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Urusei Yatsura
volume 30

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1986 Vol. 2/3 - 14
Published in English as:

Chapter 312: 七面鳥逃げた
Shichimencho nigeta
(The Runaway Turkey)
Sato, a genetically engineered turkey breaks out of the Turkey Research Center and the Moroboshi's catch the story on the news. The 500 yen reward isn't worth them turning him in, so they decide that due to his genetic alteration which makes him gain weight and size very quickly, they'll fatten him up for Christmas dinner. Lum feeds Sato one of her spicy alien foodstuffs which sends the bird fleeing for his life. He comes across Ran and eats all the cupcakes she had made for Rei. Now Ran joins in the chase hoping to replace the cupcakes with a turkey dinner. By this time Sato has grown to the size of a human and he arrives at the Fujinami's. Ryunosuke mistakes it for an ostrich, so Mr. Fujinami believes they should try turning this ostrich in and tricking the institute out of the reward (which is a lot of money to the poverty-striken Fujinamis). By the time they all hunt Sato down, he's grown to Godzilla-like statue after having devoured an entire ramen warehouse.

Chapter 313: おまえのひみつをしっている
Omae no himitsu o shitte iru
(I Know Your Secret)
On New Year's Day Mendo's guards bring up his stack of New Year's cards wishing him good fortune and happiness in the coming year. Mendo reads through the stack until coming across a very troubling, almost threatening card. It's message is scrawled in a childlike handwriting and simply says "I know your secret," with no return address. Mendo is enraged and believes that it's Ataru trying to threaten him, so he decides to hold a New Year's party. He invites everyone and sets up a room with giant brushes and paper for them to write on. Mendo tells them that they are to write the phrase "I know your secret" and he will give someone a year's worth of fancy catered meals if they meet the judges qualications. Of course this is all actually just an elaborate cover so that Mendo can have handwriting samples to check against the letter. Soon Ataru starts horsing around writing girls names down and fighting with his paintbrush and the proceedings turn into an all out ink war. Mendo still believes that Ataru sent him the threat, but it is later revealed to have been Shingo copying a note he saw on a video he was watching since he didn't know how to write a proper New Year's card.

Chapter 314: おとなの恋の物語;前編
Otona no koi no monogatari; zenpen
(A Tale of Grownup Love - Part 1)
Kayo Okami is a widowed pet-shop owner who'se favorite dog, Mr. Sentaro recently passed away. Her co-worker, Hanakichi, is in love with her, but he can't muster the courage to ask her to marry him. One day while going to a sculptor to pick up a statue she commisioned of Mr. Sentaro she runs into Ryunosuke and her father. Mr. Fujinami knocks the statue out of her hands causing it to shatter, but when Kayo realizes that Fujinami is the spitting image of Mr. Sentaro, he dead dog, she is over the moon. She asks Mr. Fujinami for his phone number, and soon she's dropping by to visit him at the school store. Ryunosuke feels sorry for Kayo and wants to show her that her Dad isn't all he's cracked up to be. Over lunch one day, Kayo suggests that she would like to remarry soon... to Mr. Fujinami!

Chapter 315: おとなの恋の物語;後編
Otona no koi no monogatari; kouhen
(A Tale of Grownup Love - Part 2)
Ryunosuke sets out to prevent his father from marrying Kayo, who seems more sure than ever that Mr. Fujinami is the man for her. She has been staying with the Fujinami's and insisting that Ryunosuke is a boy, which only makes her even angrier. Ryu finally has some time to talk to her father about what's going on, and asks if he's really forgotten about Masako, his first wife. Fujinami says he hasn't, but his actions speak quite differently. Fujinami claims he had no idea that Kayo was interested in him romantically, and soon Hanakichi, the man from the pet store, comes to try to prevent Kayo from remarrying. Ryunosuke and he realize that Fujinami looks just like her deceased dog, Sentaro, and so they fill her bet shop with animals that all resemble Mr. Fujinami/Sentaro. From then on Kayo never comes to visit them again.

Chapter 316: 饅頭こわい
Manju kowai
(Scary Manju)
On a cold winter's day, class 2-4 is freezing and on the verge of loosing their cool with Onsen-Mark. Lum decides to order some space manju to help warm everyone up. Onsen-Mark eats the first meat bun and soon becomes very tired. As he lays down for a nap, strands become to pour out of his mouth and he is soon cocooned inside a giant manju himself. Lum reads the warning label and realizes these aren't suitable for human consumption, but only after everyone else has already eaten them. Soon the whole class is fighting off fatigue and trying to stay awake, but slowly one by one they all pass out and turn into manju. Mendo and Ataru try to fight it, but soon realize when Onsen-Mark breaks out of his bun that it's mearly a warm cocoon that envelops the victims rather than anything dangerous. With that the rest of the class stops fighting temptation and they all turn into manju. While Onsen is left to teach only to Lum.

Chapter 317: 怒りの空中戦
Ikari no kuchusen
(Raging Dogfight)
Setsubun time is once again approaching and Benten buys a special beanstalk from a seller who promises her it will grow much larger. Benten thinks she got a good deal since it will save her from having to purchase beans later. A few days pass and Lum calls Benten to see if she is ready for Setsubun. Benten seems rather perturbed and says she's not doing Setsubun this year which causes Ataru, Lum, and Oyuki to all worry about her. The trio comes to her house, but she refuses to answer the door, so Lum blasts her way inside. Once there they find Benten has grown two beansprout wings. It turns out that she had bought Raging Beans which are used to help soothe wild cattle who are notoriously difficult to deal with. Whenever a cow (or Benten in this case) get's angry the bean pods flap like wings and crash the victem into the roof. Staying calm is the only way not to get carried away. Ataru grabs Benten and the two fly away outside where they have no roof to prevent them from going too high. Out here Benten tries to calm down, but realizes if she does she'll fall to her death. Lum tries to keep her angry by firing beans at her until Oyuki finally comes along and freezes the bean-pod wings off her back.

Chapter 318: カマクラ伝説
Kamakura densetsu

(The Igloo Legend)
While out skiing one day, Ten gets lost and comes across an igloo deep in the woods. He is lured inside by a friendly man named Shosei who offers him mochi and sweet sake. Once inside the man tells him that he has been trapped there for 80 years awaiting someone to come into the igloo and allow him to leave. He explains that once someone enters it, they cannot leave unless someone comes to take their place. He explains that he was lured their by a woman, and waited for someone to come across his path one day. Ten is stuck inside until Ataru finds him and is tricked into entering when Ten tells him he is house-sitting the igloo for a cute girl. Ataru finds Shosei's journal and reads what has happened there. He seems to accept the fact that he will be there forever, and vows not to sacrefice someone else in order to free himself. But he changes his mind as soon as he sees Mendo and lures him in. Mendo is suspicious though, and will not let Ataru leave the igloo ahead of him and finally Shinobu and Lum come in too. Ataru quickly gets them out and tries to escape too, only to find a bear blocking the entrance. Lum scares it away, as Ten comes back with Cherry who knows how to break the curse of the igloo. He tells Ten that putting a Jizo statue inside will take the place of any unfortunate soul who is stuck there. Unfortunately Ataru and Mendo are having a stand-off inside and refuse to come out.

Chapter 319: 霊魂とデート
Reikon to deito
(Date With a Spirit)
Tsubame is called to a house to exorcise the ghost of a young girl that has decided that a young, still-living boy is her new boyfriend. Tsubame exorcises her the ghost girl and then heads off to meet Sakura for their date. She is shocked when he arrives with a girl clinging to him neck and refusing to leave. He explains that the exorcism didn't go so well, and the girl is now following him around. Sakura is very angry and Ataru doesn't help matters by constantly imitating Tsubame's voice and saying that he wants to break up with Sakura. Sakura summons the spirit of a kabuki actor in hopes that the girl will go with him, but she refuses. When Tsubame banishes the kabuki ghost in order to pacify the girl, Sakura flies off the handle and leaves with Lum following closely behind. At the temple Sakura meets the boy who Tsubame exorcised earlier, and he now seems to be stalked by another ghost, this time a young boy. Lum tells Sakura she should introduce the girl, Maiko Omaezaki, to Mamoru Maizuru, the boy ghost. It turns out the two were old classmates and got along well.

Chapter 320: 極彩のペアルック
Gakusai no pearukku
(Ultra-Colorful Pairlook)
While watching TV, Lum and Ran see a pair of gaudy marraige coats that supposedly bring couples together. Lum insists on doing the "pairlook" (where a couple dresses alike) but Ataru finds it, as well as they awful coat completely embarrasing. Ataru tries his best to get rid of the coat, but when Lum is almost squished by a falling telephone pole, Ataru leaps out and grabs the coat, which Lum interprets as an act of affection.

Chapter 321: 別世界への招待
Bessekai e no shotai
(Invitation to Another World)
While saving a stray cat from a mean man, Kotatsuneko soon finds himself in a strange, new world. Back in the real world however his body runs around in a trance-like state eating everyone's food. Soon he comes to the Moroboshi house and begins to devour their dinner when Lum decides to do something about it. Cherry points out that it seems as if his spirit is somewhere else, so Lum uses one of her weapons to zap she, Cherry and Ataru into this other plane of existance. There they find a field of white and Kotatsuneko dining with a mother, father, and child at a dinner table. The others are invited to join in and after some questioning from Cherry it is revealed that this seemingly normal family are actually a family of fleas. This other worldy place is, in reality, Kotatsuneko's back where the fleas have been living. Ataru decides that the only way to get Kotatsuneko back under control in the real world is to move the fleas elsewhere, so he decides to get them to move onto one of Mendo's cats, who are fed better than most humans. As Ataru prepares to eat while on Mendo's cat's back he is served a paltry cup of noodles. He can't imagine that this could be what the Mendo family is having for dinner, so Lum blasts everyone back to the real world where sure enough, Mendo is having his first ever cup of instant ramen.

Chapter 322: ダーリンの本音
Darin no honne
(Darling's True Feelings)
Lum buys a t-shirt with a pair of lips on it for Ataru. This special shirt shouts out the wears throughts, and Lum hopes to use it to see just how much Ataru loves her. The shirt spews a stream of conciousness from Ataru's mind, shouting out such mundane things as "I'm hungry," and "My shirt came unbuttoned". Lum cranks up the volume in an attempt to torture Ataru into confessing his love, but the volume goes so loud the shirt, along with all the windows in the school, are destroyed.

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