Capsule figures from a toy store vending machine, bendies, high grade models, and classic video games... you name it and Urusei Yatsura probably had merchandise for it. This is a showcase of some of the classic items all the way from the 1980s to present day. Just click on the images to see the full size version.

Lum Models
Some of the earliest products were these Bandai models of Lum. They came in four different types, as pictured, and were a bargain at only 500 yen. You can still occasionally find a few of these if you look hard enough. Here's another picture with a few different figures.

Other Models
A second set of models, this one included two Lums, Ran, Oyuki, Elle, Lala, Ryoko, Sakura and two versions of Asuka (one in her armor and one in her leotard). Most come with a smaller figure some a Ran's little dolls or child Sakura from the story where she met her younger self.

Trouble Catch Board Game
Another oldie, this one looks like it was made by a company called Popii. It's an Urusei Yatsura board game that seems to allow you to pick from Lum, Ataru, Mendo and Shinobu and involve getting presents.

Lum & Ataru Bendies
I'm sure most of you out there remember bendies from your childhood. In Japan an Ataru and Lum bendy were available.

Models & Dolls
A few more models (Shinobu, Kurama and Benten), plus some chibi figures and plusies of Kitsune, Pochinogo, Kotatsuneko, Rei, Soban, SALT-1, and Cherry.

Papiermache Kotatsuneko
A giant-sized papiermache Kotatsuneko made by a group of fans circa-1980s.

Capsule Figures
The newest and most likely final pieces of Urusei Yatsura merchandise are the capsule figures (gashapon) made by Bandai. There were three sets of these made for Urusei Yatsura in addition to ones from Maison Ikkoku, Ranma , and Inuyasha. Click here for: Set 1, Set 2, and Set 3.

Furuta Figures
Furuta figures are slightly larger than gashapon. They come individually packaged in small boxes are are sold at places like Lawsons and 7-11. Furuta made Lum with Ten, School Outfit Lum, Mendo, Ataru with Ten, Shinobu with Kitsune, Kotatsuneko with Cherry, Sakura with demons and Ran.

VHS Tapes
VHS, that old relic of the past, was the way that most anime was distributed during Urusei Yatsura's era. The above image and the following one both show all the UY videos that were available at the time.

Laserdiscs were much more successful in Japan than America, and it shows in the number of series and films that were released in this format in Japan. Urusei Yatsura was no different and it was released in a boxset comprised of 75 record-sized discs.

Marmit Dolls
Marmit Dolls are a high-quality Japanese doll made with real clothes. Shown here are Oyuki, Benten, and Lum as she dressed in the "Duel of Courage" story.

UFO Catcher Dolls
UFO Catcher Dolls (dolls that you won from the crane game at arcades) are still popular in Japan. Urusei Yatsura had quite a few dolls made for various characters.

Anime Books
Due to the high price of anime in Japan, "anime books" were made. These collected various episodes into a manga format and used cels as the panel layouts with word bubbles overlayed. Another set.


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