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Urusei Yatsura
volume 15

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1982 Vol. 38 - 48
Published in English as:

Chapter 147: 激闘、父子鷹!!
Gekitou, oyako daka!!
(Fierce Fighting Family)
This installment marks the introduction of who would become one of the more prominent major characters of Urusei Yatsura, Ryuunosuke Fujinami. Lum, Ataru, Shinobu and Mendo are at the end of their beach vacation when things are starting to get cold. They meet a father and son who run a beachside teashop 'Hamachaya' all year round, even when it becomes too cold and no one visits the beach. The two of them have a disfunctional relationship and keep getting into fights with one another every few minutes. Mr. Fujinami wants Ryuunosuke to take over the teashop, but Ryuunosuke seems to hate the idea. Soon we find out that the "son" Ryuunosuke isn't a boy, but a girl who's turned out manly because her father wanted a boy so much, he raised her as one. As soon as they discover her true gender, Ataru and Mendo are suddenly willing to help. After Fujinami and son knock each other out with a cross-counter punch, they awaken to find that they've been chained to the adjoining walls of the teashop. The UY gang chained them so that they'd settle down and talk things through without getting violent. But this just serves to anger them more and the Fujinamis rip the chains out of the support beams and bring down the entire teashop in the ensuing fight.

Chapter 148: セーラー服よ、コンにちは!!
Seeraa fukuyo, KONnichiwa!!

(Hello Sailor Suit [Fetish])
In the last story, the Fujinamis destroyed their teashop in a fight. They both move to Tomobiki to run the student store at Tomobiki High School. Here they will live from now on until they've earned enough money to re-open the teashop. Mr. Fujinami has enrolled Ryuunosuke as a male student at the school. Her biggest desire is to be feminine, so she battles her father for the right to wear a girl's uniform. But because of Ataru's meddling, she loses. Ryuunosuke is introduced as a new student in the 2-4 homeform wearing a boy's uniform. All of the girls in class have gotten a crush on Ryuunosuke and the boys take decisive measures to counter this unexpected turn of events. They mug Mr. Fujinami for a sailor suit and give it to Ryuunosuke. But Ryuunosuke, who's a (wo)man of honour vows that she will not wear the suit until the day she defeats her father.

Chapter 149: ブルマーを求めて!!
Burumaa o motomete

(Seek Out the Gym Shorts)
Ryuunosuke's teachers and father discuss what will become of her during gym class. Only Onsen-Mark seems to object but she's put in with the boys group, even though she's a girl. Ryuunosuke tries to buy girls gym shorts, but her father bribes Kotatsuneko to keep her from doing so. Instead she gets a judo outfit, since the boys will be practising judo next class. Her father promises that Ryuunosuke can have girls gym shorts if she is able to defeat the entire boys class. The boys all seem happy they'll be able to wrestle and cop a feel off of Ryuunosuke. During the judo session, the guys all ambush Ryuunosuke at once, but Mendo steps in and protects her. Ryuunosuke just uses the opportunity to take him down. She fights off the rest of the boys without much trouble. Ataru is the only one standing and proves much more problematic for Ryuunosuke since Ataru's grabbing maneuvers are a lot more lewd, disabling the opponent by totally grossing her out. She knocks out Ataru, and wins her battle but her father refuses to show himself and give Ryuunosuke the shorts he promised. Just then Ataru comes back and downs Ryuunosuke. Only then does her father pop out and declare her the loser.

Chapter 150: 蘭は女の香り=その1=
Ran ha onna no kaori, zenpen

(Ran, the Scent of a Woman - Part 1)
Ryuunosuke wakes up to find her father has been up preparing things all morning. He's acting unusually nice to her, and then she finds out why. While she slept, he embroidered the word "otoko" (MAN) on her school uniform. Ryuunosuke is furious to say the least, but her father puts paralysis powder in her food so that she can't put up a proper fight. She gets beat up and has to get to class wearing the mark of manhood on her shirt. While stumbling out the door, she meets Ran. The encounter makes an impression on Ryuunosuke and she begins to idolize Ran since she seems like the most feminine girl she's ever met. Of course Ryuunosuke doesn't realise that it's an act. Finding out that she's Lum's friend, Ryuunosuke asks her for Ran's address and phone number. The guys think Ryuunosuke must be lesbian and they send in Mendo to try to turn her straight. Ryuu just punches him away and declares she has no interest in guys. This seems to confirm what everyone was thinking. Ryuunosuke actually wants to ask out Ran so that she can teach her how to be feminine. Ran doesn't know that Ryuu is a woman and believes that Lum is jealous of her and Ryuunosuke. So she accepts to go on a date with her just to spite Lum.

Chapter 151: 蘭は女の香り=その2=
Ran ha onna no kaori, kouhen

(Ran, the Scent of a Woman - Part 2)
Ran and Ryuunosuke go on their date. Ataru finds out about this date and wants to put a stop to it. Lum accompanies him and somehow is able to turn it into a date of her own. The two couples meet up and end up double-dating, even though Lum only wanted to be alone with Ataru. Ryuunosuke makes a fool out of herself trying to incorrectly mimic Ran's girlishness and inquiring about female secrets, and Ran just thinks Ryuu must be a pervert. By the end of the date they end up rowing boats on the lake. Ataru tries to interfere, Ran comes on to Ryuu to make Lum jealous, Lum is doing her best to stop Ataru and Ryuunosuke is trying to observe and take notes from Ran. Even so Ryuunosuke learns nothing about being feminine.

Chapter 152: 努力、女の道!!
Doryoku, onna no michi

(Hardship, the Path of Womanhood)
Ryuunosuke tries to show her father that she knows how to eat like a woman (doesn't do a very good job of it though) but her father counters by showing he can copy women's manners too and that any man can badly mimic a women's behavior to get a laugh. Ryuu goes to class discouraged. Ataru convinces her that women don't make fists which Ryuunosuke never considered before. Ataru offers to help her. According to him, since he's more girl-crazy than anyone, he can best teach her the ways of being a woman. Then again Mendo claims the same thing and the two begin to argue. Lum and Shinobu claim that only girls can help in this department, but then they start arguing too about who's more qualified. Ataru takes Ryuunosuke away from the bickering girls and tries to get her to say "atashi" (female way of saying "I") but Ryuu gets embarassed and punches Ataru again. Since she shouldn't make fists, Ataru puts shackles on her so that she can't use her arms. Her and Mendo try to get her to say "atashi" again, but she can't do it. The two guys then show her how easy it is, and begin talking like girls. Ataru tries to take advantage of her in shackles saying that girls can't use their fists, but Ryuunosuke just retaliates using a headbutt and flying kick. They come to the conclusion that Ryuunosuke has done too much fighting growing up to stop her old habits. Her father shows up and Ryuunosuke argues with him about
how she no longer wants to be like a man. Telling Ryuu that her tears finally got through to him, Mr. Fujinami decides to let her know the truth. He turns around and announces that he was once a woman! Thank god it's a lie. But still, the whole class becomes white-haired suffering from mass mental breakdown from the shock.

Chapter 153: 女の証明!
Onna no shoumei!

(Proof of Womanhood)
Mr. Fujinami walks in on Ryuunosuke changing and they begin to fight throwing large objects. Ten who's nearby becomes curious and gets hit by a flying desk that Ryuu threw. Ten who has never met her before wants revenge after he sees her in class, and tries to breathe fire on her, but the other boys keep getting in the way. The students try to convince him that she's a woman. Ten doesn't buy it especially after he feels her chest to be flat. To prove to him that she's female, Ryuunosuke brings Ten with her to convince him, and the other boys try to follow to peep on her. She changes and gets rid of the wrapping around her chest. She then allows Ten to nuzzle himself into her bosom. Ten's convinced, but then her father comes with a cushion in his shirt trying to pretend that Ryuunosuke has done the same thing.

Chapter 154: 絵画はスポーツだ!
Kaiga wa supootsu da!!

(Art is A Sport)
The 2-4 class has gone on an art field trip to draw zoo animals. They are assigned to use a weird-looking ostrich named Yotaro as the model. But the class insults its appearance and soon find out how increadibly vain the ostrich is. The teacher pressures them to finish, but none of the students can draw him because he keeps leading them on a chase, or tries to destroy any pictures that are realistically unflattering. To make sure their art isn't destroyed again and are allowed to pass the class, the students band together to make individual pieces that when put together, makes one giant picture that makes Yotaro look as ugly as the art teacher wants him to.

Chapter 155: 花婿、それは女!!
Hanamuko, sona wa onna!!

(My Groom is A Girl!!)
With that rule forcing her to mate with Ataru abolished, Kurama is still looking for a man. But a good man is seeming more and more impossible to find for her. Finally her subjects pick out Ryuunosuke to Kurama's satisfaction. The tengu meet her and find Ryuunosuke to be a perfect man in every way, but then they find out that she's a woman. They decide not to tell their princess and later Kurama comes to meet Ryuunosuke.

Chapter 156: あたる、女へ!!
Ataru, onna e!!

(Lady Ataru!!)
The tengu have a multitude of technology that would allow them to change Ryuunosuke into a man. But she refuses. They take a sex-change cannon to school to change her whether she wants it or not. Instead it hits Ataru, but he doesn't seem to have changed. But when in class everyone soon discovers to great horror that Ataru's chest has grown quite a bit it becomes evident that he has become a woman. Ryuunosuke volunteers to get her sex changed just so the tengu will agree to change him back, but Ataru destroys the gun.

Chapter 157: 性転のヘキレキ!!
Seiten no he kireki!!

(Sex-Change Chaos!!)
The tengu are still bugging Ryuunosuke to become a man, Kurama still doesn't know her secret and Ataru's still a woman. The tengu give Ryuunosuke lozenges that make her hiccup uncontrollably and therefore unable to speak just so she can't explain to Kurama. Kurama tries to kiss Ryuunosuke and then her father shows up with a new sex-change gun, with the purpose of using it on his daughter. Fighting with her father the losenge gets spit back out and Ryuunosuke is able to explain things to Kurama, who's understandably stunned. The tengu try to use the gun on Ryuunosuke, but hit Ataru instead, turning him back into a man.

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