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Urusei Yatsura
volume 28

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1985 Vol. 31 - 41
Published in English as:

Chapter 290: 星に願いを
Hoshi ni negai o
(When You Wish Upon A Star)
The Moroboshi family are selected by the Setsubun Wishing Star to have three wishes granted. The family is extremely angry that the Wishing Star tore through their wall upon his entrance and wastes one wish getting him to fix the damage he caused. When they realize the potential of the Star's powers they begin to bicker over who gets to make the last two wishs. Ataru wants a harem, but can not gain access to the Star. Cherry winds up wishing for food with one of the wishes, and while the family argues over the final wish with the dawn deadline fast approaching they can not wake the Star up from his slumber. Cherry decides to wish that the Star would wake up, and then it flies away now that the three wishes were exhausted.

Chapter 291: 口づけ♥速達小包
Kuchizuke ♥ sokutatsu kozutsumi
(A Promised Kiss)
During class one day, a special delivery arrives for Lum. The box is from Pigumo, but Lum doesn't recognize the name. Inside she finds a talking frog who asks for a kiss. Lum toss the frog out, but then recalls a preschool friend of hers name Pigumo who once got turned into a frog while playing with cursed wildgrass. Back then, she had kissed him to return him to normal, but it seems he has been cursed again. Pigumo the the frog comes back to the classroom and Mendo jokingly tells him that he is even more pathetic that Ataru and has no chance of getting a kiss from Lum. When Pigumo shows everyone a photo of his true self, the girls go wild and Mendo nearly jumps out the window. Ataru refuses to acknowledge the situation so Lum takes Pigumo off intending to kiss him. Ataru decides if Lum can kiss someone then so can he. Unable to find anyone, Ataru sits and watches with agony as Lum kisses the frog who changes back into Pigumo though he neglected to tell everyone he is only a few inches tall.

Chapter 292: 兄弟★愛の戦い;前編
Kyodai ★ ai no tatakai; zenpen
(The Sibling Battle of Love - Part 1)
While eating breakfast one morning, Asuka tells Tobimaro that he has a grain of rice on his face, and then kisses it away. This is the final straw for Mrs. Mizunokoji and she turns to Lum for help in straightening out her daugther's demented notions about brother and sisterly behavior. Lum, Ataru, and Mendo come to the Mizunokoji compound and outfit Tobimaro with a robotic battle suit. Meanwhile Mrs. Mizunokoji explains to her daughter that if Tobimaro defeats her, she will have to leave him alone for good. Asuka accepts as long as if she wins she gets to keep seeing her brother. Lum tests out the suit, but forgets a screw which causes it to blow up. With no other options she puts a seed on Tobimaro's head which sprouts into a Plant Weapon. Now with a sunflower sprouting from his head, Tobimaro can harness solar power to help increase his strength. Asuka on the other hand had a natto seed affixed to her back which will grow entangling vines of natto when exposed to sunlight. Too bad the day of the match calls for rain.

Chapter 293: 兄弟★愛の戦い;後編
Kyodai ★ ai no tatakai; kouhen
(The Sibling Battle of Love - Part 2)
As the battle between Tobimaro and Asuka gets under way, the radio predicts intermittant showers all morning. Without solar power, Tobimaro's strenght-granting sunflower can't give him the boost he needs to take on Asuka, and her natto vines won't grow and slow her down. Asuka makes quick work of Tobimaro, sending him flying in one blow, so Ataru grabs onto her long enough for Mrs. Mizunokoji to get Tobimaro back on his feet. When the sun finally comes out, Tobimaro's flower power proves to be enough, but Ataru gets entangled in Asuka's constricting vines, which causes her to be scared out of her mind. Soon Ataru gets her natto seedling attached to his chest and uses it to grab her. Tobimaro has seen enough and comes to her rescue as a bolt of lighting destroys both his sunflower and the natto seed. Because Tobimaro saved her, Asuka loves him all the more.

Chapter 294: 怒りのプール
Ikari no puru
(Raging Pool)
Everyone comes to check out Mendo's swimming pool, and are impressed by the fact that it's built right on the edge of the ocean. He brags that he even though they are staring at the Pacific Ocean, he has the saltwater that fills his pool pumped in via pipline all the way from the Sea of Japan which is on the entire other side of the country. Soon, Mendo's guards say a suspicious character was trying to break in, but Mendo says he will allow some of the commoners to swim for awhile. Unfortunately it's no commoner but a giant squid. Mendo freaks out and tires to kill it, but when the creature sees Ryunosuke cooking up squid for snacks it goes on a rampage. Finally they manage to capture the giant beast, but no sooner do they have it subdued than dozens of tiny squid come out of Mendo's pool. Sakura points out that they must have gotten sucked through the pipeline and their parent came looking for them. Mendo decides to release them so they can go home, but instead they decide to move into his pool since the water is the same as their home sea.

Chapter 295: つるつるソープ
Tsurutsuru sopu
(Slippery Soap)
After watching a TV show about making your own soap, Lum tries her hand at it. Unfortunately she doesn't pay very close attention to what she's doing and makes a bar of super slippery soap. She heads to the tennis courts to play mixed doubles with Ataru, Sakura, and Kotatsuneko, and after the match she and Sakura's soap gets mixed up in the shower. Sakura comes out with a slick sheen all over her body, and when Ataru tries to hug her, she shoot out of his arms and flies across the sky. After cursing out Lum for messing up her plans for the day she heads off to attend to some business. Ataru and Lum follow her and find out that her "business" is a date with Tsubame, her fiance. Tsubame is feeling insecure about the fact that they haven't seen much of each other lately, and he wants to have a serious talk about things. Unfortunately whenever he tries to touch Sakura or hold her hand, she slips out of his grasp. Ataru uses this to his advantage to make Tsubame think Sakura isn't in love anymore. After a horrible date, Tsubame feels crushed, so Lum sprays Sakura and Tsubame with sticky torimochi causing them to get stuck together.

Chapter 296: 浜茶屋の夏
Hamachaya no natsu

(The Summer of Hamachaya)
After recieving a letter saying that Hamachaya has moved for the summer, Ataru and the gang head to the beach to see how business is going for Ryunosuke and Mr. Fujinami. When they arrive they find Hamachaya in a horrible state of disrepair and Mr. Fujinami claims Ryu has abandoned him. Ryunosuke soon shows up to gather some of her things, as she has decided to strike out on her own and seems to be doing quite well for herself. Soon Mr. Fujinami tries to ruin Ryunosuke's business plans and the two wind up in a mid-air battle of who can make food the best. The two find newfound respect for one another, but Fujinami decides to cut Ryunosuke out of the money everyone pays them for the little show they put on. Soon the creditors arrive and wind up taking all of their days earnings just to cover a modicum of the back payments Fujinami owes them.

Chapter 297: 風鈴樹の音色
Furinju no neiro
(The Toll of the Wind Chime)
Oyuki gives Lum a seedling of one of her Wind Chime Trees, and Lum takes it back to Earth and gives it to the Moroboshi's who are sweltering in the summer heat. When Lum brings the Wind Chime it instantly cools the living room, making everyone extremely thankful. Mrs. Moroboshi goes to cook some noodles, but is upset by how hot the rest of the home is. Soon they spread seedlings around the rest of the house to keep it completely cool, but the plants begin to grow out of control and freeze up the entire house. In the middle of summer the Moroboshi's are clamoring for heaters, while Lum makes a call to Oyuki to see if she can help them. Oyuki decides to turn their home into a nursery for her Wind Chime Trees and Mr. Moroboshi agrees provided he gets a share of the profits.

Chapter 298: 涙の家庭訪問
Namida no katei homon
(The Home Visit Blues)
Onsen-Mark announces that since this is the beginning of a new semester, he will start by making home visits to meet with his student's parents. Today he will be visiting the Fujinamis, Mendos, Moroboshis, and Miyakes. He starts with the Fujinamis who are right in the middle of one of their brawls and Onsen takes quite a beating when he comes between them. Sakura treats his injuries and warns him not to continue, but he heads off to see Mendo's family. Mr. Mendo toys with him, and then when Onsen gets up to talk to Shutaro, he moves a bit too quickly, and Mendo's bodyguards go to work on him. Barely able to walk now, he heads to Shinobu's home, but he arrives so late, that her parents are gone. Onsen asks to see her study area, but Shinobu is so freaked out by his persistance that she thinks he's trying to get her in the house while her parents are gone and make out with her. She sends him flying when he tries to open the door himself. Onsen crawls to the Moroboshi's home, but can't get in since they can not hear his weak cries for help. They wind up eating all the dinner they were saving for him and he crawls off down the street feeling defeated. Suddenly a tractor beam lifts him into the air and Lum says she is taking him to see her parents. They fly to Planet Oni where Onsen gets along famously with her father and winds up not coming back to school for days.

Chapter 299: 妖精のパラソル
Yosei no parasoru
(The Sprite's Parasol)
Ataru ends another marathon session of beating up Ten, who is frustrated about loosing again. The next day, Ten comes across a small sprite inside a puddle. The sprite tells Ten that he travels from town to town granting children's wishes, but a typhoon blew him off course. He hid inside the puddle but cannot leave it without his umbrella. Ten decides he will help the sprite who promises to fulfill one of his dreams in return. Ten, of course, wants to beat Ataru, so he sets out to find the umbrella. Ten finds that Torajima has it but he looses it and Lum places it in a bird's nest to shield it from the rain. The mother bird will not let Ten have it back, so he has to get a pole to knock it down. Unfortunately for him, Ataru gets it and it almost gets incinerated while they fight over it. Finally Ten manages to get the umbrella to the puddle and free the sprite, who keeps his promise and fulfills one of Ten's dreams... the dream he had the previous night about monster's destroying the city and being crushed under a giant foot.

Chapter 300: 写真の中の女
Shashin no naka no onna
(The Girl in the Photograph)
Kitsune is sitting under a child's window hearing an old fairytale of a girl who was trapped inside a drawing by an evil oni. The girl was saved when a fox came and freed her by vanquishing the oni. Kitsune wanders into town that night and overhears a trucker that is heading to Tomobiki so he hitches a ride. The next day he sees Soban drop a photo of Shinobu which he believes she has been trapped by. Lum comes along and Kitsune knows what he must do, defeat Lum! He tries to hit her, but all his tiny blows seem like a game to Lum, who smiles happily. Soon Ataru comes by chasing a girl and Lum flies into a rage. Kitsune disguises himself as Ataru thinking that is the way to anger Lum, but as usual no one falls for his disguise. Elsewhere Kotatsuneko has been standing in a pawn shop all day long eyeing a camera, and to get rid of him the owner gives it to him for free. Meanwhile Ten flies past he cafe where Kitsune, Lum and Ataru are having tea and Kitsune decides that if he has to fight an oni, Ten is more akin to his weight-class. Kitsune tries to fight him but no one seems to notice, and the instant he touches Ten's horn Shinobu appears just like in the fairytale. Kitsune is overcome and Kotatsuneko takes a photo of Kitsune and Shinobu to commemorate the event, which only further confuses the little fox.

summaries by Harley Acres

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