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Urusei Yatsura
volume 27

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1985 Vol. 20 - 30
Published in English as:

Chapter 279: キツネの嫁取り
Kitsune no yome tori
(Kitsune Takes A Bride)
An old woman tells Kitsune a story about giving dandelions to a woman which transform into a beautiful bridal gown. With that, Kitsune sets off for Tomobiki hoping that the story will come true for Shinobu and him. Once he arrives he finds the school in the middle of a costume contest. Ataru made Lum dress as Oiran, while he dressed as Mothra. The Oiran costume is very heavy and slows Lum down so Ataru can chase skirts, and when she learns that was Ataru's intention, she blasts the costume off revealing a skimpy Vamperilla outfit underneath. Mendo is dressed as a kabuki actor and he and Ataru begin to brawl. During their fight most of Kitsune's dandelions are blown away. When he finally finds Shinobu he is shocked to see she is wearing a bridal gown and chained to Ryunosuke, who is dressed as a groom. Disappointed the little fox heads back home to ask the old woman about how to get back a lost love.

Chapter 280: 強食惑星
Kyoshoku wakusei
(Food World)
In outer space a small spaceman named Hanakichi is polishing a bowl on the hull of his spaceship when he suddenly lets it go and it floats towards Earth. Just then at Tomobiki High everyone is complaining to Onsen-Mark about how hungry they all are when a loud crash is heard outside. Onsen goes to inspect the crater and soon the rest of the class follows him outside. When they arrive they find him eating nabe out of the bowl that fell from space. Cherry snatches the bowl and sucks down all the food before anyone has a chance. As they all stand around it saddened by their loss, they begin to talk about what food they wish they had to eat. No sooner do they say this, than the foods they discussed begin appearing in the bowl. Soon the bowl is overflowing with a gross concoction of many different foods and Ataru realizes everyone must request their food separately. Out in space the spacemen are monitoring their rapid decline in food rations as the kids from Tomobiki High keep shouting out more and more foods that they want. Out of the sky the UFO decends and sucks up the bowl, but the kids are so unwilling to let their magical food producing bowl escape that they are pulled onto the ship as well.

Chapter 281: かってな幸福、青い鳥
Katte na kofuku aoi tori
(The Bluebird of Happiness)
A legendary space criminal the Bluebird of Happiness has escaped his prison and flees to Earth. With the space cops Kerukeru and Michiru on his tail he tries to lay low at Tomobiki High. The Blue Bird decides to grant wishes, but all his wishes come out wrong. For instance one student wishes for "kane" (money) and gets "kane" (bell). Lum recognizes the Blue Bird from a wanted poster she once saw and immediately tells Onsen-Mark. Kosuke finds it and asks to be able to see through walls, but simply gets the ability to create small windows where he wants to see. Mr. Fujinami finds the bird and it grants his wish and changes Ryunosuke into a boy. As Ryunosuke chases him off Mendo bemoans the fact that everyone has made wishes. When he sees Ataru and grabs him, he is transformed into a girl. Lum manages to corner the Blue Bird on the roof and Michiru and Kerukeru arrive to arrest him again, and give Lum a flamethrower so she can burn all the feathers off of the students heads.

Chapter 282: 母の心、子の心
Haha no kokoro, ko no kokoro
(Mother's Heart, Child's Heart)
Ten's mother contacts Lum to tell her that she will be stopping by soon to visit with her son. Lum goes off to tell Ten, who is fighting with Ataru, and he immediately switches into his "good-boy mode" and is extra polite to everyone. Soon Ten's mom arrives and while having tea with Lum and Ataru she explains how she's been seeing a lot of bad kids recently that act really nice around their parents but like little demons otherwise. Ten is getting nervous when Ataru says he's had personal experience with kids like that, so he heads downstairs to bring up some teacakes. Mrs. Moroboshi mentions that it's Mother's Day and Ten should do something nice for his Mom like buy her a carnation. Ten excuses himself and says he'll be back soon. He heads off to the flower shop owned by the girl from chapter 66, and she gives him a bouquet of carnations. He gives one flower to a down and out gambler who doesn't have enough money to give his mother a flower and Torajima snatches the rest away, and Ten blowtorches him and all the flowers. Ten tries to steal one from a bird, but it beats him up, so the girl at the flower shop gives him one more. As soon as he makes it back home, his mother has just left so Ataru slams him with a frying pan sending him sailing through the air and into his mother's arms. Ten's mom was worried Ten might be avoiding her and angry, but was happy to see that her son didn't feel that way at all.

Chapter 283: 飛んでけ!肩こり
Tondeke! katakori
(Fly, Stiff-Shouldered One!)
Lum is showing Sakura some moxibustion from her planet that is supposed to make stress "fly away". After a rough day in PE class, Lum decides to use some on Ataru's back without him knowing. Suddenly the moxibustion rocks turn into wings, and Lum explains that as soon as he stress is gone the wings will fly away. Lum decides to take Ataru outside to test out his new wings, which take a little getting used to. The next day Ataru decides to put his devil wings to good use by buzzing his classroom and bothering Mendo and Onsen-Mark. After he tires of that he heads to the girls' locker room, Lum gets angry and Ataru flies away from her leaving havoc in their wake. With the whole school after him the wings release from his back and fly away leaving Ataru upside down in mid-air.

Chapter 284: スケ番三人娘、動物作戦
Sukeban san-nin musume, dobutsu sakusen
(The Three Girls Gang, Operation: Animal)
Sugar, Ginger and Pepper have devised a scheme to use animals to counter Benten, Lum, and Oyuki's abilities. The plan seems flawless so they head to Benten's house first. While she's out they use octopi to spraypaint her house with graffiti. When she comes home they panic and try to accuse her of owning the delinquent octopi. They get hosed in ink for their trouble. Next the head to Neptune where they bring a penguin to Oyuki. They yell insults and shout that there is no way she chould freeze this bird. When Oyuki asks why she would want to, they are at a loss and decide to give her the bird as a present so they can make their escape. Finally they visit Lum and lure her outside her UFO where a giant electric eel awaits her. It is immune to her shocks and proves to be a formidable opponent. Lum is captured inside a net along with the eel, but it gets upset when the girls kick and stomp on it as they try to hit Lum. Lum breaks out and sends the girls packing once again and with a souvenir photo to boot.

Chapter 285: 活魚つかみどり
Ikeuo tsukamidori
(Choose Your Fish)
After checking his bank book, Mr. Fujinami realizes that he's in the hole financially and will never be able to re-open Hamachaya at the rate he's going. He decides to visit some old friends to help generate some cashflow. Soon everyone in town receives invitations to catch live fish at the Tomobiki High pool. Everyone shows up and pays the 500 yen entrance fee, but when it's time to start catching, they are shocked to see the pool is packed with dangerous fish like sharks, swordfish and manta rays. Mr. Fujinami says these are all his friends from days long past at the ocean. Everyone feel cheated and while Kotatsuneko deals with the shark everyone else dives in to fill their buckets with fish. Mendo saves an octopus that has gotten tossed in and Ataru fights off the swordfish with his sword-catching techniques. It soon becomes apparent that Mr. Fujinami is going to loose money on this venture so he dresses up as a giant seahorse and starts sucking fish out of everyone's buckets. Finally he's too full to move and Ataru unzips his suit and everyone collects their fish.

Chapter 286: 十年目の真実
Juu-nen-me no shinjitsu

(Truth of the Tenth Year)
The Principal tells Onsen-Mark of a teacher who disappeared ten years ago. After telling him the events surrounding the man's disappearance he tells Onsen that this very night the events will supposedly repeat themselves. Onsen-Mark is skeptical until oddly similar events begin to fall into place with him as the apparent target. Onsen seems to be plagued by similar play on words of the curse the Principal warned him about. Mendo and Ataru make their way to the school in the middle of the night to have a duel and just then everything clicks into place and Onsen realizes the events are about to repeat themselves as Ataru strikes at Mendo with an umbrella (the legend predicted a bat, and in Japanese kasa and gasa are very similar sounding words). Lightening strikes and by the next morning Onsen is unable to speak, as predicted, but it is because he spent all night fighting Mendo and Ataru. Whereas the teacher to whom the tragedy had befallen ten years prior revealed that he was so scared he hid under the floor, but when he tried to get out he couldn't so he was exhausted by the time he was found the next morning.

Chapter 287: はんぎゃ摘み
Hangya tsumi
(Picking Hangya)
One Saturday night while out on a date with Rei, Ran decides to ask him if he would ever like her to bring him any food besides taiyaki. Ran ponders this for awhile when a bat-like creature flies into his mouth and stings him, causing him to exclaim "Hangya!" Ran believes this primal scream is some sort of food, and promises to bring him some for their next date. After some research she learns that it is, in fact, a plant that grows in a cannibal's field in the 4th Dimension. Ran heads through the portal in the Moroboshi's home and Ataru and Lum tag along since she disrupted their dinner. Ran and the others make their way to the cannibal's home and Ran secretly strikes a deal with the old woman. She will give her Lum and Ataru to eat, in exchange for the Hangya. The old woman is especially excited about the first trying her first oni, while outside Ataru helps Ran pick the little Hangya, which scream out "hangyaaa!" as they are picked. The old woman goes outside to see what is taking Ataru so long, and a cauldron in her kitchen tells Lum about the dinner plans. She escapes and tosses all the hangya at the old woman saying that she can keep them. Ataru doesn't seem too upset when he learns of Ran's deception, and they all make it out safely. On their next date, Ran apologizes to Rei for being unable to get sure his Hangya, but asks him if he would like anything else. Rei sneezes and Ran tells him that she'll bring him "Ah Ah Choos" next time.

Chapter 288: 水着ラプソディー
Mizugi rapusodî
(Swimsuit Rhapsody)
It's the opening day of the school's pool and Ryunosuke doesn't have a suitable bathing suit. The only one her father will let her have is a pair of boy's trunks. All the other students buy their suits at the school store, but Mr. Fujinami refuses Ryunosuke. Ataru and Mendo decide that Ryu must beat Mr. Fujinami with cunning and guile rather than a head-on attack, and so they tell her she should hold his most precious thing hostage in order to exchange it for a suit. When she asks him what he loves most in the world, he replies that it's her. Infuriated with his lies, she takes Mendo and Ataru's words literally and "uses her head", first by blinding Mr. Fujinami with the glare from the Principal's bald head, and then by delievering a headbutt. She wins her swimsuit, but unfortunately it's really just a boy's wrestling uniform.

Chapter 289: 反省座禅会
Hansei zazen-kai
(The Zen Club)
A brawl in Onsen-Mark's class winds up getting out of hand and Ran's explosive dolls blow up half of the school building. The Principal has to cancel school, and as punishment he makes Ataru, Lum, Mendo, Ran, Shinobu, and Ten go to a Zen retreat and meditate about their actions. Everyone refuses to take the blame for the school being in shambles and Onsen-Mark gets fed up with their attitudes as he tries to convince the Principal of their delinquency. Shinobu bursts into tears and manages to escape, but when she offers to ride around with Ryunosuke, she winds up back at the retreat. Another fight breaks out and the zen temple is left in tatters just like Tomobiki High.

summaries by Harley Acres

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