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Urusei Yatsura
volume 9

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1981 Vol. 23 - 36
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 3 Number 7 - Part 4 Number 1
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 6 - 7

Chapter 81: 幼児たちよ、大志を抱け!!
Youjitachi yo, taishi o idake

(Children, Embrace Your Ambitions)
Kintaro, introduced last volume, returns to Earth with his class of space kids as a sightseeing field trip. But the sights Kintaro's teacher are showing are pretty mundane. The class decides to follow Mako (Ten's girlfriend) to her preschool class to see what Earth school is like. The Earth kids are taught all about the legend of Kintaro, but this actual Kintaro takes offense to being told that he does such dumb things. Ataru makes things worse and by telling a story that makes the children depressed about growing up. Kintaro decides to perk up the kids and asks them to follow him so that he can show them the secret to living an ideal life. After doing some research on Japanese folklore, he comes to the conclusion that he has to defeat an Oni to be famous, so he begins attacking Ten. When that doesn't pan out, he later teaches the kids that it's all about money. Being true to his name (which means gold boy) he starts mugging people for their money.

Chapter 82: ツバメさんとペンギンさん
Tsubame-san to pengin-san

(Ms. Swallow and Ms. Penguin)
Lum goes to school and gives Ten some alien candy if he'll be good and play by himself. Seeing the gross bugs that birds have to eat, he shares his candy with a mother swallow. Upon eating the candy the bird goes berserk and flies off. Later a penguin is found in school eating all the students food which leads to a chase. Apparently Ten's candy is so full of vitamins that it can make Earth creatures gargantuan. That big fat penguin is actually the swallow. The swallow is collecting food for her chicks, but is now too large to fly up to the nest. Ten's solution is to give candy to the chicks so that they can come to her.

Chapter 83: 三つ子の魂、百までも!
Mittsugo no tamashii, hyakku made mo
(Down the Right Path)
Once again, Lum's having trouble getting Ataru to spend time with her. She comes across Ataru's mother looking through old photos of him as a kid. At the same time she sees a TV program that explains how only birds raised properly from the time they're chicks will be loyal to their owners. This gives Lum an idea. Lum to goes back in time to find Ataru as a child. She observes how even as a kid he was always following around women. Even little girls like Shinobu weren't safe from him. To train him to only be faithful only to her, Lum attaches a doll of herself to Ataru that gives out electric shocks whenever he touches any girl but her. But young Ataru's too stupid and subborn to stop even after dozens of shocks. He overloads the doll and it explodes. Lum decides it's useless to train him this way.

Chapter 84: 女王陛下と愛のラガーマン!!
Joouheika to ai no ragaaman
(Her Ladyship and the Rugby Ball of Love)
An alien princess aboard her spacecraft decides she wants to rule the Earth. She and her crew decend onto an unsuspecting planet. Meanwhile Ataru's class is playing rugby. During the match the rugby ball gets mixed-up with another ball, only it's not a ball, but the alien spaceship. It seems these alien invaders are really tiny and the ship they fly around looks like a ball. The aliens are thrown around in the rugby match. To defend themselves they shrink down the Earthling leader, Ataru to their size and capture him within the ship. Seeing the beautiful princess, Ataru becomes far more dangerous to them than he was at a larger size. Lum is then shrinked down and finds Ataru holding onto the princess and deals out a massive electrical discharge. They're soon resized to their normal selves, and the aliens leave earth never to return.

Chapter 85: 原生動物の逆襲
Gensei doubutsu no gyakushuu

(Counterattack of the Primitive Organisms)
The 2-4 students are forced to clean Tomobiki High School's outdoor swimming pool. Ten keeps bothering the guys and they eventually retaliate against him. Backed into the pool wall, Ten breathes fire on the guys. Lum turns on the water to put the flaming students out, but Ten complains that he lost his alien candy in the pool (the same one that lead to all the troubles with the swallow a few chapters earlier). Just then the pool is filled with gigantic single-celled organisms. The monster organisms are pissed at the students trying to clean them out of the pool and attack the class, with riding them around the school.

Chapter 86: 住めば都
Sumeba miyako

(Home Is Where You Find It)
Mendo invites the UY gang (even Ran) to the poolside of one of his hotels. We find out that Ten is scared to swim, Sakura doesn't hesitate to beat the crap out Mendo for being a lech just because it's his pool, and that there's a well-mannered demon living at the bottom of the pool. That's where Lum finds Ataru, who's being served by the demon. The demon seems to preoccupied with being a good host to be aware that humans need air to breathe. Ataru tags Lum and goes up for air. The demon goes up and scares away all of the hotel guests. Mendo and the others go down to convince the demon to leave, but they find that it's hard to hold a conversation underwater. Eventually the demon packs up and leaves, but later shows up in Ataru's bathtub.

Chapter 87: 見合いコワし=その1=
Miai kowashi, sono 1

(Deranged Marriage - Part 1)
Lum's father visits his daughter on Earth and tells her to visit her home planet for a party. Ten finds out that it's for an omiai (arranged marriage) but Lum's father makes him promise to keep it a secret. Ten blabs anyway and Ataru, Sakura and Cherry find out that Lum is to be married off. Ataru knows Lum's loyal and so he isn't worried, but when he gets home and sees Lum is excited about the party he feels betrayed and starts venting towards Lum and Ten. Lum doesn't seem bothered though and flies off for her trip. With Lum gone, the next day Ataru seems to be the only calm one while the boys in his class are hysterical. Ataru finds out that Ten is going to the party too and follows him to his spaceship (which looks like a duck potty). Ataru gets in the ship, against Ten's wishes and they fly off to Lum's planet. Unfortunately for Ataru, the ship is extremely cramped and it's a long voyage.

Chapter 88: 見合いコワし=その2=
Miai kowashi, sono 2
(Deranged Marriage - Part 2)
This chapter marks the use of characters that came from a contest Takahashi had for readers of UY to submit their characters to be included in the manga. It continues from where the last part left off. Ataru and Ten are stranded in space since the ship isn't designed for more than one child. Meanwhile Lum is introduced by her father at the party to a host of bizarre male suitors. Lum's father keeps it to himself that this is a party to arrange a marriage for Lum. Lum herself is apparently unaware and thinks it's a normal party. Lum is accosted by various characters, including the Prince of the Underground (a guy who digs a lot of holes). Looking for a normal guy amongst these weirdos, Lum's father finds a unicorn boy named Uni and gets him to talk to Lum. They hit it off and Lum and Uni go off to get away from the party and talk some more. Uni however seems nervous and is looking out for his girlfriend who is hiding and spying on him together with Lum and feeling betrayed. Apparently Uni was only supposed to attend the party for appearances sake, but now he's getting close to Lum at a party to find a husband. A trio of masked figures appear and offer to join forces with the girl. Two of them turn out to be Ataru and Ten. But who's the third person?

Chapter 89: 見合いコワし=その3=
Miai kowashi, sono 3
(Deranged Marriage - Part 3)
The anti-engagement front (Ataru, Ten and a 3rd mystery person) and Uni's girlfriend, named Diana, plan their move to crash the party. During which Diana eats all the food. Ten goes out into the party for more food, but blabs to the waiter about the plan to disrupt the party and soon everybody knows. Lum's father asks Lum if she likes Uni. She says she likes him okay. Lum's father then announces to everyone that the two of them are now engaged. Which comes as a surprise to both Lum and Uni, neither of whom wanted this. After Diana cries out, the anti-engagement front is discovered and have to make an escape. Along with Lum, Uni, Ataru, Ten, Diana, The Price of the Underground and the mysterious stranger, they get away.

Chapter 90: 見合いコワし=その4=
Miai kowashi, sono 4
(Deranged Marriage - Part 4)
The gang have escaped down the hole. Uni and Diana are fighting, Lum is angry at her father for tricking her, and Ataru tags along still disguised so that Lum can't recognize him (and still crouching like a frog thanks to his time spent in Ten's tiny spaceship). The Prince of the Underground starts chasing Lum again, but then the masked stranger attacks him. The stranger removes its disguise to reveal a winged demoness named Prim who just happens to be the Prince's fiancé. Frogman Ataru chases after Prim, but then hits the Prince when he tries to take Lum away. He then goes back to groping Prim. From this familiar behavior, Lum begins to suspect who he is. The group goes around trying to escape and being chased by Lum's Father and his men. Lum soon confronts him about trying to trick her and tear lovers apart. He sees the error of his ways and everything's back as it should be. Back on Earth Ataru's still pretending he wasn't there with Lum, even though it's pretty obvious he was (he's still crouching like a frog).

Chapter 91: 生ゴミ、海へ
Namagomi, umi e
(Kitchen Waste Disposal, Into the Sea)
Ataru, Lum and Ten are off to the beach. Ataru's mom gives him the pool demon (who's been living in their bathtub) to throw out, like so much trash. At the beach Ataru goes off to see the demon off, but gets distracted seeing Sakura and Tsubame about to make out. Even Mendo, Ten, Shinobu and Lum spy on them, but are found out. Meanwhile a little boy walks across the beach with a box looking to drop off his pet "Pochi" that his parents don't want. The pool demon eats a picnic with the UY gang, trying to delay his abandonment, while getting everyone else depressed. Ataru puts the demon in a box with a message for whoever finds him to give him a good home. The little boy's box and the pool demon box get mixed up. The little boy, unable to abandon his pet "Pochi" runs off with the wrong box. Who's the pet left in other box? It's Cherry. No wonder the kid's parents wanted to get rid of him.

summaries by Mason Proulx


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