This discography is a complete guide to just about every legitimate Urusei Yatsura CD, record and cassette album to have ever been released. No EPs yet, but maybe soon.

1982 to 1984
Early TV series BGM, drama albums, 1st and 2nd movie soundtracks.

1985 to 1986
Late TV series BGM, drama albums, 3rd and 4th movie soundtracks, image albums. compilations.

1986 to 1988
Symphonic, image albums, UY87 TV special BGM, 5th movie soundtrack.

1989 to 1991
Image albums, OVA BGM, music calendars, 6th movie sountrack.

1992 to 2015
Boxed sets, greatest hits collections, remixes, music calendars.

Note: Only albums (LPs) are covered in this discography. Unfortunately singles aren't included here due to lack of information on my part. I know of many singles, but haven't been able to gather a complete list. Also with only have a handful of images and no track listings or release dates I don't have enough to start a singles area. If you know of a source that details every EP ever released by date, I'll consider adding it. But if you're looking for a certain song, generally, all of the songs released as singles can also be found on several of the albums within.

It should go without saying, but non-official releases aren't included here. Only canon. So if you're wondering why your "Best Singles Collection" CD you picked up at the local comic shop for $5 isn't listed here, it's probably because it's a grey market item.

Special thanks to Jerry Wright who contributed much of the information for this page. The Tomobiki-cho discography wouldn't have been possible without his help.

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