Fun with Rumiko

The web is full of Rumiko Takahashi fans. Everywhere I look, anime and manga fans are enjoying the works that bear her name. But what I found strange is how little people seem to know about the woman herself. What is she like? How does she create comics? What kind of home life does she have?

With this sub site of Tomobiki-cho, I hope to give fans a little glimpse behind the pages and get to know the fun side of the creator herself. Here I cover Takahashi as she was during her twenties for the Urusei Yatsura/Maison Ikkoku years.

For those of you who may not know Rumiko Takahashi (for shame) first read my introduction About the Creator. For all the rest of you, press on.

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Rumiko's Journal Comics
"kemo*kobiru no nikki"

We have 9 issues of Takahashi's own diary manga series (which appeared in UY Shonen Sunday Graphic magazine). Here we follow the workaday adventures of Takahashi, co-starring her two assistants Kuniko and Makiko with special appearances from her editor Oshima (psudonym) and several other guests. It's a fun look behind the pages of Urusei Yatsura, on the web for the first time ever.

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Behind the scenes
"Creating Manga
...the Takahashi Way

Go behind the scenes as Takahashi shows you how she creates manga. Take a look at her work setup. Observe step-by-step as she creates one of her famed colour tankoban illustrations. See how her comics look in rough form. Learn to draw Lum in easy steps. It's all here.

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Takahashi related miscellany
"Odds & Ends,
(Rumic version)

Here's just a mishmash of leftover stuff I had about Takahashi. Some vacation and publicity pictures, lists of Takahashi's favorite things, etc. Some pretty interesting stuff.


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