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Urusei Yatsura
volume 6

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1980 Vol. 40 - 50
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 1 Number 7 - 8 Part 2 Number 1 - 4
Return of Lum Vol. 3

Chapter 48: 個人教授
Kojin kyoju
(Private Tutor)
Tomobiki High gains a new teacher named Mr. Hanawa, and he is extremely excited about his new job. He maintains a positive outlook on everything, but he is assigned to class 2-4, the worst bunch in the school. Mr. Hanawa isn't the only one starting at Tomobiki, Lum has also transfered in as a new student, much to Ataru's dismay. The students all try to play the usual first day practical jokes on him, but he seems to outwit them all. Hanawa is concerned about Lum though, and believes her horns to be a birth defect, so he tries his best to ensure that everyone treats her well.

Chapter 49: コートの中では泣かないわ
Koto no naka de wa nakanai wa
(No Crybabies)
Mr. Hanawa gets Lum to join the volleyball club and requests Ataru do the same to keep her company. The girl team is run by the ultra-strict Natsuko, a man-hating slave-driver of a coach. The boys team on the other hand is just happy to have a full team now that Ataru has joined. Before long Natsuko's hatred of boys comes up and they find out she was jilted supposedly because she loved volleyball too much. After Ataru plays against her, he sees that her good looks twist into an ugly visage as she spikes the ball and trash talks her opponents.

Chapter 50: コートに消える恋
Koto ni kieru koi
(No Love on the Court)
While jogging one day during volleyball practice Ataru manages to pique Mendo's interest in joining the club by telling him Lum is on the girl's squad. Mendo decides to watch to see if it would be something he may enjoy. Just then Natsuko, the angry girl's coach sees him and insists he looks just like her first love. She goes to pieces and runs off. Everyone finally explains to her that her first boyfriend didn't leave because of her volleyball obsession, but because of the horrid expressions she makes when she plays. She decides that if she wants to have a chance with Mendo she'll have to stop playing volleyball. As she weighs her options she is overwhelmed by the need to play, and spikes a ball in full view of Mendo. Rather than run from her hideous face, Mendo is quite impressed.

Chapter 51: 戦慄の参観日
Senritsu no sankanbi
(The Parents' Day From Hell)
Mrs. Moroboshi heads off to Tomobiki High for the annual Parent's Day. She prays that Ataru will not embarrass her as he has done during past Parent's Days. She soon meets up with Mrs. Miyake who recognizes her as Ataru's mother. No sooner do they meet then an ox-drawn carriage passes them by in the school yard. The school gardener comes up to tell the old gentlemen to move the cart away, but the old man simply says that this is the honorable Mrs. Mendo, an old fashioned woman who hates modern technology. Mrs. Mendo narrowly escapes being crushed as Lum's mother's massive UFO lands outside the school. Poor Mrs. Moroboshi doesn't know what to think when the vivacious Oni woman steps out and excitedly greets her in her bizarre alien language. At first she believes this woman is one of Ataru's lovers, but Lum introduces them and straightens things out. Mrs. Mendo is not one to be ignored and challenges Lum's mother to a duel for destroying their cart, but by this time school is already over and everyone missed Parent's Day.

Chapter 52: くノ一、奈良を走る
Kunoichi, Nara o hashiru...
(Run, Ninja, Run)
The gang has gone on a field trip to Nara, one of Japan's oldest cities. While visiting the Temple of Dreams a female ninja (kunoichi) rushes through the students, but drops an important scroll. Ataru picks it up simply thinking it is something he can use for scrap paper. The kunoichi, Kaede, returns to her mistress Yatsude empty handed and tries to quit the life of a ninja, but her boss will have none of it. Kaede disguises herself as a normal girl and catches up with Ataru at Deer Park. Ataru mistakenly thinks she wants to take a picture with him when she actually is trying to get her scroll back. Kaede is too timid though, and misses her chance, only to get cursed out once again by Yatsude. Ataru rides off on the bus curses his luck for not getting Kaede's phone number, when he happens to see her running behind the bus. Lum believes Kaede is out to claim Ataru for herself and the two get into it. Kaede manages to retrieve the scroll, but it is illegible thanks to a herd of pigs that trampled it.

Chapter 53: くノ一、京に潜む
Kunoichi, kyo ni hisomu...
(Hide, Ninja, Hide)
Kaede the kunoichi has left her job as a ninja and now works at a small gift shop. She is shocked to run into Lum and Ataru again who are there buying souveniers. Lum tries to zap Kaede, who she believes was having an affair with Ataru, but she makes a quick escape. Outside she runs into Mukade and Kumade, two fellow ninja girls who were once her childhood friends and are now hunting her down along with Yatsude. Kaede escapes her pursuers and gets a new job at a hotel, where the Tomobiki students happen to be staying. Ataru sees through her flimsy disguse and a fight breaks out between she and the other ninja who have tracked her there. After getting too close a look at Yatsude's horrid face, most of the ninjas are seeking new employment alongside Kaede.

Chapter 54: くノ一は永遠に
Kunoichi wa eien ni...

(Ninja Forever)
On the final day of their fieldtrip, the Tomobiki kids are allowed to wander about at the leisure. Meanwhile Yatsude has hired dozens of tiny little ninja to track down the rogue operative. Ataru bemoans the fact that he has once again lost Kaede, and Lum follows closely behind to make sure he doesn't do something he shouldn't be. He sees a firework burst in the air which spells out the fact that Kaede has been found and Ataru rushes to the scene. All he finds are a few unconscious ninja and Kaede's footprints. After some more searching he comes across a magazine with her name on it, and an add for a tour guide's job cut out. Ataru and Lum head to Kyomizu Temple where they find Kaede has quit a few more jobs as everyone begins to close in on her. Ataru and the ninja follow a trail of food she has left, but are unable to find her. On the final day the ninja and Ataru all get into a brawl just as Kaede is about to take the class's commemorative picture.

Chapter 55: 体育祭危機一髪
Taiikusai kiki ippatsu...
(A Neck-and-Neck Finish)
During a track meet a new cutie arrives at Tomobiki. The ultra-sweet Ran is the newest transfer student, but Lum seems to know her. After the race Lum and Ran meet and reveal that they were childhood friends. Suddenly Ran drops her innocent act when the topic of Rei comes up. Ran has always loved Rei deeply, but once he and Lum got engaged she has come to hate her old friend. Ran tells Lum that she's going to steal Ataru's youth with a kiss, but Lum warns that she will reveal the fact that Ran's an alien. Ran trumps her by threatening to spill the beans about the time Lum wet the bed at her house when they were little. Later that day Ran sneaks Ataru away and just before she kisses him Lum knocks him out. During gym class Ataru tries to sneak another kiss, but Kosuke gets in the way and instantly starts acting like and old man as his youth goes down the drain.

Chapter 56: 文化祭危機一髪
Bunkasai kiki ippatsu...
(Closer... Closer... Closer...)
It's been a week since Ran arrived and everyone at Tomobiki High is enjoying Culture Day. Ran wants to show Lum something, but Lum doesn't trust her. After a pouting session Lum drops her guard and starts talking about her fond childhood memories with Ran. Ran quickly explains her side of the story which is much more painful that the way Lum remembers things. Ran summons Ataru to her fortunetelling booth and tries to sneak a kiss, but Lum breaks things up in the nick of time. They all run into a small maze set up in one of the classrooms, and one of the Rock n' Roll club members winds up kissing Ran and having his vitality drained just as Kosuke had before. Ran tries another half-hearted attempt at reconcilliation with Lum once again after seeing how mad she got.

Chapter 57: 演劇祭危機一髪
Engekisai kiki ippatsu...
(A Dramatic Escape)
Ran is playing the role of Otomi in a play based on the legend of"Sanshiro Sugata". Just as her character is about to be taken by force by Higaki, the villian of the piece, Ataru runs in dressed as Goku the Monkey King, a character from another old Japanese fable. Lum comes out dressed as Sanzo and has to drag Ataru off stage as Mendo apologizes for the disturbance. Soon Ataru makes his way on stage again just as Sanshiro and Higaki are about to have their climatic duel. Lum zaps everyone and Mendo sneaks onstage dressed as Buddha to try and get things on track. The final battle between Sanshiro and the demon hordes goes off without a catch, but then Goku reenters and sends Sanshiro off to India (the ending of the play Ataru is supposed to be in) and keeping Ran for himself.

Chapter 58: お別れパーティー危機一髪
O-wakare pati kiki ippatsu...
(Have Your Cake and...)
Ran sends a messanger doll to tell Lum that she will be going back to her planet soon and she would like to put their arguements behind them. She invites Lum and Ataru to a farewell party and then her doll self-destructs. Lum and Ataru bicycle to Ran's home, which Ataru jokingly says looks a lot like a UFO. At the party, Ran tries to slip Lum some cookies laced with a sleeping potion, but she is two-steps ahead of Ran's scheme. Lum offers to go wash the dishes as an excuse to see if Ran tries to seduce Ataru while she's away. She watches from the doorway as Ran rejects Ataru's advances and then feels guilty about doubting Ran's sincerity. Ataru meanwhile, has decided to wander around Ran's house while still cracking jokes about how much it resembles a spaceship (which it is). With Lum off looking for Ataru, Ran reveals her plan and pulls an exact double of Ataru from her oven where she had been cooking him up. She switches him for with Ataru and then sends Lum and he home. Ran finally gets to kiss Ataru but as soon as their lips meet, Ataru deflates revealing he was in fact the copy. The next day at school, Ran curses out Lum and says she will never leave until she has her revenge.

summaries by Harley Acres

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