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Urusei Yatsura
volume 7

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1980 Vol. 51 - 1981 Vol. 11
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 2 Number 5 - Part 3 Number 1
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 3 - 4

Chapter 59: 思い出危機一髪
Omoide kiki ippatsu...
(A Narrow Escape From Memory Lane)
Ran and Lum are sharing old memories over lunch at a cafe. As usual Ran is bitter about how Lum always seemed to get her in trouble, and relates the story of how Lum wet the bed while sleeping over and then switching places with Ran so she would take the blame (and the spanking) for it. Lum gave Ran her favorite doll to make up for it, then wet the bed and switched places with Ran once more earning her another beating at the hands of her strict mother. Ran reminds Lum of the time Lum got her to throw rocks at a giant alien and then see who could run away the fastest, which wound up with Ran getting hurt and then having to pay for Lum's ice cream as per the bet they made. All of these painful memories make Lum feel guilty and she says she has a lot of thinking to do about what she has done to Ran. Lum leaves the restaurant in a daze and Ran gets stuck with the bill.

Chapter 60: 正真正銘危機一髪
Shoshin-shomei kiki ippatsu...
(A Very Narrow Escape)
After locking Lum in the school supply closet Ran tracks Ataru to the nurses office where he is yet again faking an illness. Sakura watches over Cherry who is concocting some bizzare potion while trying to keep Ataru from causing too much trouble. Ran soon comes in and fakes an illness as well and is stationed in the bed next to Ataru. Sakura sits between them though, because she suspect Ataru of trying some sort of deviant behavior. Ran tries everything, but Sakura won't leave the two of them long enough for Ran to steal a kiss. Ataru complains that he really needs some medicine for his throat, and accidently takes Cherry potion. Ran gets her kiss but nothing happens as Cherry complains about Ataru drinking his youth potion.

Chapter 61: あたるの引退
Ataru no intai
(Ataru Calls It Quits!)
"It was just too much for him"...As the class starts to leave for winter break, Ataru stops everyone to make an announcement: he has decided to retire! Mr. Hinawa assumes he means he is quitting school, but Ataru says this isn't the case. Mendo assumes he means he is breaking off his engagement to Lum, which, of course, enfuriates her, but Ataru is able to convince her that this truly isn't what he meant. Mendo then suggests he is retiring from being the star of the comic, which prompts Cherry, Sakura, and various minor characters to show up in the hopes of being the new lead. When they all get sent away, Ataru reveals his true intentions: he will no longer be class president, which everyone forgot he was anyway.

Chapter 62: おみくじこわい
Omikuji kowai
(Fortune Kookie)
Ataru and Lum make their yearly temple visit. Everytime they draw oracles, they recieve bad fortunes. Cherry keeps pestering them to try another place for a good oracle, eventually admitting that he is attempting to get customers for Sakura. Ataru is eager to get an oracle from her, and is even more excited when he sees that she is being assisted by Ran. They get undesirable fortunes again, and this time Ran draws one. Her fortune is disconcerting enough to bring out her bad side in front of Sakura. After paying 300 yen to be told they have a "rotten but inseparable bond" from an obnoxious doll, Ataru and Lum decide to head home; thus, Ataru starts a new year of rotten luck.

Chapter 63: テンちゃんがきた
Ten-chan ga kita
(Arrival of Ten-chan)
When Lum gets dressed up for the New Year's party, Ataru's parents start talking about how great girls are in comparison to boys, which upsets Ataru and sends him out for a walk. On the way out, he is asked to get the mail and he notices that there is a child in the mailbox. He brings the kid in, and he turns out to be Lum's cousin, Ten, who has mailed himself there to visit. Lum takes him along to Cherry's New Year's party, where, after Lum attempts to use him to make the others realize Ran is an alien, he flirts with the girls and prevents Ataru from doing the same. They start fighting, which results in the ladies subduing and tying up the furious Ataru.

Chapter 64: テンちゃんの恋
Ten-chan no koi
(Ten-chan in Love)
Ataru's mom sends him out to shovel the snow, and Lum (who stands in the snow in her usual bikini) leaves Ten with him. Ataru is able to trick Ten into melting the snow with his fire breath, which gives him the idea to do this for other people for money. He gives Ten all the money his mom gave him to show that he is not taking advantage of him. Tern uses this lousy 10 yen coin to call Sakura and ask if she wants them to take care of her snow. After Ten melts her snow, he uses a fourth dimensional pot to suck up all the water, and he accidentally sucks up Sakura's engagement ring. Realizing that if she gets it back, she will get married, Ten struggles with the idea of returning it, but eventually uses a faucet he attaches to Ataru's forehead to bring it back out.

Chapter 65: ふたりだけのデート
Futari dake no deito

(Babes in Arms)
Ataru tricks Ten into thinking he can help him write a love letter to Sakura. Ataru, of course, writes a perverted letter full of 'blank's and gives Ten some bad dating advice. Surprisingly, Sakura shows up for the date and goes along with it. She had shown up to beat up the writer of the disturbed note but took pity on Ten, who takes her to a cafe and a porno theatre before she notices that Ataru and Lum are following them. Sakura realizes that Ataru is behind the whole thing and tries to let Ten down softly. Ten seems to admit defeat; he gives up on Sakura and gives Ataru a faceful of flames.

Chapter 66: 花から花へ
Hana kara hana e
(From Flower to Flower)
Ten and Ataru compete for the affections of the girl at the flower shop, who gives them a mum to care for. Ten plans on growing a nice flower to show off to her. Ataru gets a book called "Fifty Things Not To Do" so that he can pester the flower girl over the bad job he is doing. When Ten gives the flower alien fertilizer, it grows into a giant talking chrysanthemum. When they bring the giant flower to the girl, the mum asks her out and the three suitors start fighting until she announces that she is already in love with a daffodil.

Chapter 67: 鬼に豆鉄砲
Oni ni mane-deppo
(Hunting Demons with a Bean Shooter)
Ten's first Setsubun is cancelled, which leaves him, Lum, and Benten very disappointed. Ataru tells them to try Japanese style Setsubun, which means he and Benten throw beans at Lum and Ten. Benten gets really into it; she and Ataru hop on her airbike - thing and load her gun with beans. When Lum sees her darling feeling up Benten, she gets quite mad and has Ten blow up their bike. Benten says that it was so much fun that they should all have Setsubun on Earth next year.

Chapter 68: ミス雪の女王
Misu yuki no joo
(Miss Snow Queen)
The prize for winning the treasure hunt skiing race is a kiss from miss snow queen. Although Ataru can't see what she looks like because of the big guy in front of him, he cant give up a chance to kiss a cute girl. He is able to stay in the lead at first, and so is Ten, because he was hanging on to Ataru's pole. Ataru uses Ten to stay just ahead of the big guy, but when Ataru ties up Ten so he can get the treasure that is up in a tree himself, he finds that he can't climb it. The big guy gets it, and Ataru uses Ten's fire to get it from him. After a short confrontation with the Yeti, Ataru wins the race only to find that the snow queen was Lum all along.

Chapter 69: バレンタインデーの惨劇
Barentainde no sangeki
(The St. Valentine's Day Massacre)
A little girl named Mako is able to get Ten to take candy from her. He thens finds Lum trying to do the same thing to Ataru. Lum explains the concept of Valentines Day to him. Mako then knocks him out of the air and announces that because he accepted the candy he now has to marry her under "Japanese law" or "prepare for execution". He then tries to get her to take the candy back, chasing her back to her house, where we see she has a beautiful mother. Ten tries to eat her chocolate and Lum and Ataru happen to burst in. They sit down to explain the whole situation to Mako's mom, and Ataru pops one of her chocolates, which results in Lum electrocuting him and Ten burning him.

summaries by Harley Acres & Michael Glading

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