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Urusei Yatsura
volume 21

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1984 Vol. 3/4 - 12, Vol. 17 - 18
Published in English as:

Chapter 213: 密室!ケーキ屋敷の恐怖
Misshitsu! Keki yashiki no kyofu
(Secret Room! The Terror of the Mansion Cake)
Mendo throws a Christmas party but decides not to invite Ryoko due to the fact that Ataru will be there. Once Ryoko gets wind of this, she decides to have a little fun of her own. After the party gets started and Mendo reveals his multi-story sized Christmas cake, Ryoko locks everyone in a room and tells them that there are bombs everywhere that they will have to defuse if they want to make it out alive. The gang try to eat their way though, and use Lum's bomb-detectors to scour the sponge cake for signs of explosives. Many of them blow up in their faces but they manage to disarm most of them in time. As Ryoko looks on with disappointment her final bomb is switched off, only to have the cake collapse due to all the little tunnels that were eaten though it.

Chapter 214: シェイプアップ・羽根つき
Sheipuappu * hane tsuki
(Shaping Up With Hanetsuki!)
Everyone is very upset that they are required to come to school on New Year's Day and are forced to play hanetsuki, a game similar to badminton played by Japanese women in feudal times. The difference with the Tomobiki version is that the paddles are giant-sized and made of iron, and so is the ball. The students are told they will be playing for a mystery prize held high above the gym, and if they excell at this then they will have no problem with their Phys. Ed. courses. Lum and Ran team up using power enhancers on their wrists to help them lift the paddles, while all the boys seem to have trouble just hefting the ball. Finally the boys finals come down to Fujinami and Ryunosuke versus Ataru and Mendo, while Sakura and Shinobu go against the team of Ran and Lum for the girls finals. The crashing of the iron ball into the gym soon makes it apparent that this sport is doing more harm than good so the Principal puts a stop to the contest. He opens the giant case suspended above the gym containing the prize to reveal... a giant iron ball. Of course, no one is pleased by this.

Chapter 215: 芸道一筋いばら道
Geido hitosuzi ibara michi
(The Thorny Road of Accomplishment)
Class 2-4 is holding a New Year's Talent Show and Lum brings one of her alien friends to act as a judge. After Ataru sees the bulbous creature he tries to leave, but the judge makes the door vanish, trapping everyone inside. Kosuke goes first and tries a card trick, but messes up. The judge isn't pleased and Kosuke suddenly vanishes. Everyone panics as Lum tells them that if he doesn't approve, he'll make you disappear. Mendo goes next and drops a bell on himself, causing his phobias to kick in and rip the bell in two. Mendo gets sent away as well as he curses his fate. More and more classmates are spirited away as their simplistic tricks don't live up to the judge's standards. Finally the first group of girls goes, and even though their talents are as pathetic as the other students, the judge allows them to stay. Ryunosuke is almost sent away before Ataru rips her shirt open exposing her chest. After all the girls have gone, the judge brings the boys back and tells them to try again. Once they fail he sends them away, and Ataru is sent along too. They have all been sent to the alien's homeworld where they are forced to perform their talents in front of an audience of alien judges.

Chapter 216: 愛と闘魂のグローブ
Ai to tokon no gurobu
(The Gloves of Love and War)
While preparing to perform a service at a boxing gym Sakura encounters Ten and Torajima in the middle of one of their brawls. One of a pair of magical boxing gloves gets dragged outside by the one-eyed cat and Ataru finds it. He puts it on, planning to deck Ten with it, but instead it causes him to pat Ten on the head. He tries it over and over, even on Shinobu and Lum, but it only makes him hug them. At school all the girls are mad at Ataru for feeling them up, even though he has no control over it. When Mendo gets too close, he feels him up as well. Soon Sakura and the boxers come by and explain that Ataru is wearing the Clinch Glove of Love, and they place it's mate on his left hand, the Fighting Spirit Glove of Rage. Together the gloves hold the opponent while the other knocks them for a loop. Now Ataru is grabbing and punching out everyone who gets near him, including Onsen-Mark and Mendo. Lum flies in and Ataru has to get between his glove and Lum in order to protect her. Sakura realizes that she can get Ataru to knock himself out and then remove the gloves. Lum keeps moving in and Ataru keeps taking the shots himself until finally collapsing.

Chapter 217: 蒼白き炎の怒り;前編
Aojiroki hono no ikari; zenpen
(The Wraith of the Ice Queen - Part 1)
One night Ran is on her way to visit Rei, with a basket of goodies in tow. Suddenly a portal opens and snow and ice mice pour out and devour her food. Ran storms off to Oyuki's palace and demands an apology, and once Oyuki does, Ran isn't satisfied. She gets worked up and insults Oyuki and then storms off. Oyuki cryptically says she will not let things end this way, which gives Ran a lot to mull over. Soon she finds the leader of the Neptunian Ice Mice in her basket and it begins to devour all the food in her UFO. Meanwhile Oyuki is very worried about the whereabouts of this particular mouse and alerts Benten and Lum that he is missing. When Benten and Lum arrive at Ran's home they discover that she has the mouse, but she tells them she is afraid to return it because of what Oyuki may do to her. Ran gets a call from Oyuki asking if the mouse is there, and then lies and denies it. Benten decides she would like to see Oyuki get angry once in her life and takes a photo of Ran with the ice mouse and sends it to Oyuki.

Chapter 218: 蒼白き炎の怒り;中編
Aojiroki hono no ikari; chuhen
(The Wraith of the Ice Queen - Part 2)
Ran decides to split before Oyuki shows up to give her hell, but before she can, the doorbell rings. Ran swings the mallet at the first thing through the door and knocks B-Boy, Oyuki's servant, unconcious. Oyuki and Ran sit down to eat, and Benten notes how calm everything seems between them. Ran is still weary though, and tries to slip Oyuki some sleeping powder. The ice mouse king quickly gobbles up the rice ball though and passes out. Oyuki realizes how much trouble the ice mouse has caused for Ran but Ran still doesn't trust her and sends a messenger doll to make up. The doll explodes in Benten's face, which angers her. Now Benten is after Ran and Oyuki is trying to smooth things over because she feels this misunderstanding is her fault. They all chase her on Benten's space bike, but Ran starts firing at them. Lum flies down and tells Ran that Oyuki isn't mad, but Benten is. Ran seems relieved and raises a white flag. When Benten lands and comes to talk it over with her, Ran buts a sword to her throat.

Chapter 219: 蒼白き炎の怒り;後編
Aojiroki hono no ikari; kohen

(The Wraith of the Ice Queen - Part 3)
Ran has Benten at a disadvantage, but Benten uses the chain in her hair to tangle up Ran's sword. Ran is at a loss as to what to do next, so she breaks down in tears and then toss a grenade. While Benten dodges that Ran tries to kiss her and suck away her youth, but to no avail. After more fighting Lum tries to make them shake hands but one of Ran's explosives goes off. Oyuki tells Ran that she has done enough and tells her to apologize or she will become angry. Ran immediately does so and they all head by to her UFO. When they get back the ice mouse has destoryed Ran's space ship and Oyuki looses her temper causing ice crystals to form everywhere and nearly impale Ran, Lum, and Benten.

Chapter 220: 変身スプレー
Henshin supure
(Transformation Spray)
Ataru watches as a rocket ship flies through the sky, and is surprised to learn that the rocket is actually Ten. Ten shows Ataru a spray can with a special spray that allows him to change into whatever he can think of. Ataru tricks Ten into give him a spritz, and he changes into Lum. He snatches the can and runs off to school where he decides to use the Transformation Spray for his own benefit. Once there he changes into Ryunosuke so he can get close to Shinobu, Shinobu so he can get close to Ryunosuke, and Mendo just so he can sully his good name. Lum manages to track Ataru down and zaps him causing the can to explode on the entire class and changing everyone into whatever they were thinking about at the time.

Chapter 221: ラムちゃん、ウシになる
Ramu-chan, ushi ni naru
(Lum Becomes A Cow)
Lum and Ataru visit a petshop one afternoon and both get bitten by a cow that is for sale there. That evening on her UFO Lum is watching a horror film where Dracula is biting people, and has a dream about turning into a cow from her bite. When she wakes up, she notices her horns have grown to look like those of a bulls. Lum is very worried that she is now changing just as the alien in the Dracula show she watched did. After a long absense from school she confesses what has happened to Ataru, who bravely decides that he will take care of Lum even if she does become a cow. Ten is worried about his cousin, so he calls Lum's father who breaks the news that it's just a normal alien virus that affects their horns and should clear up in a few days on it's own.

Chapter 222: 月夜のキツネたち
Tsukiyo no kitsune-tachi
(Foxes of the Moonlit Night)
After hearing and old legend about a beautiful woman who was turned into a fox, Kitsune sets out to find Shinobu and hopefully do the same to her. He finds the horsetail plant he needs to feed to her and the moonlit night just happens to occur when he arrives. Everything is perfect until some dogs chase him and he looses his horsetail after bumping into Kotatsuneko. Kitsune finds Ataru and transforms into Shinobu to get him to take "her" home. Once there Kitsune explains that he was trying to give Shinobu a present to eat, but realizes he has lost it. He asks them to all come help him find it, but they refuse due to the late hour. Kitsune keeps pressuring them and finally confesses he wante to turn Shinobu into a fox. Ataru is enraged, but Shinobu is flattered (and skeptical) so she agrees to help. After hours of searching they find nothing, and decide to chat with Cherry and share some of his soup. In the end they all turn into foxes because Kotatsuneko had added the horsetails to the stew.

Chapter 223: 竜之介式男女交際
Ryuunosuke-shiki danjo kosai
(Relationships Ryuunosuke-Style)
Sakura grows tired of hearing Ryunosuke and her father battling it out on a daily basis, so she heads down and drags Ryu to her office to tend to her wounds. She decides to ask the difficult question of whether or not Ryunosuke has ever been in love. Ryu responds that her first love was a teacher in elementary school. Sakura thinks that's cute until Ryunosuke says the teacher always wore really nice skirts. It then becomes apparent that the people Ryunosuke says she's liked have all been girls, with Shinobu currently filling the top spot. Shinobu freaks out and Ryunosuke tries to explain that she doesn't mean like in the lovey-dovey sense of the word. Sakura asks Ryu what sort of guy she likes and she says it has to be someone stronger than her who loves the sea. Of course that sounds like someone familiar, and Mr. Fujinami comes bounding in. After he is dealt with Sakura annouces that anyone who can beat Ryunosuke in the boxing ring downstairs can go out with her. Many boys try, but they all prove to be no match for her. Ataru steps in the ring and proceeds to drug Ryunosuke so he can win. When Fujinami sees her struggling he jumps in and gives her a pep talk as everyone else gives up hope at her ever finding Mr. Right.

summaries by Harley Acres

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