The Hit Parade

One of the major reasons I love UY so much is the fantastic music. It's hard to explain why, but whether vocal or BGM, the music of Urusei Yatsura fills me with waves of nostalgia, and not only for their kitschy retro value. They're much more than that. The Urusei Yatsura background and instrumental musics were some of the most varied and creative music ever composed for TV. The vocal theme songs on the other hand were mostly kooky pop singles, but within them are some real classics. I'll save the BGM for another time and focus here on the theme songs that are so beloved by the fans. Here I've listed every song to ever be associated with Urusei Yatsura, along with my own personal rating of how good I think the song is (anything over 2.5 stars is pretty good). You may notice the same singers show up again and again. Look again and you'll also note that there are nearly no male vocal songs. They're almost all done by female singers across the board. Click the links below to view the song lyrics.

TV Theme Songs (opening and ending songs)

title perfomer
Lum no Love Song Yuko Matsutani
Ucchu wa Taihen da! Yuko Matsutani
Kokorobosoi na Helen Sasano
Hoshizora Cycling Virgin VS
I, I, You and Ai Izumi Kobayashi
Dancing Star Izumi Kobayashi
Yume wa Love me More Izumi Kobayashi
Pajama Jama da! Kanako Narikiyo
Koi no Mobius Rittsu
Chance on Love Cindy
Open Invitation Cindy
Rock the Planet Steffanie
Every Day Steffanie
Tonogata Gomen Asobase Shoko Minami
Good Luck Shoko Minami

TV Insert Songs (plays in background during a scene)

title perfomer
Margarita Helen Sasano
Fushigi*Kirei Fumi Hirano (Lum's seiyuu)
Lame-iro Dream Izumi Kobayashi

Movie Songs

title perfomer
Kage fumi no Waltz Shiori
Hoshizora Cycling Virgin VS
Lum no Ballad Hirano Fumi (Lum)
I, I, You and Ai Izumi Kobayashi
Ai wa Boomerang Yuko Matsutani
Born To Be Free Steffanie
Remember My Love Steffanie
Melancholy no Kiseki Kayoko Matsunaga
Suki~Kirai Hanako Asada
Begin the Kirei UL-SAYS

OVA Songs (from any direct-to-video release)

title perfomer
Monotone no Natsu Kayoko Matsunaga
Sorry... Kanako Narikiyo
Stars On! Satomi
Sweet Dream Kanako Narikiyo
Romance ga itai Kanako Narikiyo
Triangle Love Letter Maruko Matsushita
Jounetsu no Azaela Kanako Narikiyo

Image Songs
(inspired by Urusei Yatsura, sometimes used in UY music videos)

title perfomer
I Love you Lum Kayoko Matsunaga & Kanako Narikiyo
Dream Forever Sayuri Setoguchi
A*RI*GA*TO UY All-Stars
Hoshi no Memory UY All-Stars
Mata Aeta-tcha UY voice cast
Character Daijiten UY voice cast
Half Moon wa Tokimeki Iro Shoko Minami
Moonlight Coaster Virgin VS


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