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Urusei Yatsura
volume 13

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1982 Vol. 15 - 29
Published in English as:

Chapter 125: スーパー武蔵、天までダッシュ!!
Suupaa Musashi, tenmade datsushiyu!

(Super Musashi!)
The cast of Urusei Yatsura are placed in the early 1600's into a parody of Japanese samurai movies and mostly the historical tale of Miyamoto Musashi one of the most reknowned Japanese warriors of all time. Onsen-Mark is the vagabond Musashi who aspires to be famous, Ataru is a cattle and food thief and Lum is his alien wife, and Mendo is the wandering samurai Kojirou. This part begins the Musashi story to be continued in the next two chapters.

Chapter 126: 武蔵、ただいま修行中!!
Musashi, tadaima shugyochou

(Musashi, In Training!!)
Still in the Musashi tale, Ataru is travelling all over Japan stealing food. Lum, Cherry and Ten are on a hunt for him but soon they become his accomplices. Sakura's character, her sister played by Shinobu, Mendo and Onsen-mark have all become fugitives along with Ataru.

Chapter 127: ダメッ子武蔵、男やないか!!
Dametsuko Musashi otoko yanaika!!

(Bad Boy Musashi, You're No Man!!)
Ataru is still on the loose sampling famous foods from all the major areas of Japan. The party of travellers are hunting Ataru all over Japan. To raise money they become an intinerant circus troup. They eventually part ways, and then find each other once again.

Chapter 128: 柳精翁の恐怖!?
Ryuuseiou no Kyofu!?

(Terror of the Willow Ghost!?)
Onsen-Mark tells the students of a vengeful tree spirit that resides in a tree in the schoolyard which came out when students tried to deface it. Ataru carves a diagram which has an octopus face crying "waan! kurai yo, semai yo, kowai yo!!"(obviously ridiculing Mendo). Out comes an old looking spirit with the same diagram on his back looking to have his revenge and of course Mendo isn't too happy to see this old man insulting his family honour.

Chapter 129: テン敵
Ten toki

(Ten's Big Moment)
Ten's really tired of being bullied by Ataru. Cherry gives him what are supposed to be strengtening wooden shoes but they only prove to be too heavy for Ten to move properly. So it becomes even easier for Ataru to pick on him. Lum gives him restraints which are supposed to help but only make matters worse.

Chapter 130: 化石の僻地
Kaseki no hekichi

(Jurassic Picnic)
Lum, Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo and Ten are having a picnic in the mountains, which happen to be Cherry's training grounds. Ten and Lum uncover a lot of fossils. Lum brings the bunch of fossils to life which makes a really freaky looking creature. Ten rides him all over the hills running into a group of documentary TV crew searching for the mysterious monk of the mountains. Cherry and the fossil creature lead them on a chase.

Chapter 131: 虫歯WARS!!
Mushipa uaazu

(Toothache Wars)
Alien toothaches are actuall contagious. Ten gets one and bites Ataru because he teases him. Now Ataru has a toothache and finds out that it'll go away if you bite 5 people. Then all hell breaks loose. Lum wants to help, but Ataru's afraid that Lum's cure could be worse than the disease.

Chapter 132: 湯船に浮かぶ銭の花を流せ!!
Yubune ni ukabu zeni no hana o nagase
(Money Laundering)
Ataru gets a part-time job at an alien bathouse in a weird part of town that appears to be within an alien dimension. He tries to look over to the women's side but Lum blocks his path. Ataru finds a way to swim to the other side, but his luck doesn't exactly change for the better.

Chapter 133: 夫婦ゲンカ始末記
Fuufuu genka shimatsusa

(Husband and Wife Fundemental Mangement)
Lum's father gets kicked out of the house/ship by his wife. He lodges with the Moroboshi's who find him to be a major pain in the neck, but since he's such an intimidating figure everyone's too nervous to object. He lectures Ataru's class about what it means to be a man, but spends much of the time getting his marital frustrations off his chest. Lum's mom shows up and gives him a good beating.

Chapter 134: タヌキが”ツルの恩返し”
Tanuki ga "tsuru no angaeshi"

(The Greatful Raccoon)
Ataru helps a crane out of a bear trap, but it turns out to be a racoon named Oshima. Oshima secretly follows him home to return the favor, just like in an old fairy tale "The Grateful Crane". The raccoon tries to repay Ataru, but he's good for nothing and just becomes a nuiscance.

Chapter 135: 面堂家仮面ぶとう会
Mendoke kamen-butou-kai

(Mendo Household Masquerade Ball/War)
Ryoko holds a masquerade ball, which turns out to have nothing to do with dancing, but rather a martial arts competition in which everyone is given silly masks and weapons of choice. The prize is a kiss from Ryoko. It then becomes a violent free-for-all as the whole cast start beating each other up with hammers, clubs, axes, swords and more

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