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For those of you who have some musical ability and have always wanted to play Urusei Yatsura songs yourself, you're in luck. This page offers scans of UY sheet music. Just print out and play. These 13 songs are all the ones that were available to me. Unfortunately I don't have the sheet music for songs such as "Lum no Love Song" or "Dancing Star." But there are more than enough songs here to keep you musically inclined fans happy for a while.

Kokorobosoi na
2nd TV Ending Theme Song

Hoshizora Cycling
3rd TV Ending Theme Song

Lum no Ballad
Movie 1: "Only You" Insert Song

Kage-Fumi no Waltz
Movie 1: "Only You" Insert Song

I, I, You and Ai
4th TV Ending Theme Song and movie 1: "Only You" main theme song.

Ai wa Boomerang
Movie 2: "Beautiful Dreamer" Theme Song


Pajama jama da!
3rd TV Opening Song


Born to Be Free
Movie 3: "Remember my Love" Opening Theme Song.

Rock the Planet
5th TV Opening Theme Song

Every Day
8th TV Ending Theme Song

Tonogata Gomen Asobase
6th TV Opening Theme Song

Good Luck
9th TV Ending Theme Song

Melancholy no Kiseki
4th Movie: "Lum the Forever" Theme Song

Note: Even though I claim these are "print and play", I haven't actually checked the dimensions of each to see if they'll print without getting cut off. I only made sure to scan them large enough to read. If they end up being too large to print, use an image editor to reduce it to a reasonable printing size.

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