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With Viz Comics having stopped the production of English language Urusei Yatsura manga (right when it was getting good too), fans in the English speaking world have been left out in the cold.

Wanting to let those who can't understand Japanese still be able to read the continuing misadventures of the UY gang, a group of dedicated fans have taken it upon themselves to painstakingly scan pages of the manga and have them translated to English. The result of their ambitious endevor is practically the same experience as having a professionally translated manga in your own hands, without the paper cuts.

The translations continue to be a work in progress. Currently all volumes have stories that are ready to view.

Visit Project ILM - Industrial Lum and Manga

Because of problems with the HTML on their page, the image map links on the home page of this site may not work for everyone. In that case, use these direct links to go right to the wideban volume of your choice. The scans begin at volume 6, which is around where Viz had left off.

Wideban vol. 6
Wideban vol. 7
Wideban vol. 8
Wideban vol. 9
Wideban vol. 10
Wideban vol. 11
Wideban vol. 12
Wideban vol. 13
Wideban vol. 14
Wideban vol. 15

Make sure to check out their message board while you're there.

Project ILM in need of translators.

If you have a fairly fluent working knowledge of Japanese and would like to help bring ILM bring Urusei Yatsura manga to English speaking fans, why not consider becoming a translator? You only translate what you want. ILM compositors will take your script and place your words onto scans. Simple as that. Contact Harley Acres for more information.

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