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Urusei Yatsura
volume 33

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1986 Vol. 37 - 47
Published in English as:

Chapter 345: 馬と令嬢
Uma to reijo
(The Horse and the Young Lady)
Ataru, Mendo, Lum and Shinobu are all set to enjoy a day at the beach when Cherry arrives with Sakura close behind. Sakura explains that they are there to exorcise the ghost of a dead horse who was abandoned by a young woman. Soon the phantom beast named Ao is bearing down on them, and snatches up Shinobu, Lum, and Sakura, believing these cute girls to be it's master. Mendo tackles the runaway beast, while Ataru saves the girls and tries to make his escape. Mendo hopes on the horse and chases Ataru down... until the horse decides to punch Mendo out that is. Everyone manages to subdue the equine, but it begins to cry as it realizes it will never see the young girl again. Just then a familiar voice is heard calling Ao's name. The horse rushes to reunite with it's young mistress, but is shocked to see she has gotten old and fat. No one realized that the Ao had died 50 years ago.

Chapter 346: 愛と勇気の花一輪;前編
Ai to yuki no hana ichi-rin; zenpen
(Love and Valor of the Flower Petal - Part 1)
While waiting for Ataru so they can go to the movies together, Shinobu ponders the fact that she doesn't have anyone special in her life. As she tires of Ataru's fickle antics she comes upon Inaba lying in the street just like when they first met. They go to a cafe and he tells Shinobu that he has become attached to her. Ataru arrives and says that all women are Inaba's type and he doesn't care who he gets. Inaba confirms this as he needs a female partner to take a promotional test with. He explains that he must pick a flower from the Space-Time Forest who'se ingredients are necessary for destiny production. Shinobu accepts and they arrive as all the rabbit men they fought against before discuss Inaba's inevitable failure at getting the flower. Ataru and Lum, Inaba and Shinobu disappear through a door and their test begins.

Chapter 347: 愛と勇気の花一輪;中編
Ai to yuki no hana ichi-rin; chuhen
(Love and Valor of the Flower Petal - Part 2)
After passing through the door they are all standing in a women's bathouse. Ataru is overjoyed but Inaba seems shocked and does not know what to do. Shinobu drags him through the bathouse as the other bunny men taunt him. One through, he confesses that he has not been around women very often, and Shinobu wonders to herself if he has a girlfriend. Suddenly clamps come flying out of nowhere and Ataru and Shinobu are joined at the leg, while Lum and Inaba are joined as well. As the two pair make their way onward they come to a fork in the road. One side leads to paradise and the other to hell. Ataru spots a bunnygirl entangled in vines in hell and heads off to save her. When they arrive the girl turns into Buddha and proclaims that they truly have bravery. Buddha frees them from their bonds and Inaba and Shinobu go off alone into a lake. A mermaid ensnares Shinobu's legs and tells Inaba he must kiss her of Shinobu will drown. Just as he almost does, Shinobu rips free, but is very upset because of Inaba's betrayal. Shinobu storms off, and before Inaba can stop her she falls through a hole in space-time.

Chapter 348: 愛と勇気の花一輪;後編
Ai to yuki no hana ichi-rin; kouhen
(Love and Valor of the Flower Petal - Part 3)
Inaba catches up to Shinobu and explains to her how she could have been trapped there forever. Elsewhere the bunny men are talking to Lum and Ataru who are no longer participating in the competition. He explains that the Sub-Space Forest's flower is probably no longer in bloom and that is even if Inaba can get back on course. Shinobu is still upset over Inaba's actions with the mermaid and decides to quit and go home when they come to a stairway that leads back to the course. The bunnygirls say that she isn't allowed to go that way and will be unable to continue on with Inaba should he choose to use the staircase to return to the competition. His other choice is a door that is in the stomach of a giant boxer monster. Inaba swallows his fear and takes on the monster and is beaten within an inch of his life before accidently pulling out the stopper that deflates the creature. Shinobu is so moved by Inaba's courage that she promises to finish the test with him. When they finally reach the flower, it has wilted and can not count towards passing the exam. Elsewhere the bunny men explain the real reason for having women come along on the test. The flower's fertilizer is true love. As Shinobu and Inaba sit and stare at the dead plant, Inaba says it never mattered to him. His real reason for inviting Shinobu was because he wanted to spend his life with her. Shinobu cries tears of joy and the flower springs back to life. With that the two have finally found their soulmates.

Chapter 349: 一夜の攻防戦;前編
Hitoya no kobosen; zenpen
(An Offensive [and Defensive] Night - Part 1)
Nagisa has moved into the Fujinami's home, and is proving to be a real pest. He doesn't help out much and is quite lazy. At school Lum and Shinobu ask if kissing Nagisa will make him go to heaven, but that is no longer the case. Ataru is just relieved that they have yet to kiss at all. In fact Ataru confronts Nagisa about how close he has gotten to Ryunosuke, who he still views as one of his girls. When Nagisa starts to cry, Shinobu tells him to start acting like a boy. She tells him that Ryunosuke likes stong men, so Nagisa sets out to become the strongest man Ryunosuke has ever seen. Mr. Fujinami decides to leave the two of them alone that night, but Ryunosuke is less than plussed. The two of them get into a fight and Nagisa handles Ryunosuke with surprising ease. That is until a ghost repelling charm lands on his head causing him to flee in terror.

Chapter 350: 一夜の攻防戦;後編
Hitoya no kobosen; kouhen
(An Offensive [and Defensive] Night - Part 2)
Ryunosuke's pride has been hurt and she decides to challenge Nagisa for real. Ataru, Sakura and Lum arrive as things get underway and they are all shocked by the fact that Nagisa was able to beat Ryunosuke once before. He continues to dodge all of Ryunosuke's blows until she is tired out and then traps her in a bearhug. Ataru threatens to go break the hold, but Sakura stops him, saying this will be a good lesson for Ryunosuke. Unable to escape, Nagisa sets her free and Ryunosuke begins to cry saying that she hates him. Nagisa said he only wished to make Ryunosuke like him more and decides to leave. Ryunosuke stubbonly admits that she respects his abilities and allows him to stay. Sakura gives Ryunosuke a ghost ward just in case, and that night it comes in handy since Nagisa rolls over on Ryunosuke and rubs his face in her bosom.

Chapter 351: 乙女バシカの恐怖
Otome bashika no kyofu

(Terror of the Girly-Eyes Measels )
Ataru spies Ten hiding from Lum as she tries to give him a shot. It turns out he's sick and scared of the injection Lum is going to give him. Ataru decides he'd like to see Jariten sweat so he catches him and turns him over to Lum. Unfortnately he is exposed to the disease as well. Lum gives him a shot, but instead of getting rest like he should he sneaks out for a girl hunt. The virus is "Girly-Eyes Measels" which makes men's eyes shiny and sparkly like that of a girls. Ataru tries to pick up women, and refuses to listen to Lum as he spreads the virus to Kotatsuneko and then Mendo. Lum pulls out the heavy artillery which prompts Ataru to head to Sakura's home hoping she can help him in a less threatening way. When he arrives he spreads the virus to Onsen-Mark, Mr. Fujinami, Cherry, and the Principal who are all there playing mahjong.

Chapter 352: ヤギさんとチーズ
Yagi-san to chizu
(Goat and Cheese)
The gang goes to visit Mendo and look at a statue of a goat that once belonged to his ancestors. The legend goes that whomever's picture is taken in front of the goat statue will die once the goat's spirit returns and eats the photograph. Mr. Mendo jokingly takes everyone's picture and they are shocked to see the spectre of the goat appear when the film is developed. Ryoko lets loose another goat that devours Mendo's picture and almost gives him a heart attack in the process. Finally they discover that whomever's photo is eaten does die... after a full and natural lifespan.

Chapter 353: 月に吠える
Tsuki ni hoeru
(I Howl at the Moon)
Lum goes to special pains to make some dumplings for Ataru and she to share while they go moon-gazing. She ensures that her normally spicy food is toned down considerably, and Ataru hates to admit that they are pretty good. Soon he regrets this as he begins to turn into a werewolf. Ataru's parents are equally devastated but seem more concerned about whether or not he's a dog-man or a tanuki-man. Ataru decides that he'll go scare Onsen-Mark, who is on nightwatch duty at Tomobiki High School. When he arrives, he is shocked to see Onsen has eated the same dumplings that he had and has also changed into a wolfman. Lum cures Onsen, but to Ataru the cure looks worse that the curse and he runs off. As Lum searches for him, he decides he'll teach her a lesson and dresses a dog in his shirt, prompting Lum to become concerned when he does not change back. Ataru pops out at the last second, after having changed almost completely into a dog, and Lum gives him the cure.

Chapter 354: ハートをつかめ
Haato o tsukame
(Catch the Heart)
Ran purchases some magical candy from a cat-like vendor on her way to a date with Rei. When she feeds Rei the candy, a heart appears over his head. The vendor told Ran that if she takes the heart, Rei will fall in love with her. Before she can, Rei eats the heart too. Frustrated, Ran gives the candies to Lum without telling her what they are. Lum eats one and makes a heart appear over her head. Ataru grabs the heart, and in a confession of love, Lum fries him in her excitement. Ataru believes anyone who takes the heart will get electricuted, so at school he encourages Mendo to take it. When he and Kosuke do, Lum knits and writes love letters for them. The other boys in class soon realize what's going on and all try to grab Lum's heart. Lum uses the candy on Ataru, but he then feeds it to the rest of the boys, causing a flurry of little hearts to abound. Onsen-Mark bursts into the room after hearing the commotion and confiscates all the hearts, except for Ataru's, causing all the boys to fall in love with him.

Chapter 355: 秘湯を求めて
Hitou o motomete
(The Search for the Secret Hot Spring)
Ataru, Mendo, Shinobu and Lum are all wandering in the woods searching for a hotspring when they meet an old lady who gives them directions. Later the old woman finds Kitsune who has injured his ankle and threatens to eat him. She tells him she is only joking, and takes him to a hot spring to help mend his injury. To repay her kindness Kitsune begins working for her, but is told that no humans can bathe in the spring, or they will turn into animals. Kitsune tries to warn them not to take a dip, and the old woman who steered them wrong earlier even shows photos of people who have taken the plunge. Suddenly the old woman starts trying to splash them, and just as Shinobu is about to be dunked, Kitsune knocks the water onto the old woman, causing her arm to grow fur and change into that of an animal. Everyone feels bad, and she tells them the only way to save her is to go eat ramen at a local restaurant, which they do. At the restaurant the people that the album showed had changed into animals are talking about how their agricultural photo album was stolen by a kitsune. Back in the woods, the old lady shows Kitsune that she too is a kitsune who was playing an elaborate prank all along.

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