For years fans have asked for a continuation of the Ranma anime, which ended in 1996 a few months shy Takahashi writing a conclusion to the long-running manga.

For many years this request seemed like a simple pipe dream, but in 2008 a new Ranma OVA, The Insense of Spring Sleep, was released to commemorate Takahashi's 30th anniversary as a manga artist. With the success of our previous petitions to continue the English adaptation of the Maison Ikkoku and and to encourage the return of the Inuyasha anime, we're attempting to unite Takahashi fans to get behind a push for more Ranma .

This site has an international survey to help unite fans pleas for more of this classic series. The petition is in Japanese (because let's face it, Japanese fans are the ones that are going to have to make this happen first before the rest of us can get it), so you'll need to follow this handy guide to help you fill out the form. After filling it out, you'll recieve an email with a link you'll have to click as well to confirm your signature.

Yes, the process is a tad tricky, but it's worth it. Rumic World has shown in the past that with a little organization and the a lot of fan's help we can get some pretty significant things done.

So click the link above, open the guide to help you fill it out, and let your voices be heard!

Please help spread the word!