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Urusei Yatsura
volume 32

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1986 Vol. 26 - 36
Published in English as:

Chapter 334: 極めよ、貧乏道
Kiwame yo, binboudou
(Mastering the Path to Poverty)
Mr. Mendo sends Shutaro into a special room of the house called "The Poor Room" in order to teach him a lesson about the value of money. This has been a tradition amongst the wealthy Mendos, and now it's Shutaro's turn. The huge room is made to look like fuedal Japan, and Mendo is responsible for making it all the way through course. On the way he sees many familar faces who are all working their part time (and expecting Mendo to dole out their salaries). He saves women from debt collectors, and orders extravagant amounts of food, but when the ATM closes at 6:00pm Mendo really learns what being poor is about. He is in debt to the Fujinami's and forced to carry stones that represent his debt up a hill. At the end of the course his father has set up a limbo pole that he must go under in order to have his debts cancelled and complete his training. Undetered, Mendo amazingly crawls under the pole, as Ryunosuke watches on with disgust saying that this is nothing compared to really being poor.

Chapter 335: 思い出は時限爆弾
Omoide wa jigenbakudan
(Memory Timebomb)
Ran, Lum, Benten and Oyuki all return to Planetary Junior High for a homecoming party. While standing around thinking about old times, they realize that one of their least favorite teachers, Kanidoraku, a giant crab-cyborg is going to be at the part. They all discuss the time they tried to get back at him by placing a timebomb on his back. The problem is that Lum meant to set it for 3 mintutes but instead set it for three years. Unfortunately for this, this reunion just happens to be three years later, and Kanidoraku shows up with the bomb nearing the ten minute mark. At first the girls decide to let it blow up to punish him for the way he used to torture them, but as they listen to their fellow classmates reflect on how kind he was they start to feel bad. The icing on the cake comes when he starts giving everyone presents, framed photos of them on their graduation day. Now Benten and Lum really feel guilty and try to pull the bomb off his back while Ran tries to unsuccessfully make her get away. As the timer counts down, they can seem to get it off his back and it winds up exploding in their faces, but the hearty crab cyborg barely feels anything.

Chapter 336: タコを呼ぶ笛
Tako o yobu fue
(The Octopus Summoning Flute)
After purchasing the world's only octopus flute, Mendo goes out to his octopi pool to test it out. Ryoko comes out to compliment him on it's amazing success in summoning his octopi to him, and Mendo makes the grave mistake of letting her hold it. She immediately tosses it away and tells her dog, Hayatemaru to fetch it to see if his obedience schooling has paid off. The dog sits by while Mendo orders his guards to find his flute. They scour the area but find nothing, until suddenly Mendo's octopi begin to stampede away. They follow them hoping to find the source, and wind up having to save the octopi from being the dinner of some hungry Tomobiki residents including Nurse Sakura. After that, Mendo finds the flute in the paws of Kotatsuneko who seems determined to keep it. Ataru bribes him with an antique kotatsu but as he tosses the flute away, Hayatemaru comes out of nowhere and devours it. While recovering from the shock of loosing his priceless heirloom Mendo decides to purchase the one of a kind octopus drum.

Chapter 337: 飛べ、愛の伝書鳩
Tobe, ai no denshobato
(Fly, Carrier Pigeon of Love)
Ten sees a commercial for a Carrier Pigeon of Love on television and decides to order one hoping that it will make Sakura fall in love with him. He borrows the money from Lum, and awaits his package. When it arrives the pigeon looks drastically different from the dove-like bird seen in the commercials. To make the bird deliever the message Ten has to take it and show it what Sakura looks like. Ten and the pigeon fly off to Tomobiki High where they try to get a look at Sakura's face. Unfortunately the bird can not see since Ataru always seems to be getting in the way. When it finally catches a glance of the beautiful nurse, it tears up Ten's letter and tries to win Sakura for himself. Ten and the bird come to blows until Lum comes along and chastises Ten for wasting the money she loaned him on something so lame. After Lum's lecture Ten and the pigeon race to see Sakura, but right before the do, Ataru hands her a love letter of her own. Sakura proclaims that love letters are for pansies, and Ten and the pigeon are relieved that they weren't the ones to present their letters first.

Chapter 338: 潔癖の要塞;前編
Keppeki no yousai; zenpen
(Fortress of Fastidiousness - Part 1)
Asuka's mother informs her that she will be starting middle school which upsets the fragile girl. Her mother reassures that this is a girl's school, and she will not have to worry about boys bothering her there. In fact, after talking to their headmistress they learn that it is closer to a maximum security prison than a school. From laser entrenched security walls, to alligators and dobermans, no man will ever set foot in this school. No sooner does she say this though, than the Principal of Tomobiki High happens to read an article about the school. He decides that the boys of his school should try to get inside the girl's school as a physical exam. He arranges everything with the Headmistress, who laughingly tells him they have no chance of winning. The Principal decrees that they must return with an armband of one of the girls on weekly duty to prove that they were able to break into the school and bypass all of the defenses. Indeed the chances seem slim until Ataru Moroboshi discovers that this is Asuka's school, and she is wearing an armband.

Chapter 339: 潔癖の要塞;中編
Keppeki no yousai; chuhen
(Fortress of Fastidiousness - Part 2)
The boys of Tomobiki High waste no time in invading Keppeki Middle School. They tear through the security wall, fight off the alligators and dobermans and spread out in search of the armband they are seeking. The teachers quickly round up all the girls who are wearing the weekly duty armbands and hide them in a secret passage in the Headmistresses office. All except for Asuka that is. She is fighting off Ataru and hordes of other boys from Tomobiki, until the headmistress comes to her rescue. Once freed from all the boys the old woman gives her a special gift, a pair of glasses.

Chapter 340: 潔癖の要塞;後編
Keppeki no yousai; kouhen

(Fortress of Fastidiousness - Part 3)
With her new glasses in tow, Asuka is ordered to go down and face a group of boys. While wearing the glasses her depth perception is badly affected and she thinks the boys who are right in front of her are yards away. She is now confindent enough to walk freely amongst men. Elsewhere Ataru and Mendo find the secret passage where all the other girls on weekly duty were hidden, but unfortunately they are more interested in showing off for the girls instead of trying to take an armband. Soon the headmistress and Asuka arrive, and Ataru grabs her glasses off her face unaware that they are keeping her fear of men in check. As soon as she sees Ataru standing before her, Asuka sends him flying out the window with her glasses in his hand. Lum and Mendo chase after him while Asuka begs for her glasses back. Ataru drops the glasses onto one of the alligators in the moat, and as Asuka tries to retrieve them, she tears down the giant security wall. The Principal of Tomobiki High arrives and tells everyone the test is over. The Tomobiki students failed because they could not prove they were able to get into the school (which the Principal can clearly see that they did, but he's being a stickler for the rules). Together Asuka and the Headmistress of Keppeki Middle School vow to keep the school man-free forever.

Chapter 341: 渚のフィアンセ;前編
Nagisa no fianse; zenpen
(Nagisa's Fiance - Part 1)
Mendo takes everyone via helicopter to see the new island that he has bought. When they arrive they are surprised to see that Mr. Fujinami and Ryunosuke are already there and have set up another Hamachaya. It turns out that Mr. Fujinami bought this entire island for 300 yen. Everyone is shocked to learn that his friend gave him such a great discount on the place. While bathing in a barrel outside, Ryunosuke glimpses a young girl carrying sea urchins. When she throws her ladel at the girl, she vanishs as if she were a ghost. Mr. Fujinami explains that perhaps this was the ghost of Nagisa, the daughter of Mr. Shiowatari, whom he bought the island from. They both had died here the previous summer under unusual circumstances. Suddenly the ghosts of Nagisa and her father appear and Mr. Fujinami annouces that she and Ryunosuke are engaged. Everyone is shocked and when Ryunosuke states that she is a girl, Nagisa begins to weep. They explain that they died due to consumption of sea urchin icies that they had tried to sell. Now Nagisa wants a kiss from her fiance before her spirit can rest in peace.

Chapter 342: 渚のフィアンセ;後編
Nagisa no fianse; kouhen
(Nagisa's Fiance - Part 2)
Ryunosuke refuses to kiss Nagisa since she is a girl, but Nagisa doesn't seem to believe this. She thinks that Ryunosuke is actually just lying because she doesn't want to kiss a ghost. Mr. Shiowatari explains how Nagisa never had much in her life, and worked so hard for him in the tea shop. As Ryunosuke listens, Mr. Fujinami knocks her out and drags her outside so Nagisa and she can kiss. As she lies unconcious Nagisa tries, but passes right through Ryunosuke. Overcome with grief Nagisa bawls her eyes out as Mr. Shiowatari tries to make her pull it together. He tells her that there is a legend that a large sea urchin comes to give birth on this very beach will shed a single tear that has the powers to restore someone to life. No sooner does he say this than the giant sea urchin comes ashore, sheds a tear, and Nagisa is brought back to life. Alive once again Nagisa begins to chase Ryunosuke as Ataru and Mendo realize something very odd is going on. They both have no romantic interest in Nagisa... and both have never met a girl they didn't like. Nagisa has managed to pin Ryunosuke who has no choice but to show her chest to convince Nagisa of her gender. Nagisa is awed and lifts her on shirt to reveal that "she" is actually a "he". As the sun rises Mr. Shiowatari's spirit fades away but Nagisa is here to stay.

Chapter 343: 朝顔、怒りの逆襲
Asagao, ikari no gyakushu
(Morning Glory, the Counterattack of Rage)
While at a fair an old man tries to sell Lum a Morning Glory. She refuses saying that it looks vaguely familar to her. After she leaves, the plant sprouts arms and legs and starts beating up the old man before chasing after Lum. She spots it and soon remembers the plant named Observation Morning Glory Cyborg Homework Assignment No. 3. It turns out she was supposed to draw the Morning Glory each day during her summer vacation as a homework assignment, but he plant was so abusive towards her that she tossed if over a cliff ten years ago and didn't do the assignment. Now the Morning Glory wants her to finished her elementary school project. Lum tries to fly away, but the plant has a rocket pack and chases her until Ran shoots it out of the sky. She also remembers having a bad relationship with her Observation Morning Glory Cyborg Homework Assignment No. 3 and said that she now hates Morning Glories because of it. After being defeated the Morning Glory reveals that he is still in Morning Glory Cyborg elementary school because Lum never finished observing him even though he should be in high school by now. Lum caves in and agrees to observe the plant, who keeps demanding that she wake up early and sketch him.

Chapter 344: 怒れ、シャーベット
Ikare, shabetto
(Rage, Sherbert)
Oyuki gives Lum, Benten, and Ran a tour of her sherbert ranch, where small bird-like creatures produce sherbert cones out of their beaks. Ran quickly offers to bring one back to Earth so they can all taste-test it there, and Oyuki hesitantly agrees. She warns Ran that the sherbert bird will become very agitated in the heat and it must not be let out of it's cage because it would be difficult to catch him. Ran agrees and takes the bird to Earth where she immediately puts it to work selling sherbert for her. Sure enough the bird gets angry and breaks out of it's cage and begins spitting high-powered sherbert cones at everyone. Benten flies into a rage when the cones damage her bike and Ran tries to escape and blames Lum for the bird getting loose. Soon the alien avian is tearing up Tomobiki when Oyuki arrives and catches him. She admits that she was worried about letting them have to deal with the bird in the first place, and apologizes for the trouble it caused, but she looses her cool when Benten makes a remark about how tight she is with her money.

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