ataru begins to believe that Mendo may have forced her to do something drastic in order to help ensure Ataru could have a good future. Without Lum Ataru becomes miserable, and carries the doll with him at all times. Out in space Invader lectures Lum on the importance of renewing her passport when he overhears Ataru crying over Lum. The doll was actually a microphone so Lum could make sure Ataru stayed out of trouble. Lum happily returns to Earth, and Ataru grudgingly welcomes her home.

Chapter 35: 魔のランニング
Ma no ranningu
(The Devil's Run)
For the 13th day in a row Ataru has been out jogging, an excuse he uses to ogle women early in the morning. One morning he sees a woman about to leap to her death from a building, and a 100 yen coin beneath her. Ataru reaches for the coin and breaks the woman's fall, saving her life. At school Mendo begins to say some very callous things about women, but has no idea why. Enraged he challenges Ataru to a tennis duel, where Ataru shows unnatural skill and humbles Mendo easily. When he flashes the victory sign, Videl, the devil himseslf, arrives. He tells Ataru that his increased abilities are all in thanks to him. Ataru confesses that he never asked for any of it, but Videl shows him the steps involved in summoning him. Lum realizes that the path to summon Videl is the same as Ataru's jogging routine, and that when he flashed the victory sign, it was Videl's inital that he showed. Ataru repeated the pattern 13 times which summoned forth the demon. Videl tries to use a vaccum to suck out Ataru's soul, but Ataru shoves his hand down Videl throat and attempts to remove his at the same time. Lum breaks the vaccum releasing all of Videl's captured souls.

Chapter 36: 七夕デート
Tanabata deito
After watching a TV movie about Tanabata, Lum decides she also wants to have a date with Ataru, just like the infamous fairytale couple. Ataru grudgingly agrees, but forces Lum to dress as an Earthling. They go to the pool, where Lum can't help but use her powers. Then Ataru meets up with Kosuke and his date at the roller rink and then they go to dinner. Ataru suggests Lum watch Kosuke's girlfriend to learn some tablemanners, but Kosuke's girlfriend turns out to be a real pig. Ataru and Lum go head off to a haunted house ride at the fair, and then call it a day.

summaries by Harley Acres

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