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Urusei Yatsura
volume 31

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1986 Vol. 15 - 25
Published in English as:

Chapter 323: 愛の脳天逆落とし;前編
Ai no noten saka otoshi; zenpen
(Falling Headfirst in Love - Part 1)
While watching TV one day, Shingo learns a backward suplex from an old movie and then tries it out on Mendo, when he tries to change the channel. Mendo angrily orders him to head to school and retrieve his forgotten English homework, which Shinog grudginly does. There he runs into Ryunosuke who mistakes him for a robber. Neither one sees the others face though, and Shingo uses his newly learned suplex technique on Ryu. In doing so he grabs her breasts and gets beaten up. While watching TV later, he sees a woman who's breasts are touched by a sumo wrestler say she will never become a wife. The sumo tells her he will marry her because it is his duty as a man. Shingo decides that after touching Ryunosuke he must hunt her down and marry her as well to repay her for grabbing her bosom. Unfortunately for him he never saw her face so he only has the scent of her hair to go on. With that he runs around town plucking young women's hair until he meets with Ryunosuke again. The two begin to battle again unaware of their prior meeting. Just then Shingo puts Ryu into his suplex again and realizes from the scent of her hair that she is his mystery woman.

Chapter 324: 愛の脳天逆落とし;後編
Ai no noten saka otoshi; kouhen
(Falling Headfirst in Love - Part 2)
Shingo confesses to his grandfather that he feels he must marry Ryunosuke due to the bosom-grabbing incident. His grandfather gives him an antique hairpin that has been handed down through many generations. He tells Shingo that it will mark Ryunosuke has his legitimate wife should she accept it. Meanwhile Mendo apologizes profusely to Ryunosuke for the problems his manservant has caused her. Ryunosuke and Shingo run into each other again, and Shingo asks Mr. Fujinami for Ryu's hand in marriage. Of course Mr. Fujinami wouldn't engage his "son" to another boy, so he refuses, but he does want Ryunosuke to take the hairpin so they can sell it for extra money. Shingo manages to pin Ryunosuke to a tree with his hairpins, but she refuses to accept it from him and become his betrothed. When Shingo touches her breasts again, she flies into a rage and beats him within an inch of his life. All bandaged up, Shingo admits that he touched her chest again and feels he still needs to marry her.

Chapter 325: 花より桜もち
Hana yori sakura-mochi
(Sakura-mochi Over Flowers)
Lum reads about the Lovers Cherry Tree, where if you feed half of a piece of sakura-mochi to your boyfriend and he feeds the other have to you, you will be united forever. She decides to drag Ataru there, but Ran reads the same magazine article and decides it would be a good place to go with Rei. Lum and Ataru arrive and Ataru immediately wants to go home after seeing all the aliens lying around the tree. Lum convinces him to stay until after they eat their sakura-mochi, and he agrees, until he sees Ran sitting alone in the distance. Ataru rushes off to see her, and Ran looses her cool when she sees Lum there too. Rei soon arrives and seems happy to see Lum, but the two couples go their separate ways. Just as Ran is about to feed Rei a half of her sakura-mochi, he devours her whole basket full before she can split them. Now Rei goes on a sakura-mochi rampage causing all the other aliens to turn against Ran. Ran and Ataru hide in the Lovers Cherry Tree and all the aliens start throwing things at them, which upsets the tree so much that it decides to uproot and leave.

Chapter 326: モグラの嫁とり
Mogura no yome tori
(The Mole's Bride)
During a typhoon that strikes Tokyo, a cute bell saleswoman looses her precious mole, Taro. She had just given Taro a bell and told him that they would give the other to his wife once they found one. Six months later the woman and her husband are selling bells to the students of Tomobiki High school. She tells her sad story to Ataru and Lum, who sympathize with her. Elsewhere a white cat with a bell walks through a park and Taro the mole pops out and kisses it thinking it's his bride because of it's bell. The cat beats up Taro, who is later found by Ten. Ten feeds Taro candy from his planet which causes Taro to grow to an immense size, and he begins terrorizing the girls of Tomobiki High who have all bought bells to wear around their necks. Ataru, Katsuya, and Mendo all do their best to fight off the mole, but it's huge size makes it a powerful opponent. Soon the bell saleswoman arrives and is overjoyed to find her precious Taro after all this time. She takes him home and he marries Hanako, a sea lion, and they all live happily ever after.

Chapter 327: 呪われたタマゴ
Norowareta tamago
(The Cursed Egg)
One day Ryoko is looking through a darken room with an elderly gentleman when she finds an egg wrapped in a shinto ward to protect it. The old man worriedly tells her that the egg is cursed, which seems to facinate her. Instead of doing the logical thing and leaving the egg alone, Ryoko takes it to Tomobiki High where she tosses it at her brother. Soon everyone realizes it's cursed and it beings flying back and forth from classmate to classmate hot-potato style since no one wants to hold it when it hatches. Finally Ataru catches it just as it begins to crack and everyone watches in shock and awe as a snail emerges. The old man explains that it's "osoroshi noroi" which means both "terribly cursed" and "terribly slow".

Chapter 328: 失われた記憶
Ushinawareta kioku
(Lost Memories)
While walking through a landslide area, a young man is hit on the head and looses his memory. Kitsune comes upon him and revives him and notices the boy has written "Shinobu" in the dirt before he was knocked out. Thinging he could score points with Shinobu by reuniting them he decides to take the young man from the boonies to Tomobiki to meet Miss Miyake. As they head out of town, a the boys father sees him and calls out to his son, Taichiro, asking where he is going. Unfortunately Taichiro does not remember his father either. After watching Shinobu deal with Soban he introduces them, but she has no idea who Taichiro is. Lum and Ataru get involved and try to cure his amnesia. When his memory doesn't return, Kitsune returns Taichiro to his village where his father introduces him to the real Shinobu... his pet cow.

Chapter 329: 扉を開けて
Tobira o akete

(Open the Door)
Shinobu reads a letter from Taichiro as she walks down the street. She had thought he could be the guy she had been looking for, but it turned out he was just another flake. Just as she is moping about her bad luck with Taichiro, Soban comes along and makes her feel even more pathetic. She goes to talk to Sakura to see if she is cursed to only have losers like her, but Sakura ensures her that she has some better luck with men in her future. As she walks home a guy literally is laying in the street before her. He is dressed in a bizzare rabbit outfit and begs for some food. The boy is so thankful for Shinobu's kindness he asks her out. She is upset that another weird guy is hitting on her and tosses him through the air, when he suddenly vanishes. Lum comes along as Shinobu shows her a key the boy dropped. In some distant realm the rabbit boy, Inaba, arrives and is chastised for loosing the "Key of Fate". Meanwhile Lum makes a special door for the key to unlock, and once it does, they go through sub-space to the Tomobiki of the future and see a grown woman who looks a lot like Shinobu.

Chapter 330: 愛と哀しみの果て
Ai to kanashimi no hate
(The End of Love and Sadness)
Inaba and the other rabbits discover that the door to the Room of Destiny has been opened using the key Inaba lost. Inside the room is a future version of Tomobiki and Shinobu watches her future self with her son, Kokeru. She discovers that she has married Ataru. As she watches, Inaba asks her what she thinks of this particular path her future may take. He introduces himself to her and says he is with The Fate Production Bureau. Elsewhere Lum and Ataru follow a a future Tsubame home where they see he has married Sakura and had children. After witnessing this Ataru and Lum see their own painful futures. Ataru is fired by Mendo, and Lum marries Rei. The future Ran is as bitter as ever, and as everyone tries to digest everything they've seen, the other bunny men from The Fate Production Bureau capture them.

Chapter 331: 明日なき暴走
Asu naki bousou
(Tomorrow Running Wild)
After some discussion the bunny men decide to let everyone go and invite them to have some tea. When they let their guards down, they try to clobber them with mallets, but are unsuccessful. Everyone makes a run for it along with Inaba and heads for the locker room. While there Inaba equips them with bunny outfits of their own in order to help them move through space-time. They begin to try some of the various doors but unfortunately Mendo always seems to be married to Lum, Ataru always seems to be his servant, and Shinobu is always chased by Soban. Not much of a future.

Chapter 332: 夢の扉
Yume no tobira
(The Dream Door)
Everyone is tired from looking at all the futures and Ataru mentions he'd like to be able to have a meager existance with all his ladyfriends. Inaba overhears this and takes everyone to the Destiny Factor. Here Inaba shows them how to make their own door knobs which will allow them to go to a future that they truly wish to see. Ataru wants a harem, while Lum wants a future where she and Ataru and married. The other bunny men come in and almost catch them, but everyone makes a break for it with their various knobs in tow. Inaba falls through sub-space when a rabbit slams a door into his face, and Shinobu dives after him. Meanwhile Lum has dropped her knob and goes wild on her rabbit pursuers. In the confusion Ataru uses his knob to travel to his perfect future- where he is master of his own harem. Unfortunately the harem is in a very small apartment, and Lum has had to move out due to space constraits and shabby treatment from this future Ataru. Ataru is so saddened by this that he leaves this future only to come face to face with Lum, who is still very mad about loosing her knob.

Chapter 333: 明日へもういっちょ
Asu e mou icchi yo
(Once Again - Tomorrow)
Shinobu saves Inaba from falling into nothingness, and uses her knob to hide the two of them in her future. In Shinobu's future nothing has changed. Everyone has gotten older, but Ataru is still a flirt, Mendo still yells at him, and Lum still wishes he'd behave. Shinobu is unsure if this is truly what she wishes for, and Inaba seems to genuinely care about Shinobu's desires for the future. Back in sub-space Lum has finally had enough with Ataru and realizes he will never change. As they argue, the rabbits open a door that empties all of the useless future doors down onto Ataru and Lum. Ataru falls into one of the doors and watches as he and Lum marry each other amid protests from their friends. Ataru realizes that this is not a perfect wedding, but he can not let this future be destroyed. He climbs out and tries to save the door, but it falls in with all the rest. Just then Inaba bursts out with Shinobu and tells everyone they must escape. He shoves them through the door leading home and Shinobu begs him to come with them. Inaba says he must close the door from the other side and asks that they share some tea if they ever meet again. Shinobu watches with tears in her eyes as the door closes on Inaba. Back in the real world, she breaks down over loosing such a good guy. Luckily for her, Inaba is back the next day and they all get to enjoy a cup of tea together.

summaries by Harley Acres

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