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Urusei Yatsura
volume 19

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1983 Vol. 33 - 43
Published in English as:

Chapter 191: 水中ラブ三角形!!
Suichu rabu toraianguru [sankaku-kei]!!

(Love Triangle In The Water)
The goblin whom we last saw leaving to live with a little boy now resides in an aquarium. He is in love with a fish who is the unwilling(?) girlfriend to a bully-shark. Lum, Ataru, Mendo, and Shinobu get into the tank to distract the shark so the goblin can plead his case. The goblin leaves right in the middle of it all to go live with the small boy leaving the gang holding the bag (fin?).

Chapter 192: テンちゃん宙に浮く!?
Ten-chan chuu ni uku!?

(Ten Floats In The Air!?)
When we get too much sun, we get sunburn. When Ten gets too much, he can't control his flight. He becomes so much lighter than air that it's a struggle to stay near the ground. He lets this happen to him just before a party being thrown by Sakura. He wants to go, but he doesn't want Lum to know about his condition because she would try to "cure" him. Lum's "cures" are usually enough to frighten the wits out any sane person. Ten tries to keep it a secret throughout the party, but when he gets found out, he gets "cured" by Ataru instead...

Chapter 193: 岩石の母;前編
Ganseki no haha; zenpen

(Mother On The Rocks - Part 1)
The gang is at the beach and they run into Ryu and her father, who are making a living selling ice treats. Ataru and Mendo find a woman under the sea. It looks as though she is drowning, but she walks to shore. She looks at Ryu, who is sitting on a rock, and announces "that is my child." Ryu's father is convinced this is his long-lost Masako (whose face he can't remember). Ryu isn't buying, and walks off.

Chapter 194: 岩石の母;後編
Ganseki no haha; kouhen

(Mother On The Rocks - Part 2)
At the Hama place, the mysterious woman eats just like Ryu, and has a mean right hook just like Ryu. Everyone is convinced that this must be Ryu's mother. Meanwhile, the local villagers tell Cherry not to steal their food. Ryu's mother goes to the beach and starts to cry for her missing child. Lum discovers that she has a lizard's tail. The villagers give Cherry a good beating. Ataru tries to find out if Ryu really is the woman's daughter by feeling her up for a tail. After he gets clobbered, Lum tries it too, which is starting to freak Ryu out. It all ends up with the woman turning out to be a turtle, and the rock that Ryu was sitting on was her son, who was the one robbing the villagers of their food.

Chapter 195: 缶につめた小さな青春
Kan ni tsumeta chiisa na seishun
(A Youth Spent In A Can)
Sakura and Tsubame are trying to have a date at the beach, but the gang won't let them have any privacy. A crushed can of pop moves around and asks for help. It seems to be a small jellyfish inside who has lost its skin (which for him is like losing your bathing suit). Ten finds the skin, and the jellyfish goes away happy.

Chapter 196: ああ夜店
Aa, yomise

(Aah, Night Shops)
At a marketplace there is a haunted house maze. Anyone who gets through it gets a free day of shopping. This is similar to the story "full course meal from hell" where if you eat all the food it's free. Naturally, the maze is booby-trapped, but this doesn't stop an entire mob from bursting its way through and descending on the marketplace. The merchants, in order to save their wares, beat the hell out of the mob.

Chapter 197: わたしはサ・カ・ナ
Watashi wa sa*ka*na
(I Am A Fish)
Ten is hiding from Lum because he doesn't want her to give him swimming lessons. Anything Lum does to help is potentially dangerous. Ataru turns Ten over to Lum and they go to the pool. Lum wants to attach a sucker-fish to Ten that will swim backwards as Ten swim forwards. This is supposed to train his muscles. It winds up getting attached to Ataru instead. Now whenever he tries to swim towards a girl, the fish forces him back to Lum. Ataru struggle likes mad, and the fish eventually explodes, leaving him a congratulatory note for being such a good swimmer.

Chapter 198: 哀愁の幼年期・サクラ
Aishu no yonenki * Sakura
(Sakura's Lonely Childhood)
Sakura was a sickly child, and her only playmates were ghosts and goblins. After a stressful morning at work she takes a nap. When she wakes up, her inner child is sitting next to her. Everyone believes that she had a child out of wedlock, and her bratty younger self proceeds to wreck havoc all over the school.

Chapter 199: 失われたモノを求めて;前編
Ushinawareta mono o motomete; zenpen
(Looking For A Lost Thing)
This story introduces Sugar, Ginger, and Pepper, three delinquents who want to prove they are better than Lum, Oyuki, and Benten. They gas Benten and steal her chain then challenge her to meet them at a restaurant.

Chapter 200: 失われたモノを求めて;激闘3VS3
Ushinawareta mono o motomete; gekito 3VS3
(Looking For A Lost Thing; Fierce Fight! 3 VS 3)
The three brats dare Benten to come get her chain, and the chase is on! During the chase, Lum accidentally breaks the chain, but doesn't let anyone know. She asks if the chain is all that important. Oyuki speculates that the chain is important to Benten because it is a gift from a boyfriend. Benten says that's not it. Suddenly, a giant robot salt shaker (SALT 1) shows up.

Chapter 201: 失われたモノを求めて;完結編
Ushinawareta mono o motomete; kanketsuhen
(Looking For A Lost Thing; Concluding Chapter)
The robot traps them under its foot and them spits out hundreds of chains. Lum worries that when Benten find out that her chain is gone, she will try to take Ataru in revenge. The three brats try to split up taking all the chain in an effort to confuse Benten. It doesn't work, as the chains are way too heavy. Benten finds her chain, and the secret is revealed. The chain is her house key. Of course her back door was open all this time, with a spare key inside...

summaries by Robert Bezold


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