A large part of Urusei Yatsura's charm comes from the strange situations the charactes manage to get themselves into thanks to the odd items and trinkets that fall into their lives. This section will help explore all the oddities that make our favorite characters lives that much more interesting.

Alien Oddities
Voodoo Doll Clay
Pocket Time Machine
Lum's Special Recipe
Anima Laser
Pachinko Love Tester
Horoscope Compatability Quiz
Sleeping Potion Detector
Horn Softener
Matter Replicator
Exploding Messenger Dolls
Fourth Dimensional Bottle
Alien Fertilizer
Mind Switching Earmuffs
Gigantisizing Candy
Movie Projector
Anti-flirt Conditioning Doll
Torajima SSX
Copy Gun
Dimensional Porta-potty
Mind Warping Persocon
Cactus Salve
Role-playing Dimensional Doors
Love Catchballs
Ressurection Gun
Sand Animation Wand
Transformation Earring
Submersive Suntan Lotion
Sex-change gun
Okaasan's Bell
Mega Cupcakes
Hiccup Lozenges
Indelible Magnetic Lipstick
Power Wristbands
Underwater Breathing Capsules
Swimming Tutor Fish
Soruto #1
Animating Orb
Oni Translator
Transformation Aerosol Spray
Thespian Juice
Talking Flowers
Baby Bumblebee Eggs
Super-strength Vitamins
Ice Cooler
Love Spray
Dreamfruit Berries
Infatuatory Oden
Sandwich Nailpolish
Magic Beans
Shrinkage Bottle
Fantastical Bubblegum
Cupid Plant
Magic Crock Pot
Wishing Feathers
Batwing Putty
Power Suit
Botanical Weapons
Slippery Soap
Wind-chime trees
Dream Parasol
Portable Portal Spawner
Cosmo Box
Cocooning Dumplings
Flying Bean Sprouts
Paired Happi Coats
Dream Gun
Truthfulness T-shirt
Subspace Key
Mechanical Messenger Pigeon
Alien Tsukimidango
Heart Stealers
Exorcism Gun
Maturation Ring
Dark Space Mushrooms
Memory Erasing Device
Ultimate Love Potion

Oddities from Earth
Yellow Ribbon
Fourth Dimensional Camera
Beauty Food
Lie candy
Godly Good Luck Charm
Matsutake Mushrooms
Outer-body Pill
Cursed Boxing Gloves
Magic Horsetails
Straw Doll
Cursed Kotatsu
Grafitti Fireworks
Electric Vegitation
Thinking Top Hat
Posessed Pumps
Cursed Egg
Octopus Whistle


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