Cultural References


Jan 01 1982- Godai leaves to visit his parents in Niigata.

Jan 03 1982- Godai gets a black eye playing rugby.

Jan 04 1982- The Ichinose's return to Maison Ikkoku from their relatives house (probably in Hokkaido).

Jan 06 1982- This was Godai's original return date from his parents house. He calls to say he won't make it home for a few more days. The reason he is staying behind is because he is embarrassed about his eye.

Jan 08 1982- Kyoko has coffee with Mitaka but rushes off so she won't miss Godai if he comes home. While making a delivery for his family's restaurant, Godai crashes his bike into a pole and gets two black eyes.

Jan 10 1982- Godai misses a movie date with Kozue.

Jan 14 1982- Godai's parents force him to go back home to Maison Ikkoku where all the residents laugh at his injuries (even Kyoko).

Jan -- 1982- Ikuko and Kentaro discuss going skating.

The Next Day- Kyoko, Ikuko, Kentaro, Godai and Mitaka all go skating. Godai and Mitaka attempt to get skating lessons from Kyoko while protecting her from one another. The two get into a skating competition, with the winner being the first to get to Kyoko.

Jan -- 1982- Godai and Sakamoto go out with friends to celebrate finals being over and Sakamoto gets Godai quite drunk.

The Next Day- Godai realizes that while he was drunk he promised to take care of Sakamoto's pet cat, aptly named Kyoko. Since he doesn't think pets are allowed at Maison Ikkoku he decides to hide the cat in his room. By the end of the night both Akemi and Yotsuya know about the cat.

Five Days Later- A misunderstanding leads Mrs. Ichinose to think that Godai and Kyoko are sleeping together. Kyoko the cat goes missing and once the misunderstanding is resolved the cat is found sleeping with Soichiro.

Feb -- 1982 Godai runs into a strange man standing in front of Ikkoku. After chasing him away Godai finds out that he is Kyoko's father.

A Week Later- Kyoko's parents invite her over for dinner where they tell her that they want her to quit her job at Maison Ikkoku.

The Next Day- Kyoko makes some attempts to fix up Maison Ikkoku but is overcome by the numerous problems.

The Next Day- The repairmen arrive and being work on Ikkoku. Mrs. Chigusa comes to Maison Ikkoku and moves all of Kyoko's belongings out while telling the tenants that Kyoko will no longer be their manager. After she gets home, she finds out what happened and goes to her parents apartment to argue with her mother. Kyoko returns to Maison Ikkoku much to her tenants delight.

Mar -- 1982- As Godai worries about Kyoko, Kentaro worries about his spring vacation plans, and Mrs. Chigusa hatches a new plan to bring her daughter home.

The Next Day- Mrs. Chigusa uses an old photo of Mr. Chigusa in the hospital to convince Mrs. Ichinose that Kyoko should move home. But when Mrs. Ichinose bumps into Mr. Chigusa at Ikkoku the plan falls apart.

Apr 19 1982- The Chigusa's visit Soichiro's grave for the first time on the second anniversary of his death. Father Otonashi asks Kyoko to consider withdrawing from the Otonashi Family Register. Godai meets the Nanao family for the first time.

Apr -- 1982- Godai and Kyoko play a mixed doubles tennis match against Mrs. Ichinose and Mitaka. After the match Godai defends Kyoko's desire to not get remarried.

May -- 1982- On Godai's first day back in school, Mitaka takes Kyoko to the beach and asks her to marry him. Godai meets Kozue and has dinner with her family. He mentions that he is an Education major for the first time. Godai asks Kyoko to "stay the same" for three more years.

May -- 1982- Kyoko has lunch with an old friend from high school who encourages her to consider remarriage.

A Few Days Later- Kozue comes over to Maison Ikkoku to cook dinner for Godai and meets the other tenants. Yotsuya recreates his hole in Godai's wall. Kyoko plans on going on a date with Mitaka but sees him hugging another woman (he was actually scared by a dog) and decides to stand him up. By the end of the day Kyoko is mad at both Godai and Mitaka.

Later That Week- Mrs. Chigusa comes to Maison Ikkoku looking for Kyoko, so Godai takes her to the tennis courts where she meets Mitaka for the first time.

A Few Days Later- Mr. Chigusa spends the day drinking with Godai and discussing Mitaka. He refuses to leave until Kyoko comes to get him.

Jun -- 1982- After some nagging from Akemi, Godai decides its finally time to break up with Kozue but is unable to do so. Kyoko refuses to talk to Mitaka, and her sarcastic comments cause Godai to stop eating at the Nanao's house. It takes a luncheon with Akemi to set Kyoko straight.

Jun -- 1982- Godai tutors Ikuko and Kyoko remembers Soichiro's first encounter with her dog.

A Few Days Later- Kentaro loses Soichiro.

One Week Later- Godai finds Soichiro.

Jun -- 1982- Sakamoto and Godai have a curry dinner in the Manager's Apartment with Kyoko. As thanks Sakamoto invites her to the pub that he and Godai are working at.

The Next Night All of the other tenants show up with Kyoko and run Godai ragged. Kyoko gets drunk and upset that Godai won't stand up for himself. The result brings he and Kyoko closer to each other than they have been in weeks.

Jul 09 1982- Godai receives a kimono from home and the Ikkoku residents attend the Hozuki Ichi Festival (Ground Cherry Pod Fair)along with Mitaka and Kozue. As Mitaka tries to make a move on Kyoko, Kozue does the same with Godai and a blast of fireworks reveals the couples to one another.

Jul -- 1982- Kozue meets with some of her friends. A conversation about sex arises and Kozue begins to wonder if its time for her and Godai to take another step in their relationship.

The Next Day- Kozue mentions that she wants something to remember the summer by, and the tenants convince Godai that she wants sex.

The Next Day- Godai hangs out with Sakamoto who convinces him to stop waiting on Kyoko and to sleep with Kozue.

The Next Day- Kozue and Godai spend the day meeting her friends, her idea of "something to remember".

Aug -- 1982- Mitaka asks Kyoko a question to which she responds "Yes". Mrs. Ichinose misunderstands this as a marriage proposal.

A Few Days Later- Kyoko runs into Godai who is looking at apartment listings. Later that night, Godai finds out about Kyoko's acceptance of marriage to Mitaka.

The Next Day- Godai asks Kyoko about the wedding and she tries to tell him that it is Mitaka's sister that is getting married, but Godai doesn't hear her and promptly moves out of Maison Ikkoku.

The Next Day- Godai moves into his new apartment and finds that the previous tenants, Ayako and her Yakuza boyfriend still live there.

Sep -- 1982- A package for Godai arrives at Maison Ikkoku. Meanwhile, his roomates continue to hit him up for cash as he finally has the rest of his stuff from Maison Ikkoku shipped to him. Kyoko gets Godai's new address from the movers.

The Next Day- Godai and Yotsuya meet at a pachinko parlor. Godai realizes that Mitaka and Kyoko are not getting married and rushes off to see her, but Kyoko found out that Godai was living with Ayako and refused to speak to him.

The Next Day- Ayako and her boyfriend pawn all of Godai's belongings. As Godai runs out he meets Mrs. Ichinose, Akemi, and Yotsuya at the ChaChaMaru and explains his side of the story.

The Next Day- The tenants explain Godai's story to Kyoko but leave out a few key details, leaving Kyoko more enraged than ever. When Godai calls, Kyoko tells him that all the rooms are rented out. Master finally tells Kyoko the truth about Godai's situation. When Godai shows up at Ikkoku that night, he is accidently doused with water.

Oct -- 1982- As Kyoko tells the other tenants about lying to Godai to keep him from coming back to Ikkoku, Godai himself has been living with Sakamoto and trying to get over a cold.

The Next Day- Unable to go anywhere else, Godai finds himself outside Maison Ikkoku where Kyoko spots him and chases him down the street until he listens to her and agrees to come home.

The Next Day- As Godai's cold has him bedridden, the tenants attempt to take care of him, but end up only making him even more sick.

Dec 22 1982- Godai comes home and explains to the tenants that he has been working hard to pay Kyoko back for getting all his stuff from the pawn shop.

Dec 23 1982- Sakamoto mentions a job taking down a Christmas display and redecorating for New Years. Kyoko recalls a Christmas memory of wanting a star from a mall Christmas tree to Mrs. Ichinose. Later that night Godai says he won't be able to go to the Christmas Party this year and Mrs. Ichinose tells everyone about Kyoko's Christmas star.

Dec 24 1982- As Godai works at the department store he notices as huge star on the store's Christmas tree and decides to steal it for Kyoko's present.

Dec 31 1982- Godai goes to the shrines with Kyoko, but then she goes to visit her parents leaving Godai all alone at Maison Ikkoku. Kozue calls him up and they head back to the shrines to make offerings. Kozue invites Godai home for dinner and tries to kiss him.

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