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Urusei Yatsura
volume 10

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1981 Vol. 28 - 44
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 4 Number 1 - 6
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 7

Chapter 92: 雨よ降れ降れ、もっと降れ!=その1=
Ame yo fure fure, motto fure - sono 1
(Rain, Rain, Go Away)
A girl named Tsuyuko comes to Tomobiki High School. It seems that she has been given a curse that whever she goes, it rains. She tells that her curse will be lifted if a man can love her. To remedy the curse Ataru goes on what becomes literally a very wet n' wild date with her.

Chapter 93: 雨よ降れ降れ、もっと降れ!=その2=
Ame yo fure fure, motto fure - sono 2
(Come Again Some Other Day)
We hear the story of Tsuyuko's rain curse. It turns out when her father was a boy he broke a promise to the rain demon Amefurashi to play with her, so she cursed him and in turn this cursed his daughter.

Chapter 94: 雨よ降れ降れ、もっと降れ!=その3=
Ame yo fure fure, motto fure - sono 3
(It's Raining, It's Pouring)
Amefurashi tries to wear down Ataru who might succeed in breaking the curse. Before she can finish him off, the Tsuyuko's father saves the day. But before Ataru can finally get a little closer to Tsuyuko, her family has to move away to a new town.

Chapter 95: パニックIn幽霊民宿
PANIIKU IN Yuurei Minshuku
(Panic in Ghost Inn)
Ataru, Lum, Shinobu and Mendo on vacation stay at an inn run by an elderly couple that likes to scare people and a weepy female ghost. The ghost is terrorized by the couple so the UY gang try to help her scare them out by dressing up as monsters. But that proves unsuccessful.

Chapter 96: わがまま幽霊
Wagamama yuurei
(Selfish Spirit)
They leave the inn for the beach. The ghost woman tags along with them. Throughout the day they run into Cherry, Sakura and Tsubame. At the end of the day the ghost returns to the inn.

Chapter 97: 海辺の怪
Umibe no kai
(The Horror of Party Beach)
The gang still on their beach vacation come to a huge watermelon with protection seals on it. It turns out to be some sort of melon god and it starts causing a rucus as soon as it awakens.

Chapter 98: 台風は楽し
Taifuu wa tanoshi

(Typhoons Are Fun)
A terrible typhoon storms through Tomobiki. The Moroboshi's have made the house completley watertight still it leaks through Ataru's ceiling. Lum uses this capsule device which has weird graviational effects on water. Later Ataru wakes up to find that because of Lum's capsule, the entire house is filled with wather, except for a pocket of air in the middle.

Chapter 99: 秘密指令”デートをのぞけ!”
Himishi rei "Deeto o no zoke!"
(Operation: Date Watch)
Sakura goes on a date with Tsubame, but the other students of Tomobiki-high following them hoping to catch them doing something juicy. They go to the graveyard where Tsubame raises his father from the dead to meet his fiance.

Chapter 100: 風イヤですね!
Kaze iya desu ne!
(That's Some Nasty Cold You've Got!)
When visiting his daughter Invader gives Lum a cold. Lum forces herself to wear a mask over her mouth. Ataru's classmates bribe him into getting Lum's mask for them so that they can get an indirect kiss via the mask. Her cold turns out to be highly contagious and anyone who had had contact with her skin or face mask had their own skin change to stripes and colours around the infected area.

Chapter 101: 翔んだドラキュラ
(Not Your Ordinary Dracula)
A pathetic has-been vampire calling himself Count Dracula seeks the blood of a beautiful girl and finds Lum. But his attempts to suck her blood are foiled. Later he is chased off by a crow who had beaten up on him earlier.

Chapter 102: 愛の献血運動
Ai no kenketsu undou
(Blood From A Stone)
Dracula sends his bat retainer to try and convince Lum to give him some blood. Lum refuses but Ataru agrees to help him find a girl to give blood if the bat will introduce him to another babe in return. The bat turns himself into a girl to fool Ataru into continuing the search.

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