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Urusei Yatsura
volume 5

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1980 Vol. 27 - 28, 30, 32 - 39
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 1 Number 2 - 7
Return of Lum Vol. 2

Chapter 37: 妖花・サクラ先生
Youka * Sakura-sensei
(Nursery Tales)
Tomobiki High gets a new school nurse, and it's Cherry's niece, Sakura. All the boys are injuring themselves in order to go see her, but only Ataru is genuinely sick. The boys from the class rush him down to see her, but he soon feels well enough to leave. Just then all the other boys seem to get sick which piques Sakura's interest. Lum uses a special microscope to enlarge the virus that is affecting the boys and it tells her that a demon has possessed Ataru and is forcing them to make everyone sick. The demon jumps out of Ataru in order to bite at Sakura's bosom, but the class beats the creature up. With the demon disposed of, the influenza virus return to normal and everyone gets the flu.

Chapter 38: みんな雨ン中
Minna ame n naka...
(Raindrops Keep Fallin')
One rainy day the boys at Tomobiki are trying to think of an excuse to go visit Sakura during her counciling session when they come upon Ataru. A rain cloud seems to be following him around and purposefully raining on him. Sakura refuses to see anyone though, since boys and girls have been wasting her time will silly questions about her bra size. An umbrella demon comes to her for counciling though, and Sakura realizes that the raincloud tormenting Ataru is the umbrealla demon's husband. Ultimately their problems are beyond Sakura's abilities to help and she calls a divorce attorney for the two.

Chapter 39: 怪談・コピー人間
Kaidan * kopi-ningen
(The Curse of the Copy Man)
Ataru has a physics exam coming up, but Mendo refuses to loan him his notes. Ataru decides to blackmail Mendo by threatening to reveal his secret fear of the dark. Mendo caves in and loans Ataru his notes, but all the other students want copies too. Lum offers to use her "matter replicator" to make more for everyone for free, but when she turns it on, Ataru gets stuck inside along with the notebook. The copier gets mixed up and copies all the answers onto Ataru's body, and puts his personality into the notebook. Ataru tells Lum to send his body down to class so he won't be counted absent, but because his body is a copy it simply mimics the words and actions of those around him. When his teacher hits him, his body splays open into various pages which Ataru sells as physics notes.

Chapter 40: 白球にかけた青春
Hakkyu ni kaketa seishun
(Life is a Ball)
While playing baseball one day, a young man who is dressed in rags wanders up and takes a flying baseball straight to the mouth. Rather that get angry, the boy swallows the ball whole. Mendo approaches and realizes this boy is his bitter rival, Tobimaro Mizunokoji, the heir to the Mizunokoji Sporting Goods fortune and member of the second richest family in Japan. The two have been competing in annual baseball tournaments to prove who is superior but they have all ended in ties. Tobimaro's team of child baseball prodigies squares off against Mendo and his players who have done nothing but study baseball for an entire year. Study baseball terminology that is...

Chapter 41: 怪人赤マント
Kaijin Aka Manto
(The Red Cloak)
Red Cloak is a creepy legend in many high schools across Japan, and Tomobiki is no differnt. This creepy fellow made it a point to scare people years ago, but no one has seen him in decades. Now Red Cloack has decided to make a come back on the night of the summer dance. He's gained quite a lot of girth in his years away, and when he sneaks up on a group of crossdressing boys that include Ataru and Mendo, he's taken as more of a joke than the legend that used to frighten students.

Chapter 42: サーフィンSOS
Safin SOS
(Surf's Up!)
While at the beach Ataru discovers Sakura lying in the sand. She tells everyone how much her uncle Cherry used to love the sea, which leads everyone to believe that he is now deceased. No sooner does this come up, than Cherry shoots it down by surfing in to annoy everyone. He explains the good qualities that surfing helps to instill and suggests Ataru and Mendo do it to help improve their concentration. They both try their hardest, but the smallest female distraction sends them both into the drink, helping to show just how similiar these two really are.

Chapter 43: 水着ドロボウ
Mizugi dorobou

(Swimsuit Thief)
Everyone invites themselves over to Mendo's beachhouse where they party and have fun. Mendo is annoyed because he only invited Lum, but everyone else, especially Cherry, decided to tag along. Cherry warns Sakura about the dangers of men, but she is still angry about him stowing away in her suitcase. All the girls chat about how many swimsuits they brough in order to impress Mendo, but soon the swimsuits begin to turn up missing. The girls spot a round head jumping into the sea and assume that Cherry is the thief. Just then Mendo and Lum see him swimming in the ocean. Even Cherry's niece, Sakura, has her bathing suit stolen while she's swimming out to sea. Everyone sets up a sting to catch Cherry in the act, but discover it's an octopus who bears a striking resemblence to the bald monk who stole the bikinis.

Chapter 44: ビキニを奪え
Bikini o ubae
(Let's Have That Bikini!)
Early one morning Tobimaro sails to Mendo's beachhouse and declares war on him. A sleepy Shutaro can barely make out who's calling him out, when Tobimaro snatches Lum bikini and flees back to Mizunokoji Sportsland on the other side of the island. Lum and Ataru decide to take the fight to the skies as they sail off in a hang-glider while Mendo and his bodyguards climb into a styrofoam sphere and walk it across the ocean to Tobimaro's hideout. Lum and Ataru arrive first and are pelted with baseballs. Lum chases Tobimaro's female cadre of bodyguards who are all dressed in tigerstriped bikinis to fool her. The battle rages as the bikinis change hands and finally heads out to sea where Mendo and his men have wrecked their ball.

Chapter 45: マンナンウォーズ
Mannan uozu
(Food Fight)
Shinobu worries about how much weight she has gained while they've been enjoying the beach, when Sakura tells them that she has been staying slim by taking diet pills that make you feel full. Mendo arrives and everyone walks to a nearby hotel for dinner. The price for dinner is too high for almost everyone, but Mendo offers to pay for the women. The waiters offer everone the option of competeing in the eating contest, but if you fail to clean your plates you must pay for everything you've eaten. One by one everyone except Cherry and Sakura are waylayed. The staff of the restaurant become desperate and even use the same stomach-stuffing diet pills Sakura takes to try and defeat them. Cherry eventually bows out, but Sakura winds up eating everything without so much a stomach ache.

Chapter 46: ヨガで迷想
Yoga di meiso
(Yogus Pogus)
Due to the eating contest everyone has gained a few extra pounds, but with all the rain they have no way to exercise it away. Cherry tells them that yoga works wonders for getting fit, and everyone agrees to try it out. Cherry tries to get rid of Mendo and Ataru so he can focus on teaching the girls, but they beat him up for his trouble. Sakura proves to be an expert, while Shinobu finds it to be torturous. Cherry finally devises a group yoga position based on the food chain which helps everyone shed a few pounds, with the exception of Ataru.

Chapter 47: 哀愁でいと
Aishu de ito
(Ocean of Tears)
Summer has come to an end and everyone is mourning the end of their days of fun at the beach. Shinobu wishes she had struck up a summer romance, and Ataru is all too happy to oblige. Sakura senses a demon in their midst and shuffles everyone off. That night on Mendo's boat the demon arrives and tells everyone he is a demon of sentimentality. He goads on everyone's sadness at saying goodbye to their carefree summer days and bygone chances at love. One of Mendo's bodyguards decides to take the inititive with a drunken Sakura and asks her if she has anyone special in her life. When he finds out that she does, he is crushed and the Sentimentality Demon only makes it harder for the guy. As the night wanes, the demon jumps ship and cuts the rope to the dock sending everyone drifting out to sea.

summaries by Harley Acres

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