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Urusei Yatsura
volume 20

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1983 Vol. 44 - 1984 Vol. 1/2
Published in English as:

Chapter 202: トLOVEル・レター;前編
Toraburu * reta; zenpen
(Love Letter Trouble - Part 1)
Early one morning Tobimaro Mizunokoji is hiding underneath a bridge on the Mendo Estate. He knows Mendo crosses this bridge at exactly 6:00am every morning, but today he is late. The guards are all in a tizzy over the disappearance of the young master. Ryoko volunteers to walk his octopi for him and Tobimaro hears her footsteps on the bridge above him. He tosses his letter of challenge onto the bridge and Ryoko mistakes it for a letter asking her for a date. Mendo soon arrives and explains where he has been for the past day. It seems Ryoko had encased him in a block of cement the day before and forgotten about him. He sees the letter of challenge Ryoko is clutching and also mistakenly believes that his arch-nemisis Tobimaro has asked her out. Mendo forbids Ryoko from seeing him, so she calls on Ataru to help her get to Tobimaro's home without her brother's knowledge. Of course she doesn't tell Ataru why she's going there. Lum follows closely behind, and when they all arrive at the Mizunokoji sports complex Tobimaro is shocked and confused about why Ryoko, Ataru and Lum are there, and Mendo seems much too angry for it to be a simple duel.

Chapter 203: トLOVEル・レター;後編
Toraburu * reta; kouhen
(Love Letter Trouble - Part 2)
Tobimaro and Mendo's duel finally gets underway, but Mendo mistakenly believes the duel's purpose is over Ryoko. Mendo agrees that if Tobimaro loves her that much, then if he can defeat Mendo he is welcome to have Ryoko. Ataru hears this and decides that if he defeats Mendo he should also be able to lay claim to Ryoko. Now Mendo and Ataru are battling it out, when Tobimaro finally gets involved again and asks why everyone thinks he likes Ryoko in the first place. They show him the letter that Ryoko found, and he explains it's a letter of challenge. Mendo asks why anyone would use such cutesy stationary to write a letter of challenge on, and the two prepare to duel. Ryoko tries to help Tobimaro which seems to do more harm than good, and Tobimaro realizes that throughout his life Ryoko has always teasingly hurt him. Ryoko almost kills him when she tosses a barbell at him, and when he wakes up he tries to run away but an explosion from a grenade she throws at him sends him flying back. Mendo mistakes this for a sign of affection and grants Tobimaro permission to see his sister.

Chapter 204: 愛の行方
Ai no yukue
(The Way of Love)
Class 2-4 goes on a field trip to a pear orchard, and Ten decides to tag along. Hanging in two trees are Chojuro, a Japanese pear, and his girlfriend, Kuriko, a gumball from a gumball tree. When Ataru hits Ten he knocks Kuriko off her branch which sends Chojuro into a panic. Lucikly for him, Lum comes and picks him, but then throws him at Ataru when she sees him flirting with another girl. Chojuro sticks to Ataru's head and takes possession of his body. Meanwhile Ten takes Kuriko the gumball and puts it in Sakura's hair as an ornament. Kuriko then takes possession of Sakura but when she and Chojuro try to embrace, Sakura's body reacts and beats up Ataru. Lum realizes what's going on and offers to let Kuriko possess her, but as soon as she does Ataru/Chojuro flee. Kuriko then possess Ryunosuke who beats up Ataru until she is punched off by Mr. Fujinami. Finally Kuriko possesses Mendo and the two make overtures of love while their bodies fight it out. Finally Lum settles things by putting both Chojuro and Kuriko on Ataru's head, much to his displeasure.

Chapter 205: 華麗なる落葉の舞い
Karei naru ochiba no mai
(The Splendid Dance of the Fallen Leaves)
Ten's wand that he used to animate the sand Sakura's at the beach shows up again as he makes some clay models come to life. Torajima mistakenly thinks the creature is a fish and tries to eat it, thereby knocking the animation wand into a pile of leaves the Tomobiki High kids are raking up. Suddenly the creature comes to life and starts raking too just as Onsen-Mark had shouted for everyone to do. Ataru soon discovers that the creature will do their work for them, and he leaves it to finish up while everyone goes inside to goof off. Ten finds this leaf creature and commands it to seek revenge on Ataru who beat him up earlier. Now the leaf monster is going on a rampage as Ataru and Ten shout various orders at it. Finally the monster goes out of control and tries to attack both of them, so Ten reduces the walking pile of leaves to a firey mess. The gang thinks its wrong to waste a good fire, so the roast sweet potatos on the flame until they too come to life.

Chapter 206: 愛は国境を越えて
Ai wa kokkyo o koete
(Love Knows No Barriers)
Ten and Ataru are fighting at breakfast and when Ataru tosses a rice maker at Ten, it misses it's mark and hits Lum instead. After such a severe blow to the head Lum has forgotten how to speak Japanese. When Lum is told to read during school, everyone is shocked to learn that she can no longer speak Japanese. Everyone blames Ataru for his actions, so he tests Lum by screaming out he loves Sakura. Lum can not understand what he said, so she simply sits and stares. Sakura comes running and gives Lum a check-up, but simply slaps a bandaid on her head. After school Ataru starts flirting with other girls which causes Lum to fly off to her UFO. After a day or so without seeing her, Ataru starts to feel bad, and finally tries to apologize. Realizing she can't understand him, he tearfully gives her a hug and hopes she gets better soon. After they hug Lum attaches what looks like a steel duck's bill to Ataru's mouth. It's on oni/human translator, and is just ugly enough to keep Ataru away from other girls.

Chapter 207: 恋人泥棒;前編
Koibito dorobo; zenpen
(Lover Thief - Part 1)
On a whim Kurama decides to re-enter the hunt for a mate, much to the surprise of her crow followers. They decide to use a super-computer that can analyse all the men in the universe and tell her who's best for her. Funnily enough, a familar face shows up- Rei. Meanwhile Ran and Rei are off on a date when Kurama uses her whirlwind to sweep them onto her ship. When Ran finds out that she is intended to use Rei as her personal baby-maker, she looses her cool and Kurama blasts her out of her ship high above Tokyo. Lum happens to be flying by and saves Ran from falling to her death. The two sit atop a smokestack and discuss what has happened as Ran tearfully pleads with Lum to help her. Lum feels bad for Ran, and decides to help out against her better judgement.

Chapter 208: 恋人泥棒;後編
Koibito dorobo; kouhen

(Lover Thief - Part 2)
Ataru follows one of the crows to Kurama's ship where he boards along with Ran and Lum, who have come to free Rei from her baby-making plans. Rei seems perfectly happy though, since Kurama has her crows working around the clock to feed him. The crows soon realize that Rei turns into a large and rather disgusting cow, but decide it's easier to keep this from Kurama rather than let her find out and endure a search for another man. They do their best to keep her from seeing Rei who is constantly changing back and forth, as Ran and Lum do their best to steal him away. Ran realizes that the only way to Rei's heart is through his stomach, so she starts cooking for him. This piques Rei's interest, but when she calls him for dinner, she falls down a shaft. Rei decides to save her rather than his sack of food, much to everyone's shock. He then proceeds to eat the food off the floor as Kurama watches him change into his cow form. She is bed-ridden from the shock and Ran is in tears as Rei eats her food, but calls out happily to Lum.

Chapter 209: 愛がふれあうとき
Ai ga fure au toki
(Love Is Warm To the Touch)
One winter's day Shinobu sees two dogs beating up a smaller one. After chasing them away she discovers that it is actually a small kitsune (fox). Shinobu leaves Kitsune at the police box, but he has fallen for her so he makes his escape. Kitsune watches from behind a corner as Ataru walks home with her and thinks they must be together. The next day he watches as Soban is batted away too, but dreams of being able to protect her from the bully. After overhearing how much Shinobu dislikes morning classroom clean-up duty, Kitsune transforms himself into a miniature Ataru and offers to help. Everyone can tell that this isn't the usual Ataru, but the principal praises him for his excellent job cleaning up and everyone is shocked that "Ataru" would do such a nice deed. Everyone decides to turn against the real Ataru, until they discover the kind one is really Kitsune. Shinobu thanks him for his kindness and sends him on his way, but not before he turns into Onsen-Mark and tells everyone how great Shinobu is.

Chapter 210: 青春ラグビー地獄
Seishun ragubi jigoku
(Youth Rugby Hell)
One night at a bathhouse Ryunosuke realizes she has lost her chest wrapping. She goes by the laundomat, but can't find it there either. On the way home as she notes how weird it is to walk around with her breasts unhidden a man calls her "miss". She is overcome by the fact that someone would recognize her as a woman, and she tells her father that she will no longer be wearing her wrap. Fujinami doesn't seem to put up much of a fight, other than to say she needs some medicine for the "tumors" on her chest to shrink. At school the next day all the boys stare at Ryunosuke's pultritude and are overjoyed that they will be playing rugby against her today. Shinobu and Lum try to give her a makeshift bra out of a handkerchief, but it's too small to work. During the game all the boys pass the ball to Ryu in as an excuse to try and grab her breasts. She keeps fighting them off, until her father comes by and gives her a new wrap which she uses to defeat the bothersome boys.

Chapter 211: 空を飛ぶ童女
Sora o tobu dojo
(The Little Girl that Flew in the Sky)
One afternoon Ten can't find anyone to annoy or play with. As he is flying around town he notices a girl standing on the edge of a tall building. Just as he is about to stop her, she jumps and flies through the air. Ten tries to grab her but he falls right through. The girl floats beside him, and tells him she has come to see her uncle's puppies. The little girl tells Ten her name is Kotori and the two head off to Tomobiki High to see Lum. They arrive in the middle of class, and Onsen-Mark tries to force Kotori off a desk, but simply passes through her as Ten did. Sakura comes to talk to her, and discovers that her desire to pet her uncle's puppies keep her from passing on to the spirit world. Ataru asks her for her address and telephone number, which upsets Lum (she is only a child after all) but he says he is simply trying to find out where her uncle lives. All of class 2-4 head out and track down her uncle's home, but discover that the puppies have already been given away. Now they track down the puppies, but Kotori has to possess Ten in order to pet them. The puppies are pretty rambunctous and rough Ten's body up. Now with the puppy petting done, Ten is finally ready to play with Kotori. Unfortunately Kotori is ready to go to heaven. She promises to send Ten a gift in seven days and tells him to wait for it on the roof at nighttime. Sure enough, a giant meteor crashes onto the roof with a thank you note carved into it.

Chapter 212: 魔境!戦慄の密林
Makyo! senritsu no janguru [mitsurin]
(Shivering in a Jungle of Evil)
Mendo takes Shinobu, Ryunosuke, Ataru, Lum, Kosuke and two other boys from class into the South Pole Dome on his estate to see Matsuchiyo, his South Pole Octopus. The boys are incredibly disappointed to see that it looks just like all of Mendo's other octopi, and when they make disparaging comments about it, Matsuchiyo gets so upset he flees the frigid room where he is kept and escapes into the mansion. Mendo sounds the alarm and has everyone out looking, but drags the kids from school into his tropical greenhouse. After they are attacked by panthers and snakes, Mendo remembers that he neglected to tell them about the wild animals that he keeps in this room. Soon Kosuke is drug away by something and the girls find him covered in ink. Mendo and the others make their way towards Shinobu's screams to find Matsuchiyo has grown to a ridiculous size. Mendo explains that he forgot to tell them that if Matsuchiyo is in a warm climate for too long he grows at a very fast rate. With that Mendo and his octopus have a tearful reunion and he tries to coax it back into it's South Pole climate-controlled room.

summaries by Harley Acres

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