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Urusei Yatsura
volume 18

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1983 Vol. 21 - 32
Published in English as:

Chapter 180: 惑星教師CAO-2
Kosumo teiichaa shii ee ou tsuu
(Cosmo Teacher CAO-2) Lum, Ran, Benten and Oyuki are sitting in a teashop reminiscing about their childhood days. Then the subject of their horrible old robot teacher CAO-2 comes up which drags up a whole lot of bad memories about how the four of them would always come up with schemes to rid themselves of their tyrannical teacher, but would always end up getting a lot of corporal punishment (excepting Oyuki). Ataru and Mendo pop up and join in the conversation. While they were talking, CAO-2 had escaped his emprisonment by the four girls and was heading for earth.

Chapter 181: 無我の妙薬!!
Muga no myou yoku!!
(The Disembodiment Potion!!)
Cherry makes a strange taiyaki and tries to give it to Sakura. But she's wise to his tricks and sends him off. Cherry gives it to Kotatsunkeo who is also wise to Cherry so he gives half of it to Ataru. After Ataru eats it, he falls asleep and Kotatsuneko drags him home. Later that night Ataru's spirit leaves his body and he decides to use it to his advantage. Ataru first spies on Sakura taking a bath and then tries to sleep in the same bed with Shinobu, but each time he's found out. Later everyone comes to his house and intervenes to stop this micheivious ghostly Ataru.

Chapter 182: トンちゃんの駆け落ち!
Ton-chan no kakeochi!
(Ton-chan's Elopement!)
Tobimaro Mizunokoji and his mule come to Tomobiki High to challenge Mendo. Yet Ryoko finds out beforehand and comes by the class to have a little fun. She makes all of the guys in class put on octopus masks to fool Tobimaro. Then she tries to confront Tobimaro and fools everyone into thinking that he wants to elope with her. Mendo finally agrees to let them elope together, and so Tobimaro is dragged away against his will. Still even though she gets her man, Ryoko quickly ditches Tobimaro in an alley.

Chapter 183: 夜を二人で!!
Yoru o futari de

(A Night Alone)
Ataru's parents are going on a little trip together. That means Ataru will be alone with Lum all night. Lum is ecstatic, Ataru is very worried. She makes him her specialty, but the other guys from class show up. Apparently having heard about Lum and Ataru's situation. Lum just wants some time alone with Ataru, but the other guys from class keep interrupting. Eventually Lum succeeds.

Chapter 184: あこがれを胸に!!=その1=
Akogare o mune ni!! sono 1

(Longing For A Bust!! - Part 1)
This story marks the introduction of Soban. Shinobu is being followed by a group of punks trying to take her picture, she clings to Ryuunosuke for protection. At the same time Ryuunosuke tells Shinobu of her troubles of trying to get a bra. She wants one more than anything, but can't afford it. The punks approach Shinobu the next day telling her they're representing their leader Soban who has feelings for her. Shinobu is almost flattered, until she sees his picture. He's an ugly, gigantic, big-lipped, beady-eyed galoot with a personality to match. Shinobu convinces Ryuunosuke to stage a mock date with her, pretending to be her boyfriend so that Soban's gang will back off. You can be sure that Ataru will try to interfere.

Chapter 185: あこがれを胸に!!=その2=
Akogare o mune ni!! sono 2

(Longing For A Bust!! - Part 2)
Shinobu and Ryuunosuke go on their date, but Ryuunosuke had made a deal with Soban's flunkies. If she'll pose with Shinobu for pictures on their date, then they will give Ryuunosuke a bra. So she tries different things but Shinobu just ends up getting mad at Ryuunosuke while Ataru keeps getting in the way trying to bribe her with another bra. Soon Soban himself shows up trying to chase down Shinobu. In the confusion with Ataru, Soban, Mr. Fujinami and others, both brassieres are destroyed in the end.

Chapter 186: ミス友引コンテスト;予備選
Misu Tomobiki kontesuto; Yobisen

(Miss Tomobiki Contest: Prelude)
First part of one of the most wild and crazy storylines to date. During class Ataru and his chums are holding a secret poll as to who are the best girls in the school. Onsen-Mark catches them and exposes their little game. The principal comes in and soon becomes pretty gung-ho about the idea to have a schoolwide beauty pageant with Ataru as the main orginizer. Things move quickly from then on as the nominations come in. Soon there are 9 girls as candidates for Miss Tomobiki. But first they must test their strength to qualify. By the end there are five girls. Lum, Ran, Shinobu, Ryuunosuke and Sakura. Ryuunosuke's father tries to stop his daughter from compeating. But when he hears the grand prize is 150 000 yen, he decides to let her enter.

Chapter 187: ミス友引コンテスト;本選
Misu Tomobiki kontesuto; Honsen

(Miss Tomobiki Contest: Preliminary Round)
The day of the contest has come. The whole school is gathered in the gymnasium which has been transformed into a wrestling arena. In the center ring is gathered Lum, Sakura, Ran, Ryuunosuke and Shinobu all in their trademark outfits and Ataru as the announcer and referee. After he introduces each of the gals, they have to undergo silly skill testing competitions. In the midsts of a argument between Mendo and Ataru before the swimsuit competition, Ran sneaks off to Lum's dressing room. There Ran takes Lum's swimsuit and makes a slight cut in the brassiere. By doing so, Ran plans to get revenge by humiliating Lum having her bikini tear open in front of the whole school. Just then Lum and Ryuunosuke enter to get ready for the next round. Ryuunosuke is about to put on the swimsuit her father bought for her, but it turns out to be a pair of men's swimming trunks. Now Ryuunosuke sinks into depression. Each of the girls enter the ring for the swimsuit competion. But as Lum enters Ran is dismayed to see that she's wearing a different suit. It so happens that at that very moment Ryuunosuke is still in her dressing room, about to put on the swimsuit that Lum leant to her...the one Ran sabotaged.

Chapter 188: ミス友引コンテスト;水着審査
Misu Tomobiki kontesuto; Mizugi shinsa
(Miss Tomobiki Contest: Swimsuit Competion)
Ran discusses the change in attire with Lum, trying to figure out why her plan failed. Meanwhile Ryuunosuke having just put on the bottom of the swimsuit is about to wear the bikini top. Then out of nowhere her father pops up and steals the bikini top and runs out into the arena. Even with her chest wrapping half undone, she chases after her father into the open and fights him for it in the center ring. Soon she loses her wrapping too and is topless in front of the whole school. Sakura comes to her rescue and the bikini top rips shortly after. Ryuunosuke decides to just wear her chest wrap and so now with that out of the way, the competition is ready to start. Ataru has the girls fitted for wrestling boots, although neither of them seem to understand what it has to do with a swimsuit competition. Ran decides to increase her chances of winning by sucking the youth out of her rivals. She kisses Shinobu, Ryuunosuke and Sakura on the lips, causing them to have a total conniption. Just then the doors swing open and out comes a group of mean looking beasts. A bear, snake, lion, gorilla and tiger all ready for battle. That's when the girls realize that this isn't a mere beauty contest... it's a tag-team wrestling match. Too bad Ran just sucked the strength out of her partners.

Chapter 189: ミス友引コンテスト;戦う女たち
Misu Tomobiki kontesuto; Tatakara onnatachi

(Miss Tomobiki Contest: Fighting Females)
The wrestling match begins. Lum is able to do pretty well with her specialty electrical flying kicks, but the rest of her teammates are too weakened to hold their own. Soon Sakura is entagled by the snake while the gorilla tries to give her a smooch, Shinobu is being bullied by the bear, Ryuunosuke is losing against the tiger and Ran is having similar luck with the Lion. It's a real free-for-all and it seems that our heroines are fighting a losing battle. After enough of this Ran realizes she'll have to give everyone their strength back. She gives Sakura a big kiss on the lips and now Sakura is back in action kicking ass as usual.

Chapter 190: ミス友引コンテスト;結果発表
Misu Tomobiki kontesuto; Kekka happyou

(Miss Tomobiki Contest: Results Announcement)
While Sakura now has her power back, the girls are still no match for the beastly team. Ran tries to revive Shinobu, but she won't accept being kissed again. But as the bear falls on top of the two girls, it happens and now Shinobu is ready to rock. Now Ran tries to give Ryuunosuke back her strength, but she runs away. Mr. Fujinami tries to force her to go through with it, but at the same time all of the schoolgirls infatuated with her won't let Ran get to Ryuunosuke. Lum helps matters by wrapping them together with the python. Finally all of the girls are primed for action and they wipe the floor with those punkish animals. Victory is achieved and since they all won, they would divvy up the prize five ways. Yet it turns out that the prize isn't a lot of yen. Instead of money, they're showered with 150000 taiyaki (carp shaped cakes). The girls then proceed to beat up Ataru. Ataru's happy with it though. He gleefully spends his days in the hospital counting the money he made from the contest.

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