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Urusei Yatsura
volume 11

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1981 Vol. 45 - 1982 Vol. 4
Published in English as:
Return of Lum Part 4 Number 7 - 11
Return of Lum Graphic Novel Vol. 8

Chapter 103: 薬口害
Kusuri kougai

(Side Effects)
Sakura makes medicinal pills which look like a candy drop and gives one to Lum and Shinobu. It will make whoever eats it fall in love and become enchanted by a person, and Lum gives it to Ataru. However, it makes Ataru act strangely to everything. Sakura later says that she made a mistake with the ingredients, it's a medicine that makes you lie.

Chapter 104: 苦しいときの神だのみ!!
Kurushii toki no kami nanomi!
(Not A Prayer)
Ataru's mom gives him an o-mamori for good luck on a test. But nobody knew its resident was a little man that looks like a god! He says he will help Ataru cheat. Unfortunately he is very annoying and gets Ataru in trouble many times. When he is forced to help Ataru, he decides to copy off Lum's doodle sheet.

Chapter 105: アマテラス宴会
Amaterasu enkai

(Here Comes the Sun)
Lum's class is doing a play about the legend of Amaterasu. The girl who is playing Amaterasu gets sick, and Ten brings back the stunningly beautiful real goddess to fill in her part. Lum and Ataru get carried away, and she hides in an inflatable cave. When Lum refuses to play her part, the original dancer, Uzume, arrives, followed by many other gods.

Chapter 106: 買い食い大戦争
Kaigui daisensou

(Food Fight)
The Tomobiki High faculty are all sick of kids ditching school at lunch to eat out. They decide to station themselves at the most popular lunch places in order to catch them red-handed. Ataru and his friends race from place to place in order to escape, but there turns out to be huge student VS teacher brawl afterwards.

Chapter 107: コピーdeデート!
Copy de date

(All of Me)
It's the return of Ran-chan! In yet another attempt to steal Ataru, Ran asks him out on a date. Lum makes an exact copy of him using a special gun. The copy, who has a dash by his head, is allowed to go out while the original stays with Lum. They both ditch Lum and go on dates with Ran and Shinobu, but Ran comes to the same solution, and by the end of the day, there are more Atarus than you'd ever imagine.

Chapter 108: 昔なつかし、ぐちれよパソコン!
Mukashi na tsukashi, guchire yo pasokon!
(The Good Old Days)
Ran, still mad at Lum for spoiling her plans, sends a pasokon -- a "personal control" guy -- to warp Ataru's mind. It looks like a badge, but Lum notices it after awhile. It cannot warp his mind much more than it already has been.

Chapter 109: おれのツノがない!?
Ore no tsuno ga nai!?
(Young Man Without A Horn)
Ataru knocks Ten's horn off in a fight. Ran finds it and mistakes it for Lum's. She gives her a seed that will supposedly make the horn grow back, but it actually makes a nasty cactus grow. Lum gives it to Ten and the plant grows. Ataru gives Ten the teasing of his life. Lum's horns stay normal as always, and Ran gives up after awhile. Just when Ten can't stand it any more, the now enormous plant falls off, revealing his new horn. Ten's powers are back and Ataru gets caught without a frying pan.

Chapter 110: 自習騒動
Jishuu soudou
(Study Hell)
Ten calls Rei back from his home planet to Tomobiki. Everyone who hasn't seen him before are terrified by the huge animal, and Mendo is shocked (along with the girls) when Rei turns into his humanoid form. Ran gives him her food, of course, and is ecstatic when he says it's delicious. He says that about Cherry's, too, though. Ran is sad when Rei still goes after Lum and keeps eating Ran's obentou, until he has to go home.

Chapter 111: 階段に猫がおんねん!
Kaitan ni neko ga o-n-ne-n!

(Two-Story Ghost Story)
It's a very cold day in Tomobiki, and only Ten spots the giant cat eating taiyaki in a deserted lot. He brings it back to the Moroboshi's house, where it attaches itself to Ataru's kotatsu. It "tells" the story of when it froze to death. The Kotatsuneko is a very kind and happy ghost cat, if you don't try to take the kotatsu away from it. Ataru learned this the hard way.

Chapter 112: 酔っぱらいブギ
Yopparai bugi

Ten comes to school during lunch break. Ataru gives both Lum and Ten an umeboshi (sour pickled plum) because there's no such thing on their planet. They both get completely drunk and out of control. Japanese often regard umeboshi as a remedy after drinking too much, but for oni it does the opposite. Ten goes crazy with his flames and Lum starts to glow. The teachers get involved and soon everyone is completely bombed!

Chapter 113: 忘年会じゃあ!
Bounenkai jaa!

(Year-End Party!)
Lum brings a type of real-life role playing game to school. The class goes through either a man or woman door, and they become whoever the clothes belong to on the other side. Ataru, Mendo, and Onsen-mark go exploring in a desert where they find a familiar looking genie with green hair. Ataru uses two of their 3 wishes on women (who run away), and when he is just about to wish a third time, Urashima Tarou (Onsen-mark) opens his box of youth and everything turns back to normal.

summaries by Akari Unryuu

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