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Urusei Yatsura
volume 22

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1984 Vol. 13 - 16, Vol. 19 - 24, Vol. 27
Published in English as:

Chapter 224: 水乃小路家の娘=その1=
Mizunokoji-ke no musume =sono 1=
(That Mizunokoji Girl! Part 1)
Mendo's father tells him that he has engaged his son to marry, Mendo protests, especially when he learns that his bride to be is of the Mizunokoji family. When Ataru expresses interest in the girl, Mendo agrees to meet her, hoping to spare his sister Ryoko from an engagement to Tobimaro Mizunokoji. When he arrives at his rival's estate he is shocked to find that Tobimaro has no idea that he even has a sister, but soon a huge, hulking figure clad in armor appears, and it is revealed that this is in fact the girl in question. Ataru wastes no time in trying to discover what sort of figure lies beneath the armor while Mendo questions Tobimaro about why exactly she's wearing that armor.

Chapter 225: 水乃小路家の娘=その2=
Mizunokoji-ke no musume =sono 2=
(That Mizunokoji Girl! Part 2)
Shutaro dreams of the many girls who love him but awakens at the thought of marrying the mysterious armored girl. As he gets out of bed he realizes the marriage meeting is scheduled for today and decides that he will meet the girl and end the engagement, soon he finds out that his father has already cleared the marriage, and that he can't back out. At this Mendo loses it and tries to escape, but is pinned down. Suddenly, Lum, Ataru and Shinobu arrive to save him. Shinobu carries Mendo off in a basket on her back while Lum takes care of the guards and Ataru attempts to take Mendo's place. Meanwhile at the Mizunokoji estate, Tobimaro's guards try to explain what a 'man' is to the armored girl, who had never seen one in her entire life until she met Ataru Moroboshi. The girl refuses to meet anymore men until a quick thinking guard tells her that she is about to meet a special type of man called a 'big brother' who will take care of her. The meeting goes ahead as scheduled, but Ataru sneaks in and upsets the mysterious girl, who has been identified as Asuka Mizunokoji, Ataru gives chase and a well-placed blast from Lum sends Asuka's armor flying, revealing a beautiful, yet incredibly strong girl underneath. As she escapes, she launches into the air and comes falling down face to face with her brother Tobimaro for the first time.

Chapter 226: 水乃小路家の娘=その3=
Mizunokoji-ke no musume =sono 3=
(That Mizunokoji Girl! Part 3)
Mr. Mizunokoji tells the Mendo family about his daughter Asuka. At birth, her mother decided that until the age of fifteen, Asuka would never lay eyes on a man, that way she would be completely pure, the perfect lady in every way. Of course, it didn't turn out that way, and after her meeting with Ataru, Asuka has become deathly afraid of all men, with the sole exception being the special "big brother" type of man. Outside Asuka meets such a man, Tobimaro, who she recognizes by the twinkle in his eyes. Mendo learns that his possible bride to be is actually cute underneath her armor, he decides to meet her after all but when Ataru shows up and wrecks more havoc, Asuka wastes no time in bashing both he and her future husband.

Chapter 227: 水乃小路家の娘=その4=
Mizunokoji-ke no musume =sono 4=
(That Mizunokoji Girl! Part 4)
Tobimaro decides that he will protect his sister from Mendo by chaining Shutaro and Ataru to the wall. Asuka is chained to the opposite wall in hopes of calming her overwhelming reaction to men. When word gets out of Mendo's capture, Ryoko prepares to save her big brother. At the Mizunokoji estate Mendo manages to rip the wall he's chained to down, but Asuka does the same and traps him in the dark, confining rubble. Mendo notices that Asuka appears to have mistaken Tobimaro's kindness for love, and due to not knowing how to behave around her brother, has in fact fallen in love with him. Ryoko arrives just in time to further confuse matters, by calling Shutaro "big brother" Asuka realizes that he is a man that can be trusted. With all the confusion though, Mr. Mendo and Mr. Mizunokoji decide it would probably be best to cancel the marriage meeting.

Chapter 228: 遊び人金さん始末記
Asobi-nin kin-san shimatsu-ki
(A Day in the Life of Gambler Kin)
Class 2-4 heads to Mendo's house for a session of cherry blossom viewing, when Onsen-Mark notices a large keg. He accuses everyone of trying to get drunk on sake, but Lum explains that it's mearly juice from her planet. Soon though, everyone is heavily intoxicated and Lum reads the warning label... that for Earthlings it's side effects are similar to drunkeness followed by a need to put on a play. Soon Ataru takes the role of Gambler Kin who is trying to solve the case of the mysterious masked man (played by Mendo) who goes around killing people (Onsen-Mark). Kin manages to deduce the killer's identity and even Lum joins in after getting drunk on umeboshi.

Chapter 229: 逆襲!三人組
Gyakushu! san-nin gumi
(The Trio Strikes Back!)
Sugar, Ginger and Pepper decide it's time to get their revenge on Lum, Benten and Oyuki, who they view as the girl gang to beat. First they attack Benten while she's asleep, but they stumble over her weights and wake her up, causing her to greet them with blasts from her gun. Next they try to force an apology from Oyuki who freezes them with no trouble. Now Lum is the only one left on their list to confront. Unfortunately Lum has just made a bet with Ataru that if she does not get angry with him for three days he will take her on a date. Ataru makes the most of it by openly flirting with women and trying to anger Lum. While all this is happening the girl gang makes subtle attempts to kill Lum, who doesn't even notice their presense. Unfortunately for them, Lum winds up taking her frustrations out on the local scenery, which the girls are usually hiding behind. Lum wins the bet and she and Ataru go out, but the girls decide to make one last confrontation. Lum is so anxious to begin her date though, she merely fries them and walks away.

Chapter 230: 悩み多き青春
Nayami oki seishun

(Troubled Youth)
The Principal decides that all the male students at Tomobiki should have a psychological evaulation and an attempt to discuss their problems with Sakura. Onsen-Mark and the other teachers decide that this will be a good chance to try to rough up a few of them. Strangely Ataru seems uninterested in going to see Sakura. The boys quickly break through the teachers and get to the infirmary where Sakura waits to hear their problems. Most of them were too busy planning how to fight their way through the teachers to think of a problem to talk to her about, so she kicks them out. Mendo arrives next and tries to discuss his claustrophobia with her, but Mr. Fujinami and Ryunosuke interupt. Sakura feels sorry for Ryunosuke and knows she has some real problems and wants to hear her out, but Mendo wants to finish his session first. He explains that he hates his beauty because so many women want him, but there is only one of him to go around. Ryunosuke says that she can sympathize and shows Mendo all the love letters she got from girls just this morning. Mendo is shocked and depressed by the fact that Ryu would get more than him. Lum takes Ataru down to see Sakura, and even she seems to believe that something is seriously wrong with him. He seems sick and depressed but he finally confesses that his problem is that he's not with Nurse Sakura, which gets him kicked out.

Chapter 231: 豪華絢爛正義の味方
Goka kenran seigi no mikata
(Glittering, Dazzling Friends of Justice)
After being bullied by Ataru Ten sulks off and finds a superhero in desperate need of some liquid refreshment. He takes Torajima's bucket of water and offers it to the thirsty hero. In thanks the hero, Super-Delicious Golden Special-Reserve Gorgeous After-Care Kid from Planet Fun #28 decides to make Ten his sidekick. He outfits Ten with an incredible arsenal of superhero equipment and an odd looking suit before taking off. Ten is impressed with the powers he is told he will have and flies off to attack Ataru. He finds him with Ran, but is pummeled easily. None of his powers seem to work, and Ran recognizes the costume as a hero from her childhood. The superhero tells Ten he has to push a button on his back to activate his powers but Ten can't reach it. Soon Ran and Lum arrive and beat up Super-Delicious Golden Special-Reserve Gorgeous After-Care Kid from Planet Fun #28 because as children he pulled the same scam on them. He givess children costumes and gizmos but then sends them an incredibly expensive invoice later on.

Chapter 232: あな恐ろしや、ワラ人形
Ana osoroshiya wara ningyo
(Fear of Straw Voodoo Dolls)
Ryoko makes a voodoo doll of her brother Shutaro, and then decides it's far too dangerous to leave lying around. She sadistically decides that Ataru is the most good natured person she knows and entrusts the doll to him. Ataru keeps the doll with him at all times unaware of what power it holds. At school Ataru befalls his usual fate of getting hit and electrocuted which also affects Mendo. Mendo deduces that Ataru somehow has his voodoo doll and goes to extreme lengths to save Ataru (and by proxy, himself).

Chapter 233: 秘密の花園
Himitsu no hanazono
(The Secret Garden)
Ran imports a special space plant that repeats anything it happens to overhear. The seeds of the plant are blown across Tomobiki causing confusion and havoc by telling everyone that Mendo is a bedwetter, Ran has been beaten up, and the students are out for Onsen-Mark's blood for calling a meeting on a Sunday.

Chapter 234: テンちゃんの息子
Ten-chan no musuko
(The Son of Ten)
A space courier duck is flying on his motorcycle when he collides with a sign, sending the eggs he was delievering flying down to Earth. There one finds it way to Ten and attaches to his stomach. The next day when he wakes up he finds a small bee that claims to be his son. Ten is of course angered by this and refuses to believe the bee. The little bee follows Ten to Tomobiki High and all the girls immediately fall for the cute little bee. Soon the bee asks Ten to name him, so Ten decides to call him "Konjomagari" (which means warped spirit). Konjomagari seems to have a lot in common with Ten, right down to his love of older women and hatred of Ataru. Soon the duck arrives and explains that the eggs he lost are Mirror Bee larva and they copy the personalities of their fathers. Soon Ataru, Mendo, Cherry, and Mr. Fujinami all have eggs attached to their stomachs as well.

summaries by Harley Acres & Dylan Acres

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