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Urusei Yatsura
volume 14

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1982 Vol. 26 - 37
Published in English as:

Chapter 136: クラマ再び!!
Kurama futatabi!!

(Kurama Again!!)

After a 12 volume hiatus, Kurama returns to Urusei Yatsura. This time she has put her self to sleep again in hopes of catching herself a better man. Lum, Ataru, Mendo and Shinobu find her in the woods when playing tennis. Both Ataru and Mendo try to kiss her, but Ataru gets the advantage and awakens her. But upon waking up Kurama sees Mendo standing over her and is under the impression that it was he who kissed her. She's very pleased, but ignorance is bliss.

Chapter 137: 口づけと共に契らん!!
Kuchi zuketo toma ni chigiran
(Seal It With A Kiss)
Kurama comes to Tomobiki High School to take Mendo so that they can begin mating right away. Mendo gets a bit edgy to be put on the spot like this. The tengu go to great lengths to keep the others from blabbing that Ataru was the one who awoke her, but Kurama finds out eventually.

Chapter 138: 掟、おさらば!!
Okite, osamaga
(Goodbye Rules!!)
Kurama is in a very bad mood knowing she's still stuck with Ataru. Kurama questions the reasons for the stupid Tengu laws. She finds out that there isn't really isn't any good reason for the law (other than the first elder's sentimental idiocy) and so she decides to defy it. Mendo and Kurama decide to be together until she finds out about his phobia.

Chapter 139: ビン詰めの誘惑!!
Binzume no yuuwaku
(Message In a Bottle)
The gang goes to the seashore. Each of the boys find bottled messages from a woman but it seems more like the messages keep finding them. Ataru, Mendo and Ten meet the beautiful woman who convinces them to stay at a strange clam-shaped inn. It appears from the behaviour of the old woman who runs it and the gigantic man looking in on them that they are plotting something.

Chapter 140: 食べれば恐怖!!
Tabereba sasupensu!!

(If You Can Stomach the Suspense)
It's revealed that the old bag, the large man and the woman are all cannibals conspiring to eat our beloved gang. Needless to say, things get a bit hairy.

Chapter 141: 校内賭博球技大会
Kounai tobaku kyougitaikai

(The Campus Baseball War)
During a baseball game, that goofball Tobimaro Mizunokoji comes to Tomobiki High. After Ryoko shows up, it is revealed that she has deep affections for Tobimaro since childhood (however dangerous they are to Ton-chan). Tobimaro has a baseball match with Mendo and his classmates but Ryoko gets her kuroko to cheat and make him win the game. But at the end it was all just a set up by Ryoko to get everyone into a trap.

Chapter 142: 辛いキャンプに明日はない!!
Karai kyanpu ni asunahai!!
(The Strict Camping Trip!!)
Ataru and his classmates go camping. Lum serves them her campfire cooking but Ataru who knows better won't eat any of her cuisine. The other boys try some but are less than happy when they taste Lum's pungeant and increadibly spicy alien cooking. So in secrecy Ataru, Mendo and the others try and find something more edible but their food supplies have bee raided. They find the rabbit who ate all their stash and are going to eat him, but he bargains for his life by offering to help them find food.

Chapter 143: 桃源郷奇談!!
Toukenkyou kidan!!

(Adventures in Shangri-la!!)
Still camping in the woods they find a giant peach floating in the river (reminiscent of the tale of Momotaro). They open it up to find Cherry. Cherry leads them to a bunch of priests who seem they are about to sacrifice a woman to the evil peach monster. The UY gang end up having a race to defeat the so-called peach monster, but it was only an excuse for the priests to gamble.

Chapter 144: 三人サクラ浮気の構図
San nin Sakura uwaki no kozu

(A Little Bit of Sakura)
At the beach Ten is using a little wand which turns his sand castle into a real one. Ataru gets an idea. He along with Mendo and Ten make three figures out of sand that look like Sakura and bring them to life. Later Tsubame shows up and sees Sakura seemingly flirting with Mendo, Ataru and Ten on seperate occasions. As usual he gets the wrong idea. Lum, Shinobu, Tsubame and even Sakura herself try to put a stop to it.

Chapter 145: デートとイルカと海辺の浮気
Deeto to iruka to umebe no uwaki
(I Want a Date By the Fickle Sea)
At the beach, Lum is having a hard time with Ataru. She meets a dolphin who wants to meet pretty girls. Lum gives him an earring that makes him shape-shift into a handsome man. Lum gets him to pose with her so that Ataru might get jealous. It does succeed, but only temporarily.

Chapter 146: みんなで海をきれいにしよう!
Minna de ume o kirei nishora!
(Cleaning Up the Ocean!)

The gang is still at the beach (like many Japanese beaches this one is full of trash). The boys want to chase girls in the water, but Lum and Shinobu put a special sunscreen on Ataru and Mendo that makes it impossible for them to float. They meet a woman and a strange guy in a sunhat floating in the water who give them inner tubes to float with. Ataru and Mendo chase girls around which because of the special inner tubes given to them, it happens to gather up trash so that the weird couple can clean it up. After they take away the tubes, Ataru and Mendo both sink and see that the woman is a mermaid and the man is really a Dappya monster.

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