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Urusei Yatsura
volume 24

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1984 Vol. 37 - 50
Published in English as:

Chapter 246: 非道なる商売人
Hidou naru Shoubainin

(Corrupting Businesspeople)
Ran doesn't have enough money to take Rei on a summer date. She tries getting cash, but no one will lend her any. She gets the idea to use Oyuki to pose as the fabled Yuki-Onna and have people pay to see her at the summer festival as a sideshow (with the added bonus of being a living air conditioner to cool people down from the summer heat). Extortionist thugs try to horn in on the business, but Ran gets Benten to beat them up. Now both Oyuki and Benten have been promised a share in the profits but Ran has no intention of doing so. In the end Ran runs off with the profits, leaving Oyuki and Benten out of their share. In the ensuing chase, the other vendors' stalls get trashed. Everyone's angry at Ran. Oyuki comes to mediate the situation. Her solution, to freeze Ran and take the money.

Chapter 247: 最後のデート
Saigo no De-to

(The Last Date)
Sakura brings Ataru and Lum over to appease the soul of a ghost. The ghost of a young teenaged girl in winter pajamas longs to go on a date with Ataru who was the kindly young man she saw from her window while knitting on her deathbed. Ataru of course agrees to go an a date with the cute ghost. She gives him a hand knitted cap, a pair of mittens, a scarf, and a sweater. Unfortunately for Ataru, it's the middle of summer. Still he manages to survive the date and makes the girl's dream come true.

Chapter 248: 大脱走・大騒動
Daidassou Oosoudo
(Big Escape, Big Riot)
Ataru and Lum buy a tiny little blowfish, puts it in a bowl, and encourages it to grow so that he can eat it later. The blowfish understands this and is not pleased. Ten feeds the fish some Oni candy and it grows so large that the bowl explodes. The fish then flies through town, spitting electricity and water on people. It finds Ataru and attacks him, while Cherry, Kotatsuneko and Mr. Fujinami want to catch it for dinner. Lum sets up an electric web to catch the thing.

Chapter 249: スケ番グループ色気大作戦
Sukeban GURUUPU irokedai sakusen
(The Delinquent Girls Seduction Operation)
Sugar, Ginger and Pepper who've still not defeated their rivals, this time decide to target Lum. They know Ataru is her weakness so they plan to seduce him away from Lum. They try everything they can to attract Ataru's attention, but he treats them like kids and chases every other girl around while ignoring the sukeban girls. Eventually they try to get him to take them on a dinner date, and Ataru annoyed by how they're getting in the way of his girl hunts gives in and treats them to noodles. In a desperation move, Sugar uses a love perfume on Ataru to make him fall in love with them. But instead he grows very fond of the design on the ramen bowl.

Chapter 250: コタツにかけた愛
Kotatsu ni kaketa ai

(For the Love of Kotatsu)
Kotatsuneko buys a cursed kotatsu table for 100 yen (about a dollar) from a creepy curio shop. He takes it home and tries to set it up in Ataru's room while Ataru and Lum play a game of 'go'. It seems the kotatsu table really is cursed since every time Kotatsuneko tries putting the cover onto the table, the table jumps away. The ghost cat makes goes on a rampage chasing after it. Cherry shows up to dispel the curse, but isn't any help. Kotatsuneko manages to wrestle the table down and plug it in, but the kotatsu creates a blizzard instead of heat. Lum finds Mendo's family crest on the kotatsu table and Ataru yells out an insult to Mendo, which brings him running in a matter of seconds. Mendo knows about the kotatsu table and manages to get out of responsibility scot-free while putting it back on Kotatsuneko. So the ghost cat continues to rampage around Ataru's room day and night chasing after the table.

Chapter 251: 妻は面影の中に
Tsuma wa omokage no naka ni

(The Wife Inside the Face)
The principal chats with Mr. Fujinami after school and brings up the subject of whether he's thought of getting married again for the sake of his "son." This gets Mr. Fujinami thinking about his dead wife. To help him move on, he tells Ryuunosuke that he wants her to see her wear her mother's old clothing one time. It was the uniform his wife Masako wore back when Mr. Fujinami first met her during their part-time jobs at an amusement park. Shinobu and Lum help Ryuu put on her mother's old uniform while Mr. Fujinami brings out his own uniform to wear. When Ryuunosuke comes out, she looks like Kamen Rider (a costumed hero show like Power Rangers) and Mr. Fujinami his dressed like a monster villain. They begin to fight and Mr. Fujinami is happy that he's able to recreate the costumed stage fights from the days when he met his wife.

Chapter 252: 嵐を呼ぶデート=その1=
Arashi o yobu deeto, =sono 1=

(The Date That Called Forth a Storm)
Tobimaro awakes one morning to find Asuka sleeping in his futon with him. Their mother catches them and seeing her kids acting perverted again, she gives Tobimaro hell. The Lady Mizunokoji decides its time to take action and sets up a date between her daughter Asuka and her fiancé Shuutaro Mendo. Mendo agrees and this leads to domino effect that gets many more people in on it. Tobimaro is against the date. Mendo gets his special agents in shades to disguise themselves and make sure the date isn't disrupted by Ataru, Ryoko (who doesn't want her brother to leave her for this fiancé...for all the wrong reasons) shows up planning to stop him. Lum shows up, disguised as one of the Mizunokoji handmaidens, looking for Ataru who's bound to show up at any moment.

Chapter 253: 嵐を呼ぶデート=その2=
Arashi o yobu deeto, =sono 2=
(The Date that Called Forth a Storm Part 2)
The date between Mendo and Asuka continues at the Mendo Family compound. Both are happy to be together and have a quaint tea ceremony, but Mendo is nervous about the inevitable spine crushing injuries he'd sustain if Asuka tried to hug him again. Meanwhile seeing that Mendo's agents are trying to set a trap for Ataru, Lum electrocutes them all to protect her Darling. One of the agents finds Mendo and tries to warn him, but seeng that he's a man, Asuka swipes him away and gets so scared that she holds onto Mendo. With Asuka's super strength, Mendo passes out but she doesn't notice. Ryoko's kuroko servants turn up to help. One doubles up inside Mendo's clothing and animates the unconscious Mendo as if he were a puppet. Asuka continues on the date unaware that a kuroko is controlling Mendo. Tobimaro looking on muses about the turn of events and how his sister would sneek in his bath and bed of him, her big brother. Now that Asuka regards Mendo as her big brother too, who knows what'll happen? Ryoko hears this and has an argument with Tobimaro. Meanwhile Lum passes the dating couple to see Mendo (with the kuroko controlling him) hugging Asuka. Lum sees something familiar and lifts the kuroko's mask to see that...it's Ataru! Asuka looks up to see Ataru attached to Mendo which scares her and she knocks them both away. Flying through the air, Mendo wakes up.

Chapter 254: 嵐を呼ぶデート=その3=
Arashi o yobu deeto, =sono 3=
(The Date that Called Forth a Storm Part 3)
After Mendo awakes to find Ataru sharing his clothes, he finds out something more pressing. Mendo's agents have set up a parimeter defense and now there are hundreds of them covering the entire Mendo Family compound. Now Asuka is running scared all over the attacking men left and right. Lum takes pity on her and shows her one of Mendo's tanks where she can hide. But strangely Asuka rips apart the tank and reverting to old habits, creates a makeshift armor out of the pieces. Mendo and Ataru who are still attached find Asuka putting on this ugly armor. Mendo tries to convince her to take it off, but since Ataru's still attached to Mendo, Asuka gets frightened and runs away. Confused by why Mendo and Ataru have the same body now, Asuka wanders through Mendo's mansion. Ryoko finds Ryoko and tries to act like she's sympathetic to her plight (even though Ryoko sees Asuka as a rival). She explains to Asuka that Mendo has Ataru attached to him because....his true form is actually of a 2-headed, 4-armed, 4-legged, winged, fire breathing monster from outer space.

Chapter 255: 嵐を呼ぶデート=その4=
Arashi o yobu deeto, =sono 4=
(The Date that Called Forth a Storm Part 4)
Asuka's worried by Ryoko's claims. Ataru and Mendo (still attached...those idiots) try to convince her otherwise, but she's confused by her affection for Mendo and her fear of Ataru. Eventually Ataru steps out from Mendo's clothes and is once again pumelled by Asuka. The Lady Mizunokoji drops in and reprimands her daughter for acting so badly towards men and dishonouring herself. She decides to take extreme measures and put Asuka through a behavioral modification by attaching her to the source of her fear, Ataru. Asuka won't have it and challenges her mother. As strong as Asuka is, she's no match for her mother and she's quickly subdued and chained by the arm to Ataru. To make Asuka co-operate, Tobimaro has been captured. Lady Mizunokoji threatens to harm Tobimaro any time Asuka hits Ataru so she must not attack Ataru. To make things easier for her, Lum blindfolds Asuka so she won't have to see Ataru. They leave together into the gardens, but Lum hangs onto Ataru to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Chapter 256: 嵐を呼ぶデート=その5=
Arashi o yobu deeto, =sono 5=
(The Date that Called Forth a Storm Part 5)
Ataru sees this excursion with Asuka as a date. Asuka nervously follows. To keep him from doing anything stupid Lum ties Ataru's arm behind his back, puts a kuroko mask on him, and wraps his hand in a cloth. Ataru overcomes this by using his entire body to grope Asuka. Asuka runs screaming, through the compound, still blindfolded, causing massive damage. Asuka's mother tortures Tobimaro to show what'll happen if she doesn't co-operate, but since Asuka is wearing a blindfold, she can't see this and Ton gets tortured for nothing. Asuka settles down and hides away, but forgets that Ataru's still chained to her until she removes her blindfold. Ryoko convinces Asuka that to save Tobimaro and be rid of Ataru she has to have courage and fight her mother. Mother and daughter battle on using Tobimaro and Ataru as their weapons. Ryoko steps in and confuses things. She eventually twists things around to make her their mother think that Asuka and Tobimaro want to marry. Asuka doesn't understand what's going on, but decides to get Ton away from danger. She spins around Ataru on the chain like a helicopter and flies off with Tobimaro and saying goodbye to her mother. Thinking they're really trying to elope, Lady Mizunokoji gets Lum to cut the chain (making Ataru fly off) thus bringing Asuka back down to the ground. Her mother gets really angry and Asuka swears she learned her lesson and won't have any more problems with men. But the promise is short lived as Asuka still remains scared of Ataru and still sleeps with Tobimaro every night.

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