Cultural References


Jan 01 1985- Yagami tags along with Kozue, Godai, Kyoko and Mitaka to the shrines for New Year's Day. Kozue tells everyone about her new job as a bank receptionist. Godai finds out that Yagami's father is the head of personnel at Mitsutomo Enterprises, his first choice for a job. Godai takes Yagami home and meeets her father, who is totally drunk.

Jan 02 1985- Mr. Yagami doesn't remember meeting Godai. Ibuki makes a shrine offering to Godai and delivers a good luck amulet for him to Kyoko at Maison Ikkoku.

Jan 03 1985- Kyoko gives Godai the "Safe Birth" amulet. On his way to his interview Godai runs into a woman giving birth and gets stuck having to take her to the hospital, missing his job interview. Yagami stops by Maison Ikkoku to find out why Godai didn't show up. Mr. Yagami comes to get Ibuki and curses out Godai. Its not until the husband of the pregnant woman shows up that Mr. Yagami is about to understand the situation. But when he says there is no way he can get Godai another interview, Ibuki locks herself in Room 5.

Jan 06 1985- Ibuki is still staying in Room 5 while Godai stays with Nikaido in Room 2. Kyoko has lunch with Yagami and tries to convince her to leave Ikkoku. Yagami's mom stops by but fails to get Ibuki to come home. Kyoko agrees to let Godai stay in her room. Mr. Yagami asks Godai to his house to talk for awhile and Godai is unable to go home.

Jan 31 1985- Godai gets rejected from another company while struggling through finals. As Godai studies Ibuki tries to keep everyone out of his room. Mr. Yagami plots to get Godai a job.

Feb 01 1985- Godai meets with Mr. Yagami and demands he take his daughter back. After Godai gets home he receives his final letter of rejection. Thankfully, Mr. Yagami brings a letter of introduction for Godai to take to Kasumi Inc. (a computer software firm), and Ibuki finally agrees to go home.

Feb -- 1985- Godai and his friends celebrate finishing school and getting jobs. Kyoko gives Godai a necktie as a gift.

The Next Day- Kyoko and Mitaka have lunch and discuss marriage proposals while Godai discusses his plans with Sakamoto. Godai tells Kyoko hat he's looking for a new apartment.

A Few Days Later- The tenants throw a party for Godai, while he arrives late with a television set. As he gets ready to ask Kyoko to marry him, a news report announces that Kasumi Inc. has gone out of business.

The Next Day- Godai graduates from college.

Apr 19 1985- The Otonashi's visit Soichiro's grave. Godai is now working for Kuroki cleaning diapers at Acorn Daycare and has become very depressed. Kyoko stops by to check on him and compares him to Soichiro only depressing him further. After taking a walk through the cherry blossom trees, Kyoko apologizes.

Apr -- 1985- Mitaka's Uncle tries to fix him up with 21 year old Asuna Kujo, a graduate of Shirayuri Women's University and daughter of his respected clients. Mitaka agrees to meet her in hopes of getting a reaction from Kyoko. Kyoko gets Soichiro vaccinated. Godai has dinner with Kozue and Yagami.

Later That Week- Mitaka meets Asuna Kujo...and her dogs. Later, Mitaka tells Kyoko there is no future for he and Asuna, but Asuna has decided that Mitaka is "the one".

May -- 1985- Godai has started going to night school in order to get his preschool teachers license. Mitaka's Uncle informs Shun that Asuna would like to enter into a formal relationship. Meanwhile the Kujo's learn about Kyoko through an investigative agency.

The Next Day- Kyoko makes lunch for Godai but doesn't get to give it to him. Later in the day Kyoko and Soichiro meet Asuna and Salad.

A few days later- Mitaka explains his situation with Asuna to Kyoko and asks her to make a decision about marriage within a week. Godai spends the night at a friends house.

The Next Day- Kyoko continues to consider Mitaka's proposal.

The Next Day- Godai spends another busy day at work and school.

The Next Day- Godai gets dropped off by another pre-school teacher and Kyoko decides to accept Mitaka's proposal.

The Next Day- Mitaka reminds Kyoko that she has thre days left and Asuna runs into Kyoko outside the tennis courts.

The Next Day- Kyoko asks Godai if he will be late again and Asuna tries to tell Kyoko to let Mitaka go.

The Next Day- Godai promises to come home early, which relieves Kyoko as she desperately wants someone to stop her from getting married, but Sakamoto takes him out drinking, and then to a porno movie and then a strip club. A worried and lonely Kyoko stays up all night waiting.

The Next Day- Godai comes home in the morning and Kyoko finds out why Godai never came home. As she waits for Mitaka at their designated meeting place Kyoko falls asleep. Asuna walks up with her dogs and sits waiting for Kyoko to wake up. Seeing the dogs Mitaka is unable to approach.

The Next Day- Mitaka calls Maison Ikkoku to find out if Kyoko is angry at him for not showing up. Mrs. Ichinose learns about the proposal and Kyoko blames herslf for dozing off. Godai receives a tape from a little girl named Kyoko who wants to marry him. On his way home Godai apologizes for staying out all night. Once he gets home the other tenants tell him about Mitaka's proposal and encourage him to give up. Mitaka apologizes for no-showing.

The Next Day- Godai gives tapes to both Kyoko's but gives them each the wrong tape.

Jun -- 1985- Mitaka's uncle tries to convince him to take Asuna on a date, when he learns (but doesn't believe) that Shun is afraid of dogs. Later Mitaka and Kyoko try to discuss his situation but his uncle interrupts and tells him that he has made a date for Mitaka and Asuna.

The Next Sunday- Mitaka tells Kyoko he is turning down Asuna, but is unable to after her dogs arrive. After seeing the dogs Mitaka panics and accidently hugs Asuna.

Jul 14 1985- Mitaka has been bedridden since his encounter with Asuna. He calls Kyoko who offers to come by. Godai becomes even more depressed.

Jul 15 1985- Godai follows Kyoko to Mitaka's apartment. Asuna arrives and she and Godai go after her dog that followed Kyoko upstairs. As they walk in Asuna's dog jumps on Mitaka causing him to collapse on top of Kyoko. Godai doesn't go back to Maison Ikkoku.

Jul 16 1985- Godai sits in Sakamoto's apartment all day unable to think about anything but Kyoko.

Jul 17 1985- Godai goes back to work and has a date with Kozue who tells him that Kyoko and Mitaka have become engaged. More depressed than ever, Goda goes back to Maison Ikkoku. Once he gets home Kyoko tries to talk to him but Godai tells her that he no longer feels anything for her and that he'll be okay if she isn't around. Hearing this breaks Kyoko's heart.

Jul 18 1985- Mitaka sends Kyoko a letter apologizing for his behavior and he decides to get a dog (whom he names McEnroe) in hopes of overcoming his fear. Kyoko visits Soichiro's grave and stops by the Otonashi's, where they give her some unused travel vouchers and encourage her to take a vacation. Kyoko decides a vacation is just what she needs and Akemi, Yotsuya, and Mrs. Ichinose take her to Ueno Station. Godai realizes that Kyoko must have feelings for him and decides to use all his savings to follow her. The tenants have made Kyoko late with their partying, so she has to catch a late train which happens to be the same train Godai is on, although neither realizes it.

Jul 19 1985- Godai has followed Kyoko to Kanazaka but still hasn't found her. Meanwhile, Kyoko meets a woman who is staying at the Muro Inn with her, and they travel to Danfuen (an Edo era village) together. Kyoko learns that her traveling companion has been having relationship troubles of her own. Godai gets arrested for loitering outside Kyoko's hotel.

Jul 20 1985- Kyoko heads off to Wajima and says goodbye to her traveling companion. Godai sees her boarding a bus and follows her to the beach, where they almost meet. Godai catches up to the tour bus, but finds that Kyoko is no longer on it, so he travels back to an ocean view hot springs town where she is staying. After searching for Kyoko all day, Godai checks into the same hotel that she's staying in. Later that night in the hotsprings the two finally meet, and then Godai passes out from the heat. The two spend the night sitting in Kyoko's room thinking about each other but are unable to say much. Kyoko and Godai decide to go to Wajima together, but Mrs. Ichinose calls and tells Kyoko that a water pipe has burst.

Jul 21 1985- Kyoko goes back to Tokyo alone.

Sep -- 1985- As Yagami's class gets a new student teacher, she reminices about Godai, who is too broke from his trip to pay the rent.

The Next Day- Godai puts up fliers in order to get a tutoring job for extra cash and Yagami visits him at the daycare. She tries to convince him to tutor her, but he refuses since she is too old.

The Next Day- Yagami convinces her school friend to loan Yagami her little brother for tutoring at Ikkoku.

The Next Day- Yagami arrives at Maison Ikkoku with a bratty, little know-it-all for Godai to tutor and gives him his first month's payments, which the tenants spend at the ChaChamaru.

The Next Day- Godai learns that the boy as posing as Yagami's guardian, and the it will be her that he's tutoring.

Oct -- 1985- Yagami comes to Maison Ikkoku to study for an English exam. Godai gets flustered thinking Kyoko might get the wrong idea.

One Week Later- Yagami comes for her second-to-last tutoring session with Godai. He lets her know that he won't be renewing his contract after the next session. Yagami insists on having a quiet environment to study in and forces Godai to agree to hold it at her house.

One Week Later- Godai arrives at Yagami's house and learns that her parents aren't home. But her parents soon arrive home early from their dinner party and Godai is forced to hide in the closet since they know nothing about the tutoring. As Yagami's mother tries to help him escape, Godai jumps out the window and leaves his shoes behind.

Nov -- 1985- Later that week, Godai goes back to wearing an old pair of sneakers while Yagami leaves his shoes with Yotsuya.

A Few Days Later- Yagami returns to Maison Ikkoku to begin training under her new tutor, Mr. Yotsuya. Godai and Kyoko worry that Yotsuya may try to accost Yagami and are quickly discovered by Yotsuya himself.

The Next Day- In order to keep Yagami from seeing Yotsuya, Kyoko goes to see Yagami's teacher and explains to her what is going on.

Nov -- 1985- Yagami stays up all night studying.

A Few Days Later- Yagami visits Maison Ikkoku to show Kyoko that her grades are improving. After Godai arrives Ibuki passes out from sleep deprivation.

Nov -- 1985- Yagami begins tutoring with Yotsuya in Godai's room. She decides to force Kyoko to admit her feelings for Godai. Kyoko refuses to stoop to her level and walks out of the room. Godai follows her and the two share a tender moment on the staircase.

December -- 1985- Kyoko learns that Godai's sweater has been ruined by the children at the preschool, so she decides to buy him a new one and give it to him at the annual Christmas party. Sadly Godai calls and says he might not make it. Kyoko is left to deal with an intoxicated Yagami. Yagami antagonizes Kyoko in an attempt to get her to admit her feelings for Yusaku. Kyoko finally admits that she's afraid loving Godai would mean her love for Soichiro wasn't real. Godai arrives as ChaChamaru closes. Kyoko is unable to give him the sweater because he has to walk Yagami to the train.

A Few Days Later- Yagami's teacher explains what Kyoko meant. When Ibuki runs into Kyoko on the street she calls her a coward and a chicken.

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