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Urusei Yatsura
volume 12

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1982 Vol. 5 - 20
Published in English as:

Chapter 114: 面倒邸新年怪
Mendo Teishinnen-kai

(New Year Party at the Mendo Mansion)
Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu, Lum and Ten explore the maze-like and booby trap laiden Mendo family household. It turns out to be layed out like a giant parcheesi game with our five protagonists as the game pieces.

Chapter 115: 旅の雪ダルマ情話
Tabi no yuki daruma jiyou wa

(Tales of the Wandering Snowman)
A snowman crash lands on Earth. Ten tries to melt it with his fire breath but instead flaming Ataru who proceeds to beat up Ten. The snowman gets to thinking that Ataru is defending it so it follows him everywhere. It appears to Ataru one night under the illusion that it is a cute young girl which is when Ataru begins to pay attention. But to everyone else it looks like Ataru's playing with a snowman.

Chapter 116: 喫茶店の出入りを禁ず!!
Kiisa tenhe no deiri o kinzu
(Stay Out of Our Tea Shop!!)
The students of Tomobiki High play hookey and hang out at a newly opened tea shop nearby. The teachers start a war with the students in a tea shop causing the shop to eventually close up for good.

Chapter 117: 所持品検査だ!
Shojihin kensa da!
(Locker Inspection)
Lum brings a giant war robot to school to be her school bag and carry her stuff. The robot only wants war. The teachers meanwhile lead a spree of inspecting all lockers and confiscating students belongings. The war mongering robot tries to escalate the fight between students and teachers.

Chapter 118: 部外者ちん入
Bugaishachin niyuu
(That Old Class of Mine)
Lum has a reunion party in class. Benten, Oyuki and a lots of weird-looking aliens show up. Onsen-Mark seems to be the only one who wasn't let in on it and tries to get the principal to help him take action. The principal is unusually calm about the whole thing.

Chapter 119: 惑わじのバレンタイン!!
Madowaji no BARENTAIN
(Valentine's Deception)
It's Valentine's day in Tomobiki. Ataru is a bit worried that he hasn't gotten any valentines from the other girls. But when it seems even Lum has forsaken him, Ataru becomes depressed, especially after she gives one to Mendo. But later on, she surprises him with a giant valentine.

Chapter 120: 命かけます、授業中!!
Inochi kakemasu, jyukyauchuu

(Risking Life During Classtime)
Onsen-Mark fed up with his rambuctious class threatens detention to anyone who talks during class, no excuses. Ten comes for revenge against Ataru and his class buddies, but becomes really pissed off that everyone is ignoring him. Ten's full fury of tricks are unleashed upon the class while everyone else tries to keep quiet for fear of detention.

Chapter 121: 面堂兄弟!!=その1=
Mendo kyoudai - sono 1

(Mendo Brother and Sister - Part 1)
Ryoko, Shuutaro Mendo's manipulative sister is introduced in this story. It soon becomes evident that sadism and practical jokes are her trademarks.

Chapter 122: 面堂兄弟!!=その2=
Mendo kyoudai - sono 2

(Mendo Brother and Sister - Part 2)
To aggrivate her brother, Ryoko arranges a Romeo and Juliet-type rendevous with Ataru Moroboshi. Ataru goes through all kinds of peril to get to her as Lum and Mendo with his black-glasses wearing servants try to stop him.

Chapter 123: セーラー服よ、こんにちは!
Seeraafuku yo, konnichi wa!

(Hello Sailor Suits!)
Ryoko's kuroko come into the Moroboshi home and perform a marionette play which serves as an invitation to Ataru. Every morning since then, Ataru visits Ryoko, but he is beginning to act strange, almost lifeless. Later we find that Ryoko and her school friends have been using Ataru as a ginea pig for hypnosis experiments.

Chapter 124: テンからの贈り物!!
Ten kara no okurimono!

(A Present From Ten)
Lum, Ran, Shinobu and Ran are all having a chat at a local cafe. Ten takes out a little ball with an eye on it which is supposed to tell you who your destined mate is. The girls each try it. Lum sees Rei, Ran sees Ataru, Shinobu sees Tsubame and Sakura sees both Mendo and Ataru. The guys show up and soon all hell breaks between them. But we soon find out that these catchballs were the wrong kind.

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