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Urusei Yatsura
volume 8

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1981 Vol. 12 - 22
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 3 Number 1 - 6
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 4 - 5

Chapter 70: 恋のアリ地獄
Koi no ari jigoku
(The Ant Trap of Love)
One morning Mako shows up again at the Moroboshis' doorstep, asking to see Ten. Despite Ten's request for Ataru not to reveal where he is, Ataru brings him out anyway. Ten is quite relieved when Mako tells him that she has to leave, and after a poignant goodbye (poignant for her, anyway), he flies off. However, Mako didn't tell him that she was just going off for her day at kindergarten. While admiring girls open to him now that Mako seems to be out of the picture, Lum suddenly snatches him and scolds him for his seeming lechery, warning him that he's starting to sound and look like Ataru. Obviously this warning rather unsettles Ten. That afternoon as Mako leaves her kindergarten, she bumps into Ten again. He flies as fast as possible to escape her, but is caught by Ataru, jogging for P.E. Ten then manages to escape yet again, and this time makes it home. Unfortunately Mako is already in his room when he enters, having tea with Lum! Mako tells Ten that she and Lum have discovered that as women burning with unrequited love, they are kindred spirits. Lum concurs, adding that Ten has to accept a girl's love meekly, and promises to "teach Ten-chan a lesson" if he runs away again. So later that afternoon he finds himself playing house in Mako's backyard. But his spirits lift when Mako's gorgeous mom offers them tea. Mako, angered by her "honey's" attraction to her own mother, tells Ten he can have tea and cakes after his "dinner" of dirt and grass. When Mako's mom sets out some the tea and cake anyway, Mako forcibly tries to get Ten to take off his diaper for a bath. Having had enough, Ten flees away again, only to be caught by Ataru, come to pick him up and take him home. He then slyly tells Ten he can play with Mako a little longer while he talks (read: tries to get closer to) her mom. While Mako threatens Ten with alimony and child support for her doll, Maria-chan, if he divorces her, Ataru talks about what fun they're having, and puts his arm around Mako's mom. At that moment a furious Lum comes flying in and punches him in the face. While she gives him her trademark electric punishment, Mako and Ten complain about their violence-prone, adulterous "neighbors".

Chapter 71: 桃の花歌合戦
Momo no hana utagassen
(Peachy Poems)
Ataru, Lum, Mendo, and the rest of the regulars have gathered to hold a poetry-reading contest in a forest supposedly haunted by a mountain god of song. According to an ancient legend, the god would stop travelers using his beautiful girlfriend, a peach nymph, as bait. He would then require them to try to beat him at reciting poetry, but if they lost, he would devour them. Of course, being the mountain god of song, no mortal man ever had any success. The women of the group are less than surprised when Ataru and Mendo reveal the real reason they agreed to take on such a potentially dangerous task was to lure out the Peach Nymph and make off with her. Sure enough, she appears before them, and Ataru quickly runs off with her. The rest of the gang follows him, but upon catching up with Ataru, a huge form materializes: the Mountain God! Enraged at seeing Ataru attacking his woman, he challenges the entire group to a poetry contest in which, as per the old legend, he would devour them upon winning. The Peach Nymph chooses Cherry as the judge, and Ataru volunteers to recite against the Mountain God. He starts off with a rendition of "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog", which causes some controversy over what type of poetry can and cannot be used. Cherry and the Nymph eventually decide that popular music does qualify, but unfortunately Ataru's version sucked and thus was disqualified. So next Ataru recites a metaphorical ode to the Peach Nymph which, despite Mendo's confusion over the content, proves a success. Next it's the Mountain God's turn, but he can't think of anything, as it has been 500 years since his last contest! The gang is relieved that they managed to survive the contest, but seem to wish that they could have faced a more articulate opponent.

Chapter 72: イヤーマッフルの怪
Iya maffuru no kai
(For the Love of Muffs)
While walking through an outdoor shopping center, Ataru and Ten are stopped by a vendor selling earmuffs. Strangely, despite the day's heat, he is clad entirely in heavy winter clothing, as well as wearing a contamination mask and sunglasses. The muffs are a mere 150 yen, but the stingy Ataru manages to haggle down to two muffs for 200 yen (of course, he immediately tells Ten he wants 100 back from him). Impressed by Ataru's insistant bargaining ability, the earmuff vendor backs away and, sweltering in the heat, removes his disguise to reveal that he is actually an alien! When Ten appears skeptical about the worthiness of a pair of earmuffs for 100 yen, Ataru tells him that earmuffs are now the ultimate girl magnet. Convinced, both he and Ataru put their muffs on, but suddenly realize that (being from outer space), these are no ordinary earmuffs! They actually switched both of their personalities, so now Ataru's mind is in Ten's body, and vice versa! Gleeful that he now has the ability to attract girls like never before with his youthful cuteness, "Ten" flies off to cuddle up with some girls. "Ataru" worried about what trouble might become pinned on him later, chases after him, but runs smack into a wall. "Ten" then tells a concerned Lum that her Darling ran into a wall, leading her to believe he has become delirious. Meanwhile "Ten" tries to take advantage of his condition on Sakura. "Ataru" then angrily smacks "Ten", and a furious Lum zaps him. When "Ataru" tries to tell them what's going on, Sakura and Lum think he taught Ten how to be as perverted as him. When "Ten" tries to tear off Sakura's top, Lum continues shocking "Ataru". Meanwhile Cherry arrives with a new pair of earmuffs. Although nobody notices him, he puts them on. Ataru is then transported back to his original body, but Ten is placed into Cherry's body and Cherry into Ten's! Back up in space, the aliens too are deeply frustrated: despite rumors that personality-transfer modules disguised as earmuffs are currently popular on Earth, they have fallen far short of their sales goal.

Chapter 73: ニャオンの恐怖にゃ気をつけろ!!
Nyaon no kyofu nya ki o tsukeru!!
("Meow" Means "Fear"!)
Annoyed by the hissing and screeching of some cats quarreling atop the Moroboshi's roof one night, Ten flies up to put a stop to it. He is then clawed by an angry tomcat running away. But he's then relieved to see a gorgeous girl pick him up...and lick his wounds! Quite unusually, this mysterious lady, although humanoid, has the ears, fur, and tail of a cat! Curious, Ataru and Lum soon join them on the roof. As usual, Ataru immediately begins flirting with the cat-lady, who then quiets the scene by telling the story of how she came to be in her condition. Her name is Misuzu, and at one time she owned a beautiful white cat named Snowy (Yuki in the Japanese version). Snowy would follow her all around, even to the hospital, for she was quite sickly. One day in the hospital Misuzu told Snowy of how she wished to be like her, able to roam free, healthy, and agile. But to her shock, Snowy told her that she too wished to be like Misuzu! And right then her spirit merged with Misuzu's, possessing her and leaving her half cat, half human. She then tells Ataru and co. that the only way she can become either all human or all cat is by fighting it out, jumping off the roof, running around the house three times, meowing, and climbing back up on the roof. Ataru and Ten are fully convinced when Misuzu shows them a picture of a lovely young woman holding Snowy (a neighborhood cat, Torajima aka Mr. Stripes, already prefers her as a cat). The three all begin fighting, and with Misuzu's encouragement, Ataru wins. He then performs the other tasks, and quickly climbs back up on the roof. Sure enough, Snowy's spirit leaves Misuzu's body, but Ataru and Ten are overtly disgusted to see a wrinkled old hag before them! As it turns out, the young woman in the photo was her granddaughter.

Chapter 74: 大空に舞うハチャメチャ四人組!!
Ozora ni mau hachamecha yonin-gumi!!
(Ghostly Gliders in the Sky!)
Ataru and Mendo decide to go gliding one day, with Ataru in an ultra-light airplane and Mendo in a hang-glider shaped like a pterodactyl, and Lum flying alongside with Ten in tow. Ten then teases Ataru on how he needs a machine to fly, to which Ataru taunts Ten's slow speed. The angered Ten then blasts fire at Ataru, melting his ultra-light. While Lum scolds him, Mendo glides toward them, unable to steer away. They collide with a violent impact. But when they wake up, the group is shocked to see the city below them gone, replaced by tropical vegetation and dinosaurs. Somehow they were swept back to Mesozoic Earth! A role call then brings up more dire news; Ten is missing. Lum then flies off to find him, just as a real pterodactyl swoops up toward Mendo's glider. She then finds what appears to be her cousin in some bushes, and tearfully scoops him up. But on closer examination, what she holds is not Ten-chan, but a striped dinosaur egg which hatches in her arms! Due to the natural instinctive behavior of imprinting, the baby dinosaur, having seen Lum first after its birth, comes to believe that she is its mother. Meanwhile Ten is wandering lost through the prehistoric wilderness. He is soon shocked to be picked up by a large mother dinosaur and taken back to her nest. Despite Ten's efforts to escape, the doting mother will not let him leave, even when Lum shows up with her actual baby. "Lum's" baby also remains convinced that Lum is its mother. Meanwhile, Ataru and Mendo are being pursued by a pterodactyl, apparently trying to "hit on" them!

Chapter 75: 平安編 壱の巻
Heian hen ichi no maki
(Lum: The Heian Version, Scroll One)
During the Heian period (794-1192) Vice-Minister of the Royal Guard Mendo and Ataru are investigating a rash of cherry tree disasters. The trees seem to glow for no apparent reason. Heian Period Cherry comes to investigate the odd forces emanating from Mendo's cherry tree and soon a demon that resembles Lum pops out. Ataru chases her in order to get her phone number, but all the townspeople mistakenly believe he is a brave warrior trying to vanquish her. He succeeds in getting her address and Lum flies away as the army moblizes to hunt she and Ten down.

Chapter 76: 平安編 弐の巻
Heian hen ni no maki

(Lum: The Heian Version, Scroll Two)
The Heian versions of Mendo, Sakura, Cherry, Tomibaro and Onsen-Mark are all sitting around eating and discusses the advantages of Japanese food over Chinese, when they are supposed to be discussed how to catch the demon Lum. Ataru decides to skip out of the meeting early and goes off to see Lum. Ten tags along which puts a damper on things, but after his date with Lum, Ataru quickly heads to Heian Shinobu's home and tries to consumate things with her. Ten suspects Ataru's deviousness and heads out the next day with camera in tow hoping to catch him in the act, but he winds up getting distracted by all the cute girls. He follows Sakura into a restaurant where everyone is supposed to be figuring out what to do about Lum, but instead are arguing about food once again. On Mount Ooe, Lum and her pet, Nu-chan, are getting ready to go in search of Ten.

Chapter 77: 平安編 参の巻
Heian hen san no maki
(Lum: The Heian Version, Scroll Three)
The people of Heian are in a panic when an eerie dark cloud suddenly appears over the city emitting unearthly growls and shrieks. They immediately suspect the demon, and some even fear the world is coming to an end, yet we can see that it's merely Lum riding atop it, calling out for Ten. Meanwhile, Ten manages to calm the immature fighting in the okonomiyaki restaurant between the members of the Heian Defense Force. But before they can resume their strategy session, a special news report comes on the restaurant TV. The newsman announces that the mysterious cloud which appeared overhead has ogre's eyes and is drifting toward the okonomiyaki restaurant. He then calls upon the Heian Defense Force for help. The group is just about to leave and confront it when Lum walks in, looking for Ten. Lord Mendo is at first annoyed by this latest distraction, but upon noticing Lum's beauty, decides to let her participate. But just then the TV cameras pick up the demonic cloud hovering right over the restaurant where they are! Lum then tells the confused gang that she is, in fact, a demon, and the cloud is their pet Nu-chan, helping to sniff out Ten with his keen sense of smell. They are initially pleasantly surprised, but suddenly the TV crew knocks at the restaurant door. Not wanting to kill Lum or Ten for them, Ataru and Mendo barricade the door with a cooker-table. They then try to decide on a way out of this quandary: if the Defense Force battles a young woman and child, they would be portrayed as villains; yet if they don't battle a demon, they would lose face. Ataru then notices the TV images and comes up with a solution: the Defense Force can battle Nu-chan, a perfectly sinister-looking monster, despite Lum's objections that Nu-chan is just a baby. Lum and Ten are allowed to escape through the back door, after which Ten shows Lum what he thinks is the incriminating photo of Ataru and Sakura. Both are surprised and horrified to discover Cherry's face filling the entire photo. As the big day approaches, Lord Mendo gets into action by selling tickets to the fight at 1500 yen a pop. Lum serves as Nu-chan's manager. But trouble begins when Shinobu, with a front-row seat, wishes Ataru luck. Lum then berates her for making a pass at her Darling, only to hear that he is engaged to both her and Shinobu! Both girls are obviously infuriated, and at the starting bell begin pounding him. Meanwhile Lord Mendo charges forward and strikes at Nu-chan's horns with a kendo sword. But once the horns fall off, the cloud dissapates to reveal a small monkey-like demon crying loudly. The audience, adament about animal rights, then booes the crowd for their cowardly gesture of beating up a supposedly defenseless small animal. As it turned out, the whole incident was so embarrassing that it was erased from all historical texts.

Chapter 78: ”愛”それは校内暴力とともに
"Ai" sore wa konai boryoku to tomo ni
(Love and Violence)
For an art class, Ataru has directed a strange film about school violence in which Lum, Shinobu, Mendo, and Kosuke all hide weapons on their persons and Ataru tries to spead love throughout the campus, only to be thwarted. All of the cast except Ataru and Lum hate the film, and to prevent it from being shown, Mendo casually knocks over the projector, breaking it. Ataru is extremely frustrated, especially since everyone pitched in for the production fees. Later, Ataru tries to explain the situation to his classmates, who are surprised to hear that Ataru intended the film to be a comedy, even though he promised the rest of the cast that it was actually an educational documentary. Just then Lum returns with a projector from her planet to screen the film. After making some modifications for Earth's film type and electrical systems, Lum turns it on, only to have an enormous explosion shake the school. To the other teachers' horror, out from the classroom emerge Lum, Shinobu, Kosuke, and Mendo, dressed as they were in Ataru's film! Ataru then follows them, carrying signs with slogans of love and peace and urging them to reject love and embrace violence. Just then, some frightened students announce that some punks from Butsumetsu High School (Tomobiki High's arch-rival) have come to beat them up. The new, battle-hungry Lum and co. decide to confront them. The Gang of Four begin their assault with a bombardment from a flock of ducks. The punks don't stand a chance against their bizarre attacks, including an axe hidden in Kosuke's sunglasses, a spring-loaded boxing glove in a hatch in Mendo's chest, and missiles in Lum and Shinobu's school uniform skirts. After the Butsumetsu High punks are destroyed, Ataru reemerges and tells them that despite their sinful violence, they are forgiven in their love for their school. Meanwhile the scene refocuses on a devastated classroom, wrecked by Lum's interplanetary projector exploding. It turns out Lum's projector was so different, it not only destroyed the classroom, but actually brought the movie characters to life!

Chapter 79: ああ、図書館
Aa, toshokan
(Oh, Library)
Ataru's class has gathered in the school library for study hall. Mendo, though, finds Ataru, Kosuke, and some others ogling a scantly clad woman in a porno magazine. But after Mendo chastises them (and starts looking himself), Ataru glances up to find a real pair of feminine legs in a dress standing on a stepladder. She moves and accidentally bumps into Ataru's nose, falling off the ladder. Mendo rushes to catch her, but is thwarted when the porno magazine lands on his face. Ataru then jumps up and catches her in his arms. After she wipes his bloody nose, Ataru gets a better look at her. She is a beautiful, yet somewhat odd girl, with blonde, curly hair and a billowing, strangely old-fashioned dress. Ataru also notices that she is strangely lightweight. No one can recall having seen her in the library before. Ataru and the other boys, seeing that she was arranging the library books, gladly offer to help her. Ataru gets paired up with her, and while working, she tells him something strange: the books need to be organized soon, or else the "literary universe"-the subcosmos of each genre of literature-will collide with the outside world and cause pandemonium. To prove her point, the girl leaps off the stepladder into Ataru's arms, much to his pleasure. Sure enough, she drifts down like a falling leaf rather than a flesh-and-blood person. Unfortunately, Lum has been eavesdropping on their conversation, and furiously starts throwing books at them. She then angrily rushes over and presses a button which slides the bookshelves shut between each other, trapping Ataru between them. To Lum's amazement, the library girl slips out through a small crack in the shelves, telling Lum that as a denizen of the literary universe, her body has no substance. Lum then goes to press the button and release Ataru, but the library girl protests, saying the shelves are all that contains the chaos from the scattered books. But Lum does anyway, releasing a horde of figures from the books, sending all kinds of animals, literary characters, and other strange objects dashing throughout the library. Ataru then realizes something-the girl in his porno magazine would have come to life too! So he rushes off to find her, turning down even an animated, naked Venus from Botticelli's famous painting as "too refined". To their anguish, Shinobu and a friend of hers find Mendo trying to escape the clutches of the girl from the porno mag and run off in tears. When they bump into Ataru and tell him about it, he eagerly runs in Mendo's direction. Sure enough, he finds them, and eagerly pounces on the porno girl before being scared off by a bunch of spooky characters from Japanese ghost stories. But then, just as strangely as they appeared, the characters suddenly begin to vanish back into their respective books! They seem to be returning on their own, even the porno mag girl, much to Ataru's disappointment. At this point, the strange blonde library girl thanks everyone for helping her out, and disappears into the English Literature section. Determined to find out who she was, Ataru grabs a book near where she vanished, a collection of children's classics. Sure enough, he finds her inside. She was actually Wendy from "Peter Pan", and on closer examination of her illustration, she seems to have forgotten to take off her armband!

Chapter 80: ああ、子どもの日は恐怖じゃ!
Aa, kodomo no hi wa kyofu ja!
(The Terror of Children's Day)
In honor of Children's Day, the Moroboshis have hung out their traditional carp streamers. Curious about what they are, Ten flies inside, followed by Lum. Lum thinks there wouldn't be anything inside, but both are rather shocked to discover a bear staring them down! They both fly out, glad to be safe. Ten, finding the animal stupid-looking, decides to go back in and rescue it from the carp streamer's stomach. Finding it empty, the two look out the back to see the bear flying away. They then chase it, and it soon stops. A strange little boy with a bowl-shaped hairstyle and a round white cap on his head, clad in a red bodysuit and carrying an axe, turns around and replies to them. When Ten asks what he's up to, the boy replies that he's lost. Lum then tells him she thinks she knows one of his kin, and offers to take him to her, much to the boy's delight. Meanwhile, Ataru and Shinobu are out walking together when Lum arrives, the bear crashing onto Ataru. She then presents the strange boy to Shinobu, but she and the boy both reply that they aren't related, even though Shinobu does look somewhat like him with her bowl-shaped hairstyle. Asking where he came from, the boy replies that he came from the sky. Suddenly Ataru comes upon another conclusion; he looks just like the legendary Kintaro, the Mighty Boy from a traditional Japanese folktale! Kintaro realizes he's hopelessly lost on Earth, and decides to fend for himself boldly...by robbing people. Lum stops him, but Kintaro frustratedly tells her he doesn't know what to do; as the many ceremonial carp streamers are misleading. But just then a shadow falls over the town, along with a roaring noise. It turns out to be a huge spaceship shaped like a carp streamer! A hatch opens up in the side, and a voice calls out for Kintaro. He responds, and out jumps a gorgeous lady wearing what looks like a slip with bedecked in fish scales. Overjoyed to see Kintaro again, she starts crying. The awestruck Ataru then offers her a handkerchief. She thanks him and tells them of her purpose: she's actually an alien daycare nanny who was taking Kintaro on a field trip of Earth. Her fear after losing Kintaro plus the stress of being new on the job caused her to break down. Ataru, never missing a chance to spend time with a pretty girl, offers to back with her into the ship and help out, as does the equally horny Ten. Ignoring Lum and Shinobu's warnings that he may wind up in a tight space (as normally happens), the two fly back up into the ship with Kintaro and the daycare nanny on the bear's back. The episode concludes with a visibly disgusted Ataru changing diapers on a bunch of unruly, grotesque alien toddlers.

summaries by Harley Acres & Andrew D. Johnson

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