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Urusei Yatsura
volume 16

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1982 Vol. 49 - 1983 Vol. 9
Published in English as:

Chapter 158: 晩秋、そしてまつたけ!!
Banshuu ... soshite ma-tsu-ta-ke
(Autumn of... Matsutake)
The whole class has a big sukiyaki eating party where each person brings an ingredient. Cherry shows up with some matsutake mushrooms which get added to the pot. These mushrooms aren't the regular variety and have strange side effects that cause many of the characters to put on weird performances in front of everyone.

Part 159: 妖怪徳利!!
Youkai dekkuri
(The Demon Bottle)
Ataru, Ten, Lum and Kotatsuneko vist Sakura's home. Ten finds a jar on Sakura's altar making a lot of noise and takes it. Sakura and Cherry are worried when they find it missing since it contained an evil sake drinking spirit. Flying over Tomobiki, Lum drops the jar. It lands through the roof of the school and into the student store where Onsen-mark and Mr. Fujinami are having a little meeting over food and sake. Mr. Fujinami, Onsen-mark and the spirit start up a drinking party.

Chapter 160: 母子断絶火事模様=その1=
Hahako danzetsu kajimoyou, sono 1

(My Mom the Firefighter - Part 1)
Ten's mother comes to visit him. She's a female firefighter who seems like a nice person but to Ten she one scary lady. Especially since she is obsessed to an agressive level with fighting fire and her son has a little fire breathing habit. When she's around, Ten becomes well behaved but very nervous since he's deathly afraid of her. She gives him a tiny bell and mallot to hit in case of fire. Ringing the bell causes Ten's mother to storm in with a flash flood of water. Ataru uses the bell to his advantage so that he can tease Ten.

Chapter 161: 母子断絶火事模様=その2=
Hahako danzetsu kajimoyou, sono 2
(My Mom the Firefighter - Part 2)
Ten's living hell continues as his mother lodges with the Moroboshis and Ataru is using her to pick on him. He tries to get revenge on Ataru many times, but it always flies back in his face not to mention the serious water damage to Tomobiki High School. Part

Chapter 162: 愛◆ダーリンの危機!!
Ai Daalin no kiki!!
(My Love, Darling's Peril!!)
Ran makes some cupcakes for Rei which seem to be many times more filling compared to regular ones. Ataru eats one and falls unconscious and it looks like he may die. Lum sticks a remote monitor on him and leaves to track down Ran who she finds with Rei through a subspace warp hole.

Chapter 163: クリスマスツリーわいわいパーティー!!
Kurisumasu chirii waiwai paatee!!
(Noisy Christmas Tree Party)
Ryoko convinces her brother to help her host a grand Christmas party. Nearly everyone they know gets invitations and come as couples. To get to the party at the top of the tower, they must pair up, chained to each other, and climb a gigantic Christmas tree using hand held claws.

Chapter 164: 家宝は寝て待て!!
Kahou wa nete mate!!
(The Treasure Awaits!)
Shuutaro Mendo's great-grandfather sends him on a quest to find the Mendo Mask. Out of the blue, the rest of the UY gang show up to take part of the treasure hunt. After following the map all over the estate, they wind up back where they started right by Mendo's great-granfather's bed. That's when they find out that he'd been wearing the mask all along but was too senile to see it.

Chapter 165: 竜之介一家団らん!!
Ryuunosuke ichi kadanran
(Ryuunosuke's Family Outing)
The entire 2-4 class is going on a ski trip, but Ryuunosuke hasn't been in class for a long time. That's because Ryuunosuke and her father are stuck in a cabin on the snowy mountains seemingly in training. While Mr. Fujinami in karate garb, with a full beard and long hair is practising his moves against a bunch of snowmen, Ryuunosuke tries to leave him behind and find civilization. They later meet up with the rest of the UY gang and cause a big commotion. Mr. Fujinami uses a special sneak-attack technique that allows him to reverse himself in his clothes without his opponent being aware of it.

Chapter 166: 怒りのラムちゃん!!
Ikari no Ramu-chan
(Wrathful Lum-chan)
Lum knits Ataru a beautiful scarf. But while fighting Ataru, Ten accidentally burns the scarf with his breath. Lum isn't really angry with Ten but he sure thinks so. Throughout the day he avoids Lum but runs into Cherry, Mendo, Ryuunosuke and her father, and Sakura on seperate occasions.

Chapter 167: さらば温泉マーク!!
Saraba Onsen-Maaku
(Farewell, Onsen-Mark)
Onsen-mark plans to stop the students who will try to skip school during the endurance race. Mostly he's concerned about Ataru who keeps eluding his discipline while Ataru is concerned about Onsen's constant attempts at discipline. Students try to go off track, while teachers disguised as mailboxes, phone poles, storefront raccoons, etc. catch them. After a while only Ataru is left who then must battle against Onsen-Mark.

Chapter 168: うちらの節分ケンカ祭りだっちゃ!!
Uchira no Setsubun kenka matsuri datcha!
(The Setsubun War Festival)
Benten returns to earth for yet another Setsubun match with Lum. Lum thinks back to how last time, Benten used Ataru against her since he wasn't an Oni. But Lum knows how to correct this. She uses an adheasive to glue oni horns to Ataru's head making Ataru an honourary oni, which means Benten is now against him. Ataru uses the horns on Onsen-Mark, Mendo and other classmates also making them Benten's enemies. Now it's a battle between the horned classmates along with Lum and the hornless classmates along with Benten.

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