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Urusei Yatsura
volume 34

Originally Published in:
Shonen Sunday 1986 Vol. 48 - 1987 Vol. 8
Published in English as:

Chapter 356: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  まっくろけ
Boi mitsu garu; Act.1 Makkuro ke
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.1 Pitch Black)
Lum has a dream about a chance meeting during her childhood when a strange creature asked her where she lived. He seemed excited to think that the family that lived in her home had finally had a girl. Lum wakes up screaming in class over the darkness and dread that she felt in her dream. On the way home she tells Ataru about what she saw, but he is more interested in chasing skirts. Lum gets mad at him and heads back to her UFO where she gets a call from her father. After 20 years her great-grandfather's cold sleep chamber finally turned up after getting missplaced during their move. Invader asks her daughter to come home and meet the old man, and she obliges. Ataru goes to visit Sakura and Cherry when she shows him a vision of an encroaching darkness engulfing Lum in her crystal ball. Ataru rushes home after realizing it was similar to Lum's dream, but when he arrives, Ten tells him she left to go home after her fight with Ataru.

Chapter 357: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  嫁に来ないか
Boi mitsu garu; Act.2 Yome ni konai ka
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.2 The Bride Won't Come?)
Late at night Ataru wakes from a troubled sleep as he thinks about loosing Lum, who has has not seen since she returned home. Back on planet Uru, Invader is trying his best to figure out why Lum's Great-Grandfather is so upset about finding out that he has a great-granddaughter. The old man seems a bit senile and can't remember the details, but as soon as Lum arrives another guest follows as well. The strange old creature Upa from her nightmares. Upa reveals that 120 years ago he found Lum's Great-Grandfather passed out in the streets starving. He begged for some food, so Upa decides to make a sport of it. He offered the starving oni two mushrooms, one was poisonous and the other was not. Unfortunately the old man chose poorly and was poisoned. He had to promise his daughter's hand in marriage in exchange for the cure. Upa was thrilled that he would gain a wife, but Lum's Great-Grandfather revealed he had only a son, and ran away. Upa swore he would marry the first girl born to the family, and now, 120 years later he has come to claim Lum. He informs them that in his place, his great-grandson will marry Lum instead. After hearing this Invader promptly kicks the old codger off his ship. That morning on Earth the students of Tomobiki High are shaken by a dark cloud on the horizon, when suddenly a pig drawn-carriage comes forth and crashes into the side of the building. Sakura treats the young passenger's wounds and asks if anyone knows this black-clad visitor.

Chapter 358: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  別れの朝
Boi mitsu garu; Act.3 Wakare no asa
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.3 The Morning of Separation)
The black-clad boy awakens to find himself in Tomobiki High's infirmary where he tells everyone that he is Lum's fiance. Mendo and Ataru take the news badly, but when Mendo tries to attack him, he gets a face full of spores. Ataru decides to hold back when suddenly Lum arrives back from her parent's house. The boy, Rupa, tries to hug Lum, who says she has no prior knowledge of the arrangement. After she zaps him he manages to slip a ring on her finger before making his exit. Back at his spaceship he chats with his great-grandfather, Upa, about what he has just done. As it turns out the ring has spores that will accelerate Lum's aging process and cause her to shed her horns and thus loose her powers. Back at the Moroboshi home things are getting tense between Lum and Ataru when she seems unable to take off the ring no matter how hard she tries. While walking to school, Ataru accuses her of two-timing him with Rupa and she storms off in a huff. Down the street she runs into Rupa who she tries to fry but just as she does her horns fall off due to his ring. Rupa gasses her and then carries her away just as Ataru arrives to find her horns laying in the street.

Chapter 359: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  ハートのIgnition
Boi mitsu garu; Act.4 Haato no Ignition
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.4 Ignition of the Heart)
Invader and Lum's Mom recieve a video message from Upa showing that he has kidnapped Lum and is progressing with the wedding plans. Invader flies off the handle when he realizes his little girl has been kidnapped and mobilizes the armies of Planet Uru in an attempt to get her back. Just as soon as they are ready, a dowry from Upa arrives filled with mushroom spores which quickly cripple the entire planet, cutting off comunications and power across the globe. Back at Tomobiki Mendo is concerned when he realizes both Lum and Ataru are absent from school. Just then Ataru comes storming in with a large sack on his back. He drops it in front of Mendo revealing his entire stock of little black books. They are filled with the addresses and phone numbers of countless beautiful women that he has met over the years and he tells Mendo he can have them all if only he will let him use the Mendo space shuttle. Mendo balks at the idea, but Oyuki and Benten soon arrive to see if Ataru knows why planet Uru has gone silent. Ataru finally reveals that Lum was kidnapped and Oyuki deduces from his description what planet Rupa must be from- The World of Darkness. From there they head to Ran's house/UFO where they blast off hoping to save Lum from her cruel fate.

Chapter 360: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  再会のラビリンス
Boi mitsu garu; Act.5 Saikai no rabirinsu
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.5 Reunion in the Labyrinth)
As the gang blasts off for the Planet of Darkness, Ran protests the hijacking of her ship. Soon, Oyuki has figured out that the entrance to the Planet of Darkness involves travelling through shadows in outerspace. The nearest shadow is being cast across the moon, and they drive through only to crash into another ship. The crippled UFO crashes into the spaceport on Rupa's world and the gang are quickly captured with the exception of Ataru. Meanwhile Rupa is making sure that Lum is ready for her wedding by forcing her into her gown. Upa decides to take a precaution and creates a duplicate of Lum should she decide to cause problems during the ceremony. Outside, a strange cloaked figured discovers Ataru and holds him captive. She forces him to dress as her betrothed and explains that she will never let Rupa marry another girl. The girl, Carla, takes Ataru to the wedding hall where she announces her plans to kill Lum.

Chapter 361: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  結婚するって本当ですか
Boi mitsu garu; Act.6 Kekkon surutte hontou desu ka
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.6 Are You Really Getting Married?)
Benten, Ran, Rei, Oyuki and Mendo are joined in the cell by Ten who informs them that Lum has lost her horns and with them, her powers as well. The gang decides to stop hanging out and break out to save the helpless Lum. Outside the wedding hall, Ataru and Carla try to sneak in dressed as a bride and groom, but the guards quickly recognize Carla and her cover is blown. She has no choice but to go in guns blazing. During all the explosion, Rupa manages to lock the real Lum in a hidden passage and replace her with the fake. When Ataru tries to take her with him, she refuses and says she wants to marry Rupa instead. Ataru is overcome and confused while Carla is trying to win Rupa back. Rupa tells Carla he never loved her and only told her otherwise because she held a gun on him when they were children. Carla flies off the handle and starts blowing up everything which sets Lum free from her inprisonment. When she tries to reunite with Ataru, he refuses to talk to her and says their relationship is finished. Elsewhere on the Planet of Darkness everyone crowds onto Benten's bike and slowly makes their way towards the ceremony.

Chapter 362: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  ねじれたハートで
Boi mitsu garu; Act.7 Nejireta haato de

(Boy Meets Girl; Act.7 The Wrenched Heart)
Over lunch one day Inaba discusses a recent problem with Shinobu. It seems that lately all the door knobs he's made have turned black, and when he affixes them to a door, only a black void is shown. Cherry arrives and says that it is an ill-omen. Back on the World of Darkness, Benten, Mendo, and the others arrive at the top of the massive wedding hall where Ataru and Rupa have fled to the roof to escape Carla who is firing her gun at them. Soon Upa arrives in a flying dirigible and throws down a rope ladder for Rupa and Lum. Lum watches in dismay as Ataru refuses to even attempt to save her as she screams out to him. Just then Mendo leaps off Benten's air-bike and slashes the ladder sending Lum and Rupa crashing down on top of Ataru and Carla. They all tumble down the side of the roof, but Oyuki's icicles catch Ataru, while Rupa saves Carla. Lum plummets off the side and without her horns she is unable to fly. Benten kicks everyone off her bike as she speeds after Lum, and Ataru frees himself to try to catch her. As Ataru and Lum fall, she slaps him and yells at him for saying he will marry Carla, which she accuses him of lying about. Ataru shows her the marriage license and Lum explodes in a rage of electricity. Her horns have grown back and she saves Ataru from falling to his death, but after dumping him on the roof decides to leave with Rupa.

Chapter 363: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  こまっちゃうな
Boi mitsu garu; Act.8 Komacchau na
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.8 Worries)
Benten and Oyuki show Lum the fake Lum that tricked Ataru into thinking she loved Rupa. Lum says she still can't trust Ataru after his comments about getting married to Carla and refuses to go and see him. After Benten and Oyuki break the news to Ataru, he says he's better off without Lum and they head back to Earth with Carla's ship in tow. Lum watches tearfully as they leave her with Rupa and Ten. Back on Earth, Shinobu and Inaba visit Sakura and Cherry and see a new revealation in the crystal ball, the image of Lum is replaced with Earth being devoured by darkness. The rescue party arrives back home and everyone has dinner with the Moroboshi's where Carla offers up some of her homeworld's mushrooms. Soon the mushrooms have grown in size and have broken through the Moroboshi's walls and into the streets. Back on the World of Darkness, Rupa explains to Lum how he and Carla have been friends since childhood, but she became imbittered after he showed her Lum's picture when he was a small boy, and has been violently pursuing him ever since.

Chapter 364: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  どうにもとまらない
Boi mitsu garu; Act.9 Dou ni mo tomaranai
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.9 Nothing Can Stop It)
All the kids of Tomobiki High are excited to see that the mushrooms have destroyed the school, but Onsen-Mark is determined to have class one way or another. He tries his best, but a giant mushroom sends him flying. Benten and Oyuki patrol the skies and watch as the mushrooms spread their spores and cause new grown across the city. Sakura makes a vain attempt to have Carla contact Rupa and remove the mushrooms, and she stubbornly agrees. On the World of Darkness Lum is surprised to see that Rupa's room is like a shrine to Carla, who he insists he doesn't have feelings for. Soon Carla's call comes and she and Rupa wind up getting in a fight, which Ataru and Lum are dragged into. Lum tells Ataru all he has to do to get rid of the mushrooms is say that he loves her and she will have Rupa remove them. Everyone tells Ataru to lie and tell her what she wants to hear, but Ataru shouts out that he hates her instead. The transmission ends as everyone beats Ataru to a pulp. Later Ataru walks alone wondering why he couldn't bring himself to tell her. In his pocket he has the horns that Rupa caused Lum to lose and he looks at them wistfully. Just then a black cloud arrives in the sky and begins devouring one of the giant mushrooms. It's Rupa's pigs, and soon a giant image of he and Lum, wrapped in a black cloak appears in the sky. Lum tells Ataru that he must once again play a game of tag with her. If he is able to grab her horns within the following 10 days she will send the pigs to devour the mushrooms, but the only way she'll let him catch her is if he tells her he loves her.

Chapter 365: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  ないものねだりのI Want You
Boi mitsu garu; Act.10 Nai mono nedari no I Want You
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.10 "I Want You" Is Asking Too Much)
Rupa lays down the rules for the game of tag as Ataru and Lum prepare to face off. Lum will not be allowed to fly higher than the mushroom caps, which puts Ataru at a serious disadvantage. He does his best to try and grab Lum, but his usual tricks of name calling and skirt-chasing aren't working to lure her in close to him. Lum seems to be going about this game with every intention of letting Ataru lose unless he confesses his love for her. Lum thinks back to the deal she made with Rupa, and asked him to save the Earth from the mushrooms regardless of Ataru's victory or defeat. Rupa agrees and sends his grandfather to Planet Oni where he tells Lum's parents that she and Rupa are no longer getting married. He says he also has a request from Lum. Back on Earth, Rupa has tracked Carla down, and after an argument, Carla realizes that Rupa still loves her and wants to get married. As they stare at each other lovingly, a huge ship drops into the sky above Tokyo. It's Invader's mothership. Benten, Oyuki and Ran go up to talk to him and discover that if Ataru doesn't declare his love for Lum, he will erase the memories of everyone on Earth so that they forget ever meeting any of the aliens.

Chapter 366: ボーイ ミーツ ガール  Fin
Boi mitsu garu; Act.11 Fin
(Boy Meets Girl; Act.11 Fin)
Ran breaks the news to Mendo, Sakura, Inaba, Cherry and Shinobu that if Ataru doesn't tell Lum he loves her, everyone's memories of the aliens will be erased. As they discuss how this will affect things, they decide not to tell Ataru, out of fear that it will just make him more obstinate about telling Lum how he feels. Just then they realize that Ataru had been spying on them the whole time and now knows everything. Lum soon arrives and the two of them get into a fight. Ataru tells her to go ahead and erase his memories now and just get it over with, so Lum flies off to her father's UFO. Benten and Oyuki chase after her and try to make her listen to reason. Benten becomes enraged and tells Lum how much she actually likes the human's they met, which causes Lum to rethink things. Just then Benten accidently activates the Amnesia Device. Luckily it was set on a timer so it won't go off until sunset on the tenth day of the tag-battle. As Ataru lays awake that night he thinks of Lum. The next day Mendo has everyone up in one of his helicopters looking for the Amnesia Device so that they can hopefully stop it before it goes off. They have no luck until Inaba points out that a giant robotic-oni has been flying along beside them for quite awhile. Ten recognizes it as the Amnesia Device and everyone tosses on a jetpack and tries to toss balls at the target painted on it's chest. This will cause the device to shut down, but unfortunately no one seems able to hit it. That night Ataru has fallen asleep in his partially destroyed room when Ten sneaks in. Ten whispers to the sleeping Ataru about the Amnesia Device being activated and that he'll be glad to be rid of Ataru. He then tells him goodbye. A single tear from Ten falls on Ataru's face causing him to wake up. He overheard Ten that the device was online and that he tomorrow is do-or-die. The next day Ataru chases Lum through the destroyed streets of Tomobiki as the crowd sadly watches him stumble and fall from exhaustion. Ataru screams at Lum and tries to leap for her again, causing him to fall. One of Lum's horns slips from his grasp and upon seeing this Lum realizes that Ataru has finally does what she told Rupa she longed for. Ataru has kept something of hers. She flies down and the two embrace as she guides his hand up to her horns. The Amnesia Device comes crashing down to Earth as Rupa unleashes his pigs to devour the mushrooms that have overtaken the planet. As Ataru and Lum walk into the sunset she tells him that one day she'll get him to admit he loves her, to which Ataru replies "only on my deathbed".

summaries by Harley Acres

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