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Urusei Yatsura
volume 23

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1984 Vol. 25 - 36
Published in English as:

Chapter 235: 勇気ある決闘;前編
Yuuki Arukettou; Zenpen

(The Duel of Courage - Part 1)
An innocent schoolgirl is being harrassed by Soban and his gang of hooligans. Lum decides to defend her and challenges Soban to hand to hand combat. Lum's pretty confident until it begins to set in that without her powers, she's not very strong. Unlike her friends Shinobu and Ryuunosuke who have been able to deal with Soban in the past. Lum decides to call upon her alien technology to aid her once again. She takes special pills that give her incredible superhuman strength and the next day, dressed like a Chinese kenpo fighter, she takes on Soban. But as soon as she starts the pill wears off and Soban tackles her, causing the rest of her supply go spilling in all directions.

Chapter 236: 勇気ある決闘;後編
Yuuki Arukettou; Kouhen

(The Duel of Courage - Part 2)
The fight's not going to well for Lum. She is able to take a few super-strength pills and land some good punches, but it's not enough to keep Soban away especially since the pills only last for only a few seconds. To compensate, Lum takes a huge handfull of pills, but now Soban has run off fighting Mendo, Ryuunosuke, Shinobu and Ataru. While this is going on Ataru and co. dig a huge pit and fill it up once Soban falls in.

Chapter 237: 飛鳥ふたたび=その1=
Asuka Futatabi =sono 1=

(Asuka Returns - Part One)
To keep Asuka out of her brother's hair (and bath), Mrs. Mizunokoji sends Asuka to Tomobiki High School to deliver a message to Mendo. In the ensuing panic, Asuka runs into Ryuunosuke.

Chapter 238: 飛鳥ふたたび=その2=
Asuka Futatabi =sono 2=

(Asuka Returns - Part Two)
Asuka successfully delivers the message to Mendo, but now she must deal with a relentless pursuit from Ryuunosuke, who is quite upset at being mistaken for a boy. Unfortunately, Ryuu's attempts to show Asuka her feminine "attributes" only succeeds in attracting more boys.

Chapter 239: 飛鳥ふたたび=その3=
Asuka Futatabi =sono 3=

(Asuka Returns - Part Three)
The tables turn as Mrs. Mizunokoji directs Asuka to pursue Ryuunosuke. Asuka discovers a similarity between Ryuu and Tomibaro.

Chapter 240: 必殺!ヤミナベ
Hissatsu! Yaminabe

(Deadly! Yaminabe)
Ataru leads a class vote to cook a yaminabe as the next homeroom recreation project. Lum wants to contribute her culinary skills to the project, but Ataru is determined to thwart her.

Chapter 241: アイスクーラー・リラックス
Aisu kura * rirakkusu
(Ice Cooler Relax)
On a sweltering day at Tomobiki High, Lum introduces her classmates to "Ice Coolers;" iceballs that float above your head to keep you cool. But the class quickly learns the that "ice coolers" grow if you don't relax, and will fall on your head if you suddenly lose your composure.

Chapter 242: ザ・障害物水泳大会;前編
Za Shougaibutsu Suieitaikai; Zenpen
(The Obstacle Swimming Contest, First Part)
It's the day of the "Obstacle Swimming Contest" at Tomobiki High, and the students must make their way from the auditorium to the pool, overcoming all sorts of obstacles along the way.

Chapter 243: ザ・障害物水泳大会;後編
Za Shougaibutsu Suieitaikai; Kouhen

(The Obstacle Swimming Contest, Last Part)
The students reach the pool and play a game of water polo, but Onsen-Mark has made a few changes to the game to keep it interesting -- an exploding ball and a pool filled with moray eels.

Chapter 244: 合戦!面堂家花火大会
Kassen! Mendo-ke Hanabitaikai

(Battle! Mendo Family Fireworks Tournament)
Mendo Ryoko invites Ataru and his friends to watch the fireworks at the Mendo House. The gang quickly finds out that the Mendos take their fireworks battles very seriously.

Chapter 245: 浜茶屋繁盛記
Hamachaya Hanjouki

(Hamachaya Overflowing Prosperity Story)
Business is slow at the Hamachaya, so Mr. Fujinami hires Lum and Shinobu to distribute advertising flyers to the kids on the beach.

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