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Urusei Yatsura
volume 29

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1985 Vol. 42 - 1986 Vol. 1
Published in English as:

Chapter 301: 電飾の魔境=その1=
Denshoku no makyo =sono 1=
(The Electric Jungle - Part 1)
While Lum waits in the park for Ataru to show up for their date, he's decided to have tea with another girl. Elsewhere a strange boy is watching television in a jungle hut and the program he sees inspires him to go and search for his own true love. Ataru decides to blow off the girl, leaving Kosuke in his place and go to see Lum after making her wait for nearly an hour. In the park, the strange jungle-boy arrives chasing an elephant and sees Lum. He takes Lum's hands and declares her love, promting her to electricute him. Oddly enough though, it has no effect. He notices that they are both wearing tiger-striped garments and just as he embraces her, Ataru arrives and sees them hugging. He storms off, leaving Lum to go home with the strange jungle boy. When he and Lum get back to his hut, he introduces her to his "grandfather" which is actually a television set.

Chapter 302: 電飾の魔境=その2=
Denshoku no makyo =sono 2=
(The Electric Jungle - Part 2)
Shingo makes Lum breakfast after she spends the night at his hut. The vegetables seem odd because he is able to power appliances just by plugging them into the veggies. Lum remarks that the juice from them even takes like electricty. Lum escapes and comes to school to tell Ataru it's his responsibilty to come and rescue her. With that, she hooks a small device to the lockers and when opened they are now entrances to the boy's jungle. When everyone tries to rush in, the foliage immediately fries them. Mendo decides to go and ask his gardener for some insulation suits. As soon as the man sees him he hugs him and calls him "Shingo". Mendo corrects him saying that he is "Shutaro" not "Shingo". He explains that the old gardener lost his grandson in their electric vegetable patch when he was only a child, and soon thereafter the electric vegetable project was shut down. The photo the old man has looks remarkably like the jungle boy that kidnapped Lum. Suddenly Lum appears on the old man's TV set screaming for help and Shingo, the jungle boy, saying she is now his wife. As Mendo, Ataru, Kosuke, and Shinobu suit up and storm through the locker Shingo and Lum discuss how effective the scene they just performed was.

Chapter 303: 電飾の魔境=その3=
Denshoku no makyo =sono 3=
(The Electric Jungle - Part 3)
The gang scours the Electric Jungle until they find a clue Lum has left behind leading them to the hideout. As they trek through the jungle they step into some ivy, which ensares them. Ataru plugs the electric ivy in, thinking it will free them, but they all get zapped instead. As Shingo laughs from nearby Ataru calls him out and then leaves Mendo to battle him. It's Mendo's katana versus Shingo's electric radishes, and Mendo makes short work of them. Unfortunately the electrically charged pieces fall right back onto Mendo zapping him. Shingo runs away but Ataru follows closely behind. As Lum watches from behind a tree she zaps Shingo's weapon to save Ataru, but part of him flies out, hitting Ataru on the head. Shingo carries Lum off, while the others check on Ataru.

Chapter 304: 電飾の魔境=その4=
Denshoku no makyo =sono 4=
(The Electric Jungle - Part 4)
Shingo continues to tell Lum that he wants to get married, especially after defeating Ataru. Lum tells him no, and he does not understand why she suddenly feels nothing for him. She apologizes and explains that she didn't mean to lead him on. Elsewhere the others have found an abandoned building and a picture of a young Shingo together with Mendo's gardener. Mendo realizes that the jungle they have been wandering in is actually in his own backyard and is the electric vegetable project that was abandoned long ago. Ataru and the others finally catch up to Shingo as he is trying to marry Lum. Everyone works together and manages to knock Shingo into a pool of water, destroying his "Grandfather/TV set" that he was carrying on his back. Shinobu tells him not to worry, and that they know where his real grandfather is. They take Shingo to see the old gardener, and just when it seems they recognize each other the old man grabs Mendo and Shingo heads for the TV set.

Chapter 305: マジカルハット
Majikaru hatto
(Magical Hat)
While playing Go at a barbershop one day, a magician walks in and leaves his magical tophat with Kotatsuneko. While he gets his hair cut, Kotatsuneko wanders off and discovers that the hat has the ability to create anything he can think of. Kotatsuneko heads back to the Moroboshi's home where he discovers that Mrs. Moroboshi has thrown out his favorite futon that he uses to cover his kotatsu. Just by thinking about it, he is able to create another futon that pops out of his hat. Ataru tries on the top hat and tries to make Sakura, but he is unable to use it because of his lack of spiritual power. Sakura and Cherry soon come to investigate, and hound Mrs. Moroboshi for dinner. She tells them repeatedly that she has enough only for her family, so Cherry tells Kotatsuneko to concentrate on their pot of nabe and create another. Instead of creating one, Kotatsuneko devours the entire family's dinner. Mrs. Moroboshi is beside herself and tries to make Kotatsuneko make another dinner for them with the hat, but he only creates fish cookies and cook books. Finally the magician comes and disappears inside the hat to avoid getting yelled at for the trouble the hat has caused.

Chapter 306: 情熱の赤い靴
Jonetsu no akai kutsu
(Passion of the Red Shoes)
During a theater festival held at the school, class 2-4 decides to put on a production of "Carmen". The trouble begins when the pair of white high heels needed for Lum's costume are painted red. As soon as this happens, the shoes cause Lum to kick people in the face for no apparent reason. Sakura deduces that the shoes are made of leather, and the soul of the bull they are made from was awakened with it was painted red. Onsen-Mark and the Principal come to watch everyone reherse, and Ataru quickly explains that instead of "Carmen" they are now doing "The Red Meteor of Spain". Ataru concocts a story about a devil bull that is raging against matadors everywhere, while Mendo does his best to fend off the rampaging shoes on Lum's feet. When Cherry brings in his beef sukiyaki the shoes go wild but the heels get stuck in the wall, allowing Lum to slip them off. The Principal is overjoyed with the "play" much to everyone's surprise.

Chapter 307: プリマの星をつかめ
Purima no hoshi o tsukame

(The Star Prima's Balance)
Hoshikuzu is an extremely talented ballerina, but has trouble sticking her landings. Slippery things just seem to appear right where she is about to land and cause her to slip and fall. Unknown to her, her rival, Hanagatsuo, is behind the accidental spills. Hoshikuzu slips once again, costing her the prima-ballerina role in the upcoming production. On her way home, she watches in horror as a Dappya child is almost hit by a truck, but Ryunosuke leaps in and makes a gallant save. Hoshikuzu begs Ryunosuke to train her, and Ryu agrees since ballet is such a feminine dance. She starts by teaching her to drag a truck behind her, and carry heavy loads up temple stairs. Hanagatsuo hooks up with Mr. Fujinami to help ensure that Hoshikuzu doesn't get too good, but when it comes time for another try out, Hoshikuzu sticks her landing so well she kicks right through the floor. Because of Ryunosuke's intense training she decides that board breaking martial arts may be more her style.

Chapter 308: 箱宇宙に秘められた過去
Kosumo bokkusu [hako uchu] ni himerareta kako
(The Cosmo Box Hidden in the Past)
Ten orders a Cosmo Box, a small box that contains a galaxy inside. Lum and Ran are visiting each other and start to talk about Lum's old box which was mysteriously destroyed when Ran came over to visit. Ran can't stand Lum's accusatory tone and tries to think back to what happened. She remembers being invited over and bringing her camera to tape it, but Lum had to stay at school late and clean up. By the time Lum was home, the box was destroyed and Ran was gone. Soon, Benten shows up, and Ran suddenly remembers everything. On the way to Lum's house Benten picked her up and then tried to feed the Cosmo Box without permission causing it to explode. Ran runs home to her spaceship and prints out pictures from the old tape that recorded the incident. When Ran drops hints about it to Benten, she honestly can't remember anything about it. Benten admits to being pretty rough on her own Cosmo Box, and switching out with Lum sometimes, but doesn't remember much else. Ran springs the pictures on Lum, who seems upset, but then admits that she feels better now because she overfed Benten's Cosmo Box once too. As it turns out Benten and Lum had secretly broken a lot of each others things over the years, and now they feel much better about getting it out in the open.

Chapter 309: 電気仕掛けの御庭番;前編
Denki ji kake no o-niwaban; zenpen
(The Electric Household Guard - Part 1)
Mr. Mendo informs his son that from today, he will have his own personal "niwaban" an antiquated term for a guard of the inner gardens who worked for a shogun. Mendo wasn't aware keeping a guard such as this was still done, but he is greatly upset to see that it his guard is going to be Shingo, the boy who lived in the Electric Jungle on the Mendo Estate. Shingo's grandfater, the gardener, has actually been Mr. Mendo's bodyguard who has been undercover all these years. At first Mendo is against the idea, but decides to test Shingo and sends him to spy on Ryoko, who has been unusually quiet. When Shingo sees her, he imagines himself some sort of feudal hero saving a damsel in distress (he had actually just watched a TV program about this). Shingo kicks her kuroko-powered horse and sends her flying only to save her. After meeting, Ryoko learns that Shingo works for her brother and sends him a letter to meet her that night. Unfortunately Shingo is almost completely illiterate, and has to get Ataru to read the letter for him. After realizing what is going on, Ataru goes to meet with Ryoko too.

Chapter 310: 電気仕掛けの御庭番;後編
Denki ji kake no o-niwaban; kouhen
(The Electric Household Guard - Part 2)
Shingo and Ryoko flee the Mendo Estate under the pretense of eloping. Shingo is worn out, and Ryoko suggests that they hide at the nearby Moroboshi home. There Ryoko discovers that Shingo once trie to marry Lum, and her pretend-love for him turns into her typical sadistic torture. Mendo bursts in just as she flees leaving grenades in her wake and heads back to the Mendo Estate. There she locks the massive front entrance prompting everyone to have to climb over the massive wall. Ryoko warns Shingo to get down due to the high-tension electrical current running through the wall, but then she flips the switch intending to fry them all. Shingo is unnaffected however, due to the fact he was raised in the Electric Jungle. Ataru manages to recover from his jolt and escapes with Ryoko, but Lum zaps him for his trouble. Now Shingo has Ryoko again, and he uses his knowledge of the Mendo Estate to tap into the electrical grid and causes it to go haywire. It seems that no one can defeat Shingo when suddenly his grandfather appears and covers him in a blanket that was used to catch electric eels, thus draining him of his electrical supercharge.

Chapter 311: 校長殴打事件
Kocho oda jiken
(The Case of the Punched Principal)
Onsen-Mark is screaming at Mendo, Ataru, Ryunosuke, Shinobu and Lum one day when the Principal happens to walk by. Onsen is fed up with their antics and decides to put them on toliet scrubbing duty for a month or face suspension. The Principal finds this a little too harsh and tells them they can clean his office as punishment instead. Onsen-Mark is angry about the Principal stepping in and overruling him, but the class heads off to begin their punishment. Soon, Onsen-Mark comes in to check on things and finds the Principal laying unconcious at his table. He accuses the students of attacking him, but they all had their backs turned when he was struck. Ataru believes Mendo may be to blame, but has no proof. Onsen begins to cite his wild theories to Sakura such as the Principal threatening to expell Ataru unless Lum engaged in some illict relationship with him. Or perhaps the Principal became fed up with the Fujinamis and threatened to throw them out of their home, prompting Ryunosuke to strike back. Soon everyone suspects Onsen because he was the one that found the Principal's unconcious body. Ataru and Mendo hammer Onsen-Mark with a tough line of questioning and almost make him confess, just as the Principal awakens and tells everyone he was knocked out by trying to crack a hard-boiled egg on his head.

summaries by Harley Acres

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